Candy Jams
Candy Jams.png
Vital statistics
Full Name Candy Jams
Aliases Candy
Age 17
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple (Dyed)
Race Asian
Eye Color Black
Friends Guy Broman, Laney Penn (formerly), Nick Mallory (love interest), Trina Riffin (formerly)
Enemies None
Love Interest Nick Mallory
Relatives Unknown
Faction Pop Singer
Favorite Color {{{favorite color}}}
Location None
First Appearance Girl Fest
Latest Appearance Girl Fest
Voice Actor Megan Fahlenbock[1]

Candy Jams is a character that appeared in the episode Girl Fest. She is a famous celebrity that sings music for female teenagers and kids.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Candy Jams is tall and has pale white skin and long spiky indigo hair, which she wears with a red headband. She has some of her hair shaved and she wears black eyeliner and a pair of ear piercings. She also has a beauty mark on the side of her face and tattoo on her left arm. She wears a sleeveless red and black striped blouse with a black diamond-encrusted necklace with a skull on it. She also has a bracelet of a similar look to her necklace as well as fingerless gloves. She wears blue shorts with white fringe at the bottom and black leather boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Candy Jams passes herself off as a tough feminist girl who makes her own decisions which is the personality that she uses to motivate her fans. However, this is all fake. She is truly a 17-year old girl who has to follow the orders of a guy named Guy Broman. She is boy crazy and is actually the exact opposite of what she says she is. She pretends that she's a free girl to scam her fans for money. At some point she dated Nick Mallory, and although she claims she dumped him, she is still obsessed with him. She also is shown to get excited over clothes and she prefers Guy Broman to write her songs without big words, as they give her 'brain ouchies'. Although she is generally a friendly person, she shoved Laney aside after Grojband's performance in order to promote her make-up.

Known Songs[edit | edit source]

  • Mind Over Mister
  • You Can't Tell I Love You

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is the second celebrity who's name is a food pun, the first being Cherry Grapestain.
  • She is also the second celebrity who Kate Persky and Allie Day love more than Grojband.
  • Even though Laney exposed who Candy Jams really is, her fans still remained loyal and happily bought her make-up.
  • Candy made a cameo in the Grojband game Water You Doing as one of the students at the school.
  • For a short time, she was Laney's role model. She is also still the role model of many other girls, such as Trina Riffin.

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