Episodes that are of major importance to the series and storyline.

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  • "Grojband Pilot": This episode is where everything started. It also reveals a lot of interesting information about the production of the series. For instance: Mr. Riffin's voice, Corey and Trina's original last names, and the production of the other notable episode Smash Up Terby.
  • "Smash Up Terby": This episode is the first episode of the series outside of the unaired pilot. Everything about the main characters and the plot of the series is explained from this episode, including the fact that this is the only episode of the series where there is any mention of the Riffins' father.
  • "No Strings Attached": This episode reveals information about Corey and Trina's childhoods, including the story of how Corey became inspired to start up a garage band in the first place and what Trina's life was like when she was happy and joyful.
  • "Space Jammin'": This episode debuts The Orb Experience and the events of this episode has major significance to the season two finale which is also a notable episode.
  • "Creepaway Camp": This episode debuts The Newmans and reveals a lot of information between the rivalry between them, and Grojband.
  • "Dreamreaver Part 1": This episode reveals secrets about Trina inside of her mind and is also needed to understand the other notable episode Dreamreaver Part 2.
  • "Dreamreaver Part 2": This episode reveals Katrina and strongly hints a lot of information about Trina's past life, before she became the furious and emotionally unstable girl she is today.
  • "Line of Credit": This episode debuts Two Junior and the delinquent babies.
  • "On the Air and Out to Sea": This episode debuts The Pirate Crew.
  • "Ahead Of Our Own Tone": As of the events of this episode, Corey, Kon, and Laney all travel one year into the future and they never leave for the rest of the episode or series so far, making everyone else a year older for the rest of the show and for the rest of the series to take place a year later.
  • "Group Hug": This is the first episode where Corey tells anyone outside of his own band that he doesn't write his own lyrics. In this case, Kate and Allie.
  • "Curse of the Metrognome": Corey and Laney kiss in this episode which not only strongly and almost undeniably implies that Corey loves Laney back, but also pushes their interactions with each other closer to love. Also, the events of this episode includes the turn of the new year, making the rest of the series, take place a year later.
  • "Hear Us Rock Part 1": This episode features the apocalypse and reveals the end of the Rock Lore prophecy. It is also is needed to understand the other notable episode Hear Us Rock Part 2.
  • "Hear Us Rock Part 2": This episode may likely be the series finale. The plot of this episode features the entire world on the brink of getting destroyed. This is also the first episode where Trina actually wins and defeats Corey at something. This is also the episode where Mina finally stands up to Trina which could possibly be continued in a future episode. This episode also continues the events of the previous notable episodes Space Jammin' and Hear Us Rock Part 1.


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