Vital statistics
Full Name Bear
Aliases Little Buddy
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Hair Color Blue fur
Race Bear
Eye Color Black
Friends Corey Riffin (mixed) and Kon Kujira
Enemies Mayor Mellow, Corey Riffin (mixed), Captain Tighty Whitey, Shaven Beard, and Barnacle Tim
Love Interest Kon Kujira
Relatives Unknown
Faction Zoo Animal
Location Peaceville Zoo
First Appearance Zoohouse Rock
Latest Appearance Who Are You
Voice Actor Unknown

The Bear is a recurring character in Grojband. It is a bear at Peaceville Zoo which first appeared in "Zoohouse Rock", before going on to make several appearances in other episodes. It appears to have the ability to talk, and seemed to fall in love with Kon when he was wearing a bear costume, where they shared fish butts together. It reappears in "Who Are You" where Hipster Corey shows boredom at its attempts to scare him, leaving the bear to become a hipster as well.


It is a giant bear with blue fur. In the episode Who Are You it becomes a hipster and puts on a pair of hipster shades. It is possible that this appearance is only temporary. However, at the same time, it is unknown whether it is or isn't due to the fact that this was the latest episode it appears in.


  • "Roar!"
  • "Grrrr!"
  • "Oh no he didn't!"
  • "Meh."

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • The Bear seems to have some sort of hatred for Corey for an unexplained reason. In Zoohouse Rock, he was seem growling in rage every time Corey attempted to take off his bear mask, revealing himself, and in Who Are You, he roared at him in anger when he entered his exhibit as well as attempted to bite his arms off during his moral. In the same episode, however, Corey and The Bear were both seen parasailing on the back of G'ORB's U.F.O. as friends but that might just have been because in that episode, Corey thought him not to care about anything.


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