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Crying Soul Diary Mode is a Sadness Diary Mode that Trina went into in the episode Soulin' Down the Road.


Trina Riffin has her soul trapped inside of a car and it started crying uncontrollably once she failed to kiss Nick Mallory. Corey was thinking that Trina would go into Love Diary Mode after finally kissing Nick. Kin took a picture of her, releasing her crying soul from the car just as she went into Diary Mode. Trina Riffin was a pink soul that was crying uncontrollably resembling a ghost that was flying in a blue background with the depressed howling of a widower choir playing in the background. She wrote with flaming ink in her diary and after she was done, her soul dropped back into her normal body again.


  • Unlike the normal storm clouds she writes in her diary during Sadness Diary Mode, Trina wrote flames in her diary as though she was in Anger Diary Mode.
  • There was a lack of things surrounding Trina when she went into this diary mode.
    • This is the second occasion when this happened. The first one being in the anger diary mode she went into in the episode "Dance of the Dead."