Bonked ton comet
Bonkerton Comet is comet that appeared in the episode "A Knight to Remember". It is a comet with seemingly reality warping properties. Each time it "flashes" a strange form of light, some sort of weird occurrence will happen in Peaceville, however once it passes normality is restored.


Bonkerton Comet is a purple flaming comet with craters in it. Bonkerton comet leaves behind a trail of neon purple flames.


On the date of "Sunderday, Julaugust Eleventeeth" the Bonketon Comet caused the following events to happen:

  • Buzz's football helmet turns into a baby's bonnet.
  • Trina and Mina switch personalities.
  • Mayor Mellow appearing in the execution gazebo with a wig.
  • Smasheus of Kin and Kon's Rock Lore enters reality from a portal.
  • A hammock appears for Mayor Mellow to sleep in.
  • Grojband's instruments turn into weapons.
  • The final comet flash which sets everything back to normal again.
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