Vital statistics
Full Name Barney
Aliases Bar Barney, Bean Barney, Bobble Barney, Cake Barney, Gym Barney, Hat Barney, Movie in your Car Barney, Mullet Barney, Salad Barney, Sausage Barney, Star Barney, Sweet Barney, Outdoor Barney
Age 54
Gender Male
Hair Color Bald (brown facial hair)
Race Caucasian
Eye Color Black
Friends Corey Riffin, Kin Kujira, Kon Kujira, Laney Penn, Trina Riffin (mixed), Party Danimal, and Mayor Mellow (possibly)
Enemies Trina Riffin (mixed)
Relatives Bake Barnera (daughter), an unnamed son in law, and three other unnamed daughters
Faction Bake Barn, Salad Barn, Bobble Head Store, Gym Barn, Candy Factory, Sausage Stand, Fuse This, Bean Barn, Drive-In Movie Theater, Star Barney's Astronaut Training Place
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Location Peaceville
First Appearance All You Need is Cake
Latest Appearance Hear Us Rock Part 2
Voice Actor Rob Tinkler

Barney is a very rich billionaire who owns multiple businesses. In almost every episode he appears in, Barney is seen working at one of his jobs. When he's working at this job, he is dressed in a hat that is related to his job and is addressed with a word put in front of his own name, related to the particular job.

He is Voiced by Rob Tinkler.

Biography[edit | edit source]

His first appearance was in the second episode on season one episode "All You Need is Cake" where he was being referred to as Cake Barney. He was shown to be the father of a girl named Bake Barnera who was about to get married. He was holding a very fancy and expensive wedding for her and he hired Grojband as the wedding band. He told them that they could only play if they were truly in love so Corey and Laney had to pretend that they were in love and write a new love song for her wedding so that they could eat the cake there. It was also shown that Barney had 3 other daughters, if not more. He appeared again in the episode "One Plant Band" as Salad Barney where he owned a salad bar where Grojband was going to play at but first they had to become vegan so that he would allow them. His last appearance of season 1 was in the episode "Six Strings of Evil" as Bobble Barney where he owned a bobblehead store that Trina went to for a bobblehead doll of Nick. He also appeared in the episode "Rockersize" as Gym Barney where he owned a gym. He was having trouble getting people to work out there because his music was really bad. He appeared in the episode "War and Peaceville" as himself. He attended the 100th anniversary of Peaceville along with Party Danimal and when they found out that the Peaceville national anthem had been stolen from the Mallorys by the Riffins, he and Party Danimal broke out into a fight. Barney appeared again in the episode "Myme Disease," where he was being referred to as Sausage Barney and he was working as a sausage vendor. In this episode, he got attacked by Mimey and his army of mimes, and he was cursed to become a mime and lost the ability to speak. It was Corey's music that lifted the curse and returned to him the ability to talk. He made a cameo in the episode Kon-Fusion, where he was seen running that bar at Fuse This and being referred to as Bar Barney. At the end of the episode, he was seen throwing up and running out of Fuse This because he had to look at Grojband, having their bodies morphed together with the bodies of The Newmans. Finally, he appeared in the Hear Us Rock Special, where after hearing Grojband's announcement that the world was about to end, he donned a mullet wig (calling himself Mullet Barney) and joined the rioting in Peaceville. During the apocalypse, he challenges Mayor Mellow for leadership, and the two charge at each other (with him riding his sausage cart), however, Corey breaks them up by singing If The World Is Ending which leads him to make peace with the Mayor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Barney is a short bald man with a big nose and some beard stubble. He hears a white shirt with a yellow shirt over it along with an orange tie with yellow polka dots and a pair of gray slacks being held up by a black belt. He also wears a pair of black shoes. In almost every episode, he is seen wearing a different kind of hat related to his job and sometimes he even has different clothing.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Go on, make me puke from love"
  • "Get on stage you crazy kids!"
  • "Ow! Stupid heads."
  • "The Mallorys were lame? I'm shocked!"

Episode Appearances[edit | edit source]

Major Roles[edit | edit source]

Minor Roles[edit | edit source]

Jobs[edit | edit source]

  • Salad Barney - In the episode "One Plant Band" Barney owns a salad bar. He is wearing a salad bowl on his head.
  • Cake Barney - In the episode "All You Need is Cake", Barney has a job at his daughter's wedding. He is wearing a slice of cake on his head and a pink tuxedo. Later in the episode, he is seen wearing another hat that resembles cake. It is a tall cake that looks like a top hat.
  • Bobble Barney - In the episode "Six Strings of Evil", he is working at a bobblehead stand. He wears a bobblehead on his head.
  • Gym Barney - In the episode "Rockersize", he is wearing a cap with the letter B on it and working at a gym.
  • Sweet Barney - In the episode "Grin Reaper," Barney is only mentioned, but his name is mentioned to be "Sweet Barney" and he worked at a candy factory.
  • Sausage Barney - In the episode "Myme Disease", he is wearing a sausage hat and he is working as a sausage vendor. He has this job again in the episode "Curse of the Metrognome."
  • Bar Barney - In the episode "Kon-Fusion," Barney is seen working as a bartender at Fuse This. He is wearing a wine bottle on his head.
  • Bean Barney - in the episode "Who Are You," Barney works at a coffee shop. He wears a brown shirt with a white apron, and he has a coffee cup on his head.
  • Outdoor Barney - In the episode "A-Capella-Lips Now," Barney only makes a brief cameo. His name is mentioned to be "Outdoor Barney." He is not wearing any costume.
  • Hat Barney - In the episode "For Hat and Country", he works at a hat shop. The hat he is wearing keeps changing in every frame. It changes from a turban, to a fireman hat, then a cowboy hat, then a feathery green cap.
  • Movie in your car Barney - In the episode "Soulin' Down the Road", he has a black mullet and is working at the Drive-In Movie Theater.
  • Mullet Barney - In the episode Hear Us Rock Part 1, Barney worked at a wig store and he was wearing a mullet wig.
  • Star Barney - In the episode Hear Us Rock Part 2, Barney works at an astronaut training centre. He wears a hat that is in the shape of a planet and a uniform consisting of black pants and a silver shirt.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the episode "One Plant Band" he was named Salad Barney which is a pun on the word Salad Bar.
  • Barney appears saddened whenever Grojband can't play a gig for him. This is likely due to how frequently Grojband plays for him and how close he is to Corey. See: Corey and Barney for more information.
  • Most of the places he works are places he calls "Barns" which is a pun on his name.
  • It's interesting to note, despite Barney being so rich, he physically works at all of the places he owns, rather than simply managing them.
  • A rule for the series, established by the creators is that they'd never show the parents of any of the characters in the show onscreen. However, in the episode All You Need is Cake, Barney was revealed to have a daughter named Bake Barnera, along with three other ugly daughters, technically making him the only "parent" to physically appear onscreen in the series, with the exception of Mother Mellow, mother of Mayor Mellow, being visually seen in a picture frame in multiple episodes.

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