Chicken Pox Rocks
Season 1, Song 4
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Singer(s): Corey, Kin and Kon
Episode: Pox N Roll
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Chicken Pox Rocks is a song that was sung by Grojband in the episode Pox N Roll.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Corey/Kin/Kon: We're stuck in this garage!
Corey: Yeah we're locked in!
My face is getting itchy and I'm shedding my skin!
But since we're all here and we've got a dope track,
wave your hands in the air from the front to the back!
Even though my head is getting very dizzy,
I think it's time that we all got busy!
Corey/Kin/Kon: Let's throw down some rhymes and pull up our socks,
let's say it together!
Chickenpox rocks!
Corey/Kin/Kon: Chickenpox rocks!
Corey: Yo! I don't mind being this sick!
I'm stuck in this garage but I'm here with Nick!
This ain't so bad, because this party is rad!
Corey/Kin/Kon: This may be the best skin condition I've ever had!
Corey: This party as seen is under-
Corey/Kin/Kon: quarantine!
Corey: And I'm keen to scream this-
Corey/Kin/Kon: Lean mean rap machine!
This beat is pumpin'
you know what I mean!
Corey: So lets party it up!
Corey/Kin/Kon: Until they find a vaccine!
Corey: Yo DJ, scratch it up one time!
Corey/Kin/Kon: Chickenpox rocks! Chickenpox rocks!
We're rockin' the pox!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first song in which Kin scratches on a record player. He later does this during "Knock It Off."
  • This is the first time Grojband performed a song in the garage.
  • This is the first song where Grojband used something other than their normal musical instruments to perform with, as they used tools around the garage instead.
  • This is the first song in which Laney didn't sing.
    • The reason Laney didn't sing was that she was beatboxing.
  • Trina technically performs in this song due to her scratching her chickenpox which makes the sound of a record scratching which serves as part of the song.
    • This is the first Grojband song where Trina performs.

Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • Earlier in the episode, it was shown that every time Grojband tried to touch their musical instruments, their oven mitts would electrocute them. However, Kon was seen playing his drum in this song just fine and was even directly touching the drum with his mitts.
  • The final time the crowd says "Chickenpox rocks," their mouths aren't moving.
  • Kin was able to scratch the record even though he was wearing oven mitts.

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