Captain Tighty Whitey
Captain Tighty Whitey

Full Name

Geff the Sea Murder




Shaven Beard, Barnacle Tim, Corey Riffin, Kin Kujira, Kon Kujira, Laney Penn


Captain Tighty Whitey, Captain

First Appearance

On the Air and Out to Sea

Latest Appearance

Hear Us Rock Part 1 (cameo)

Voice Actor

Robert Tinkler

Geff the Sea Murder "Captain Tighty Whitey" is a character that first appeared in the episode On the Air and Out to Sea. He is the captain of a pirate crew of two other pirates named Shaven Beard and Barnacle Tim. He is voiced by Robert Tinkler.


Captain Tighty Whitey first appeared in the episode On the Air and Out to Sea. He held Grojband captive and made them walk the plank because of them messing up his radio station. Corey convinced him that he and his band were pirates too and became part of his crew only to figure out that he and his his team constantly plunder stuff. Corey tries telling them to stop which ends up with him getting planked with his bandmates. Corey saves them by singing a sea shanty and getting them to like them. Grojband left the team after that and Captain Tighty Whitey spent his time listening to their songs. He appeared again, in a cameo in the episode Rockersize. He was seen dancing with Shaven Beard and Barnacle Tim, listening to the radio and an old lady came up and smashed their ship causing it to sink ad blow up because the music was too loud. He appeared again in the episode The Pirate Lounge for Me where he and his crew decided to plunder the garage because he thought there was treasure there. He forced everyone else to start digging holes all over the yard to look for the treasure. In the end of the episode, they actually found a treause and they left. He made a cameo in the episode It's in the Card being one of the people who recieved a Valentines card from Grojband that made him turn against Shaven Beard and Barncle Tim and made them walk the plank. In the end of the episode, they got back together again because of Corey's song. In the episode Curse of the Metrognome, he went to the clock store and asked what time it was, but before he could finish. The shop owner told him it was time to get a new watch. He made his final appearance in the episode Hear Us Rock Part 1, where he, Shaven Beard, and Barnacle Tim were all rampaging about, plundering and stealing everything because it was the apocalypse.


Captain Tigty Whitey is a short pirate with a brownish orange breard that covers his entire face. He wears a black pirate captain hat with a blue feather and a picture of a skull on it. He wears a blue jacket and a pair of tighty whiteys with a brown belt.


Captain Tighty Whitey is very determined to do his job. However, he is completely clueless what he's supposed to do most of the time and he constantly has to read about his job from the Pirate Manual. Captain Tighty Whitey also likes dancing to sea shanties and plundering things.


Shaven BeardEdit

Shaven Beard is a fellow crew mate of Captain Tighty Whitey. He always obey's his commands and helps him when he is in need of assistance. Shaven Beard is very dedicated to his job and his loyalty to Captain Tighty Whitey. He is able to see Captain Tighty Whitey as more than just a captain, but also as a friend too.

Barnacle TimEdit

Barnacle Tim is a fellow crew mate of Captain Tighty Whitey. Barnacle Tim is very obedient and helpful to Captain Tighty Whitey and he is always looking out for him and making sure he's doing the right things. He is not only his matey, but his friend and he enjoys having fun and working with him.

Corey RiffinEdit

Captain Tighty Whitey first met Corey in the episode "On the Air and Out to Sea" when GrojFM took over the radio station that was playing his sea shanties. He kidnapped Corey and the rest of the band and he held them captive on his pirate ship. He also made them walk the plank until Corey convinced him that he and his band are real pirates too and then he joined the crew and became a friend to them. He proved to them that they were pirates by playing a sea shanti for them. After that, he left the crew and they became friends again. Their friendship was shown to continue and they were shown to still be in touch with each other in the episode "The Pirate Lounge for Me." Despite their friendship, Captain Tighty Whitey threatened to cut off Corey's head if he didn't allow them to dig up treasure in their own yard. Instead of fighting back in a mean way, Corey was nice to him by giving him treasure to plunder and singing him a sea shanti. Their relationship with each other seems to be a frenemy sort of relationship.

Trina RiffinEdit

In the episode "The Pirate Lounge for Me," Trina heard that Captain Tighty Whitey was looking for gold and so she decided to force Captain Tighty Whitey to find it for her by becoming a pirate and overpowering his team. Captain Tighty Whitey didn't want to fight back because he was too scared. Corey stopped Trina from taking over Captain Tighty Whitey's place and saved him.

Nick MalloryEdit

Nick Mallory was temporarily a member of Captain Tighty Whitey's crew in the episode "On the Air and Out to Sea." In this episode, he was the first mate, until he was seen sleeping on the job which was a plankable offense which got him to walk the plank as well as getting him kicked off the team.


  • "Arrgh, dancing to sea shanties be fun. You two can shiver your timbers with the best of them."
  • "By the devil in the deep blue sea, what shenanigans these be?"
  • "Well, the pirate manual says there's only one thing we can do."
  • "Have at them ye salty dogs!"
  • "Hello terrified prisoner. Welcome to our pirate ship. I be Captain Tighty Whitey, and this be Shaven Bear, Barnacle Tim, and newly appointed crewmate, Nick Mallory."
  • "Aw Shaven Beard! Ugh, that's a plankable offense!"
  • "Are you sure you don't want to stay on board with our crew? You'll get your fair share of the booty of course."
  • "Meh, fair enough. Heave away ya swabs!"
  • "Thar be a giant X in the sky. We're supposed to do something when there's an X. Better check the pirate manual. The manual says we gotta dig. But there's a whole town between us and that X."
  • "They'll never know what hit em! ... but it will be us right?"
  • "Yep, says so right here in chapter one."
  • "Arrgh, matey, could you tell me-"

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  • His real name is Geff The Sea Murderer.
    • It may be possible that Geff the Sea Murderer is a reference to Jeff the Killer.
  • His fake name, Captain Tighty Whitey is a joke on a kind of underpants, called tighty-whites, which are literally tight, white underwear.



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