Cheerleaders are characters that appeared in the episode Rock the House. They are an unnamed cheerleading squad that supports the Elementary High sports team.


The cheerleaders are all thin and limber girls with pretty faces and high voices. They all wear color-coordinated two-piece suits. Their suits are dark blue and they have the letter "P" on the front in orange which most likely stands for Peaceville. They also have blue skirts with orange fringe. They wear blue sneakers and white knee socks and they mostly carry around pom-poms, with one being blue and one being orange. Aide from Trina and Mina, there are four cheerleaders. One of them is a blonde-haired girl with big ponytails on the sides of her head, held together with red ponytail holders. She also wears pink blush. One of them is a girl with blue hair that she wears in a ponytail, along with a red headband. One of them is a girl with big puffy hair that is held back with an orange hairband. She also has three freckles on each of her cheeks and a kind of scrunched-up pig-nose. She also wears a dark-colored orangish, purplish lipstick. One of them is a red-haired girl with bronzed skin. She wears her hair in braids with reddish-orange bows. She also wears a pale-colored orange blush and black lipstick.

Known CheerleadersEdit

  • Trina Riffin: Trina was temporarily a part of the cheerleading squad, as seen in a flashback. However, she was cut from the team because she somehow managed to burn down the entire gymnasium during her time on the team. However, she was somehow able to get temporarily back on the team afterwards, for the events of the episode.
  • Mina Beff: Mina joined the cheerleading squad at the same time Trina did, in order to help her win over Nick Mallory but the whole time, she did nothing but carry the whole team, getting painfully hurt, insulted and abused by none other than Trina.


  • Cheerleaders: "Come on team! Show your stuff! Our school spirits aren't high enough! YAY!"
  • Trina: "Nick! Nick! Have no fear! Your personal cheerleaders here. You asked for spirit, yes you did! Here's a spirit pyramid!"
  • Mina: "Trina! Trina! Rhymes with Mina! Come on, Trina! You can do it!"


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