A-Capella-Lips Now
Season 2, Episode 16
Production Code: 208b
A-Capella-Lips Now.jpg
Written by Brandon Birch
First Aired In: March 21, 2015 (Canada) March 21, 2015
Diary Mode: Anger Diary Mode
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A-Capella-Lips Now is the sixteenth episode of season two of Grojband. It is the forty second episode overall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Peaceville gets flooded as the result of an intense rainstorm and Trina ventures off to find Nick hoping to find him drowning so that she can give him mouth to mouth while ordering around the babies from Playpen Daycare. Grojband is also trying to reach their gig in High-ground Park.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Megastorm Bill Junior is coming to Peaceville and Mayor Mellow is acting tough, saying that "anyone who's scared of a few raindrops can move to Coward Town. Laney states that this means that their outdoor gig is cancelled, but Corey reveals that the poster for the gig says that the gig is on "rain or shine". Kon's happy that he got his ticket for free with his purchase of a life raft from Outdoor Barney's, with Laney replying saying that he's part of the band and gets free admission. Meanwhile, Trina is reading Nick Mallory's updates about him inhaling and exhaling until the power goes out from the storm, this makes Trina distressed about whether Nick is still breathing, so she heads out to find him.

When the power goes out, Laney is telling Corey how they can't play their instruments without electricity, until Mina opens the garage door for Trina and they're all washed outside due to the storm, revealing that the whole city is underwater. Mina tells Trina that Nick is likely at High-ground Park (because it's high-ground) and paddles Trina's car there. Laney tells Corey that no one's going to show up to their gig until Mayor Mellow floats by with a megaphone, telling everyone to get a raft and a free ticket to Grojband's show, before sending out some applesauce to everyone. Meanwhile, Two Junior and the other toddlers from the Playpen Daycare have escaped and hitched a ride on Trina's car with Mina (because Trina hates babies). When Trina, Mina and the babies arrive at High-ground Park, Trina makes the babies turn the playground into her "Nicktime Queendom" in return for Two Junior's nose.

When Grojband arrive at High-ground Park, they discover that it's controlled by Trina, who's keeping the babies in line with TV and Two Junior's nose, and she won't let them play their show, so Corey comes up with a plan to make the babies go crazy with applesauce, have Laney remove the source of power for the TV (making the babies riot), and having Trina hide in a hole where Two Junior can get his nose back. Trina then goes into Diary Mode and Grojband's audience arrives, they make instruments out of cans, strings and sticks, and play "Stuck On The Island". Mayor Mellow asks if they want to play an encore, but Corey refuses and tells his moral before signing off the episode.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Chance Happening: With Megastorm Bill Junior preparing to pummel Peaceville, Mayor Mellow is acting tough.
  • Buzz Newsworthy: Real tough! Tough as a nine-cent steak.
  • (Buzz knocks a steak on the table, completely shattering the furniture)
  • Mayor Mellow: Town up, Peaceville! If you're afraid of a few raindrops, move to Coward Town!
  • (Two Coward Town residents scream as they see a butterfly)

  • (Trina gets a laptop notification)
  • Trina: Nick updated his status to "Nick Mallory is inhaling!"
  • (Trina gets another laptop notification)
  • Trina: Now exhaling!
  • Mina: Yeah, he's great at keeping a steady rhythm.

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