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This is the transcript for the episode "All You Need is Cake".

(Grojband is in the garage.)
(Laney, Kon, Kin and Corey sigh one at a time.)
Corey My brain feels like... (blows raspberry)
Corey Maybe TV will help.
(Corey kicks off his shoe, turning on the computer.)
Chance And now for "What That?" with Buzz Newsworthy.
Buzz Thank you, Chance Happening. That would be the tallest cake in all of Peaceville.
Grojband What that?
Buzz One-hundred stories of stories of flakey bakey sugar cakey! Mhmm, mm!
Laney Pfft. The cake was really that tall? We'd be able to see it from...
(Cake is seen outside the garage, in the distance.)
Kin & Kon Caaaaaaaaaakkkeee...
Corey Friends, I vow to you this day that we will eat that cake.
Buzz To those who would eat that cake...
Kon He's talking about us!
Buzz can forget it.
Grojband Aww.
Buzz Unless you're invited to the wedding of Bake Barnera's-
(Screen pictures Bake Barnera.)
Buzz [offscreen] -Barnera Barney. (?)
(Picture shatters to pieces.)
Corey Guys. There's only one way we're gonna eat that cake.
(Wicked Cool Transition of a slice of cake being eaten with singer singing "Eat That Cake Transition".)
(Grojband are now at the wedding site.)
Corey Anybody looking for a wedding band?
Cake Barney Me! I'm Cake Barney, owner of the Bake Barn and happy dad to the sweetest little bride in Peaceville.
(Barney points to his daughter giving orders to a worker)
Bake Barnera I want more heart shaped sequins molded into kissing puppies with hearts for eyes that say 'I Ruv Rou', and then sneeze butterflies.
Cake Barney She sure is crazy... About love. I need some really lovey songs for his wedding or I don't know what she'll do.
Corey We're all about the cake- uh, love.
Trina [offscreen] Corey?
Trina Sing a love song? Scoff! He's never been in love, and totally knows nothing about it!
Bake Barnera [offscreen] Daddy!
Bake Barnera Only love-wuvers can sing at my wedding!
Cake Barney Sorry, Corey. If love ain't in your heart, it ain't coming out of your head. We'll find another band.
(Barney and Bake Barnera walk offscreen.)
Corey Why did you ruin our gig?!
Trina If I can't have love, no one can! I used to be in max love with my sweater, Pinkcredible, but now I'm in the hoodies and Pinkcredible totally wouldn't change for me. So there's no way you're gonna have something you love when love just did me wrong. Mina, cupcake!
Corey Uhh...
Trina [muffled because her mouth is full of cupcake] Tastes like sad. [sobs]
(Cake frosting spils all over the screen)
(Corey and Laney come on-screen)
Corey Barney, I could totally crush- Uh, cuddle, a love song, I‘m madly in love with cake! I mean- With- Uhh...
Laney Me! Corey's in love with me!
Corey Whaaaaaaaaa- hoo! Yup! That's what love makes me yell!
Cake Barney Okay. But if you wanna play this wedding, you'd better be so in love that it makes me puke.
Corey We'll all puke!
("Fake love equals cake" transition)
Laney We've only got a few hours to make you fall in love.
Corey For fakesies, to eat cakesies!
Laney Oh, yeah, total false love, but we need to know how to do in-love stuff so you know how it feels. For others.
Corey And picnics are more lovely than all-you-can-eat cheese fries because...?
(Laney bats her eyelashes at Corey.)
Corey What's wrong with your eyes?
(Kin and Kon appear out of the basket)