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Diary Mode is the main running gag of the show Grojband. It involves Corey and the others needing Trina to write in her diary so that they can get some lyrics for a song; so they do something to make her angry, loving/happy, scared, or sad so that she writes in her diary so that they can put her diary entry into lyrics for a song.


According to Corey, the band can't come up with any good lyrics when they're writing songs. So, they steal Trina's diary and use her diary entries as an inspiration for lyrics. Trina uses her diary to express her emotions and the band finds her entries very profound and well worded which helps Corey write profound and well-worded songs. However, in order for Trina to write something in her diary, she must go into Diary Mode in which she must be in an extremely emotional phase (mostly anger, sometimes love/happiness, fear, or sadness). Corey and the band have to cause her to go into this phase by controlling the environment around her and staging her into it, which will play with her emotions. Once her intended feeling has been forced into her enough, she will blast up into the air expressing an extremely exaggerated form of her emotion. Her pen and diary will surround her and she will grab them and write in her diary while music plays to match her emotion. While she writes in her diary, a strange phenomenon will happen which will match her emotion. After she writes in her diary and gets back on the ground, Corey grabs her diary and puts her entry into words for their next song. It is unknown if Trina is aware of her diary modes as she seems to forget them immediately after they happen. It would seem likely that she is oblivious to her diary modes as she also tends not to notice that Corey is stealing her diary and putting it into lyrics for their songs. The reason for this is that Grojband does a good job at changing it around so that you won't be able to tell that it came from her diary unless you deliberately try. This was revealed in the episode "Space Jammin'" where The Newmans tried to level with Grojband by using Trina's diary for lyrics and they read the lyrics directly from her diary which she noticed. It was explained that it was Corey's genius that puts her words into lyrics and subtlety covers it up.


When Trina goes into Diary mode, there is a set-up plot behind it. In some episodes, it changes, but in the majority of the episodes, it stays as anger. Here is every single detail about the beginning, middle, and end of her normal, average, everyday, diary mode. It all starts with something agitating Trina a whole bunch. This will almost always be caused by Grojband because they want her to write some lyrics. Grojband will set something up that will happen to her, putting her into a state of rage. She will make an angered reaction which involves a scowl and her clenching her fists and locking them downward, she will begin shaking and music will play in the background which are satanist bells and a chorus of people singing in a haunting nightmarish tune. A lot of the times her pupils will glow red and her hair will start waving upward and she will growl in rage and sometimes you can even hear the noises of a kettle getting all steamed up. Sometimes it only contains some of these features and sometimes none, but every single time she does it, it begins with the music and her shooting up into the air on a geyser of flames and/or lava. In the middle of her Diary modes, she is flying up in the air with a red background behind her and the sounds of heavy metal and screaming people as the background music. Her face is angry and has red eyes and her hair is flying in the air. She then flies up offscreen and comes back down in the distance. Objects related to the thing that's bothering her or the environment around her will come up and spin around her. Then she turns into a black shadow where only the red glare from her angry evil eyes are seen and she sticks out her fists and spins around once and then she bends over and stands back on up launching her up into the air on a black trail of shadow which the spinning things follow. Then she goes down to a place in the middle of the screen without her shadow colors or the things spinning around her but still containing her fist position, and her pen and diary spin around her and stop right by her fists. The screen changes to two screens, one showing the pen, and one showing the diary. Trina's fists go out and grab them both causing a background of red shock going behind them as she grabs them. She always grabs her pen first but just about a split second before. It will show a view of her at an angle and she will slide her pen across her diary twice and leave trails of fire on there. Then it will show the world around her and show chaos happening being caused by her words being written in there. Mostly it will be more geysers of lava and/or fire just like the one she entered on blasting out of places or it will show storm clouds forming in the skies and lightning striking in places. Then it will show a front view of her and have her pen writing slowly across the diary and fire will be seen forming around there. Then it will show her hand holding out the pen and it will be pointed upward and there will be a small flame on it that will die out and turn to smoke which will die out soon after that. Then it will pan down her arm and go to her face and her angered face of fury and rage will divert to a confused face and the red in her eyes will fade back to the normal colors. Then she will fall down offscreen and it will show a place on the ground where she lands. When she does land, the music will stop playing and the pen and diary in her hands will not be there. The diary will either land in Corey's hand as he catches it or it will land somewhere else and Corey will go out and get it. Whenever it lands you hear an angel chorus singing and after it is done Corey will mostly say a catchphrase which is "Showtime". This will have the lyrics for their song in it and the song that they play in the episode you can easily picture how the stuff in her diary would make sense as a response as to what sent her into said diary mode.

Episodes Featured

Season 1

Smash Up Terby

Trina goes into Diary Mode when Grojband enters Pinktastic into the Carnival Derby so that it could get destroyed. She also learns that she is going to be driving Pinktastic in the derby and that she's going to be going up against Nick Mallory. This made her so angry that she blasted off into diary mode. The destruction that she was causing by writing in her diary was causing a thunderstorm to happen and to have geysers of flames blasts out of the ground.

  • Revolving Stuff: Traffic cones and tires.
  • Destruction: Giant dark storm clouds surrounding the skies above the carnival which shot giant blazing lightning bolts down upon the fair, causing fires all over the place.

Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls

Trina gives snacks to Cherry Grapestain thinking that she was going to meet her, but they just take the snacks into there and she doesn't even see any part of her. Then Nick Mallory comes out and she thinks she gets happy to see him, but then Cherry takes him into there and he gets to meet her and she thinks that she will lose him to a famous celebrity. Then she finds out that Corey snuck into the movie theater and she goes into Diary Mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Lobby snacks such as popcorn, soft pretzels, and movie theater drinks.
  • Destruction: When she was writing in her diary, the chaos happening around her was thunderstorms formed over the projector room that created lighting that struck the movie camera. (Causes all the cars to leave due to broken, thunderstruck projector. Until Future Kin & Kon shows up and fixed up the movie camera to get it back working again.)

Dance of the Dead

Trina goes is about to get kissed by Nick Mallory, but then Corey makes Mina go up in her brain costume and interrupt their kiss. Nick gets attracted to Mina instead because he was a zombie at the time and he liked brains, sending Trina into Diary Mode when Nick and he gets she attracted to her instead and he gets stolen from her.

  • Revolving Stuff: Unlike all of the other episodes, nothing was revolving around her.
  • Destruction: Geysers of hot lava exploding out of the graves in the graveyard.

Pox N Roll

Trina goes Diary Mode only this time in was love instead of rage because she thought she kissed Nick even though it was on his ear and not his lips because he turned his head just before their lips touched. She got Nicken pox and had red spots with Nick's face all over her's. Later in the episode, she figured out it was on his ear and not the lips but didn't go into her normal diary mode. Love music was playing, the background was pink, and hearts were surrounding her.

  • Revolving Stuff: Hearts.
  • Destruction: When she was writing in her diary, the chaos happening around her was the bubble was getting filled up with hearts. Because of this being a love diary mode, she did not really cause chaos by doing this. This was the only episode without chaos.

No Strings Attached

Trina goes into Diary Mode when Grojband makes the puppets of themselves that she blew up come back to life to get revenge on her. Trina had a fear of puppets due to a childhood incident and she was terrified. This time it was slightly changed because it was fear and not rage so her eyes had a scared look instead of a mad look and when she was writing in her diary it was green creepy ghostly fire instead of normal fire there was also different music playing and it was a geyser of green fire that she shot up on.

  • Revolving Stuff: Broken parts and shrapnel of blown up puppets.
  • Destruction: Geysers of green goo and slime were exploding out of the seats and chairs for the audience at the play.

Indie Road Rager

Trina is watching the race that Grojband is in. She loves what she sees because all of the other racers are against  Grojband and are attacking their car. Then she notices that her beloved childhood toy, Mr. Mooseface is strapped to the front of their car meaning that he is in danger. Trina is so angry about this, that she goes into Diary Mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Traffic cones and tires.
  • Destruction: Giant geysers of flames and lave blasting out of the stacks of tires which burned everything around them.

Math of Kon

Trina goes into Diary Mode after she was revealed to be a nerd after losing the Trimathalon to Kon. She gets so angry that she loses and then Corey flicks his pick at her hair which cuts the band off of it, revealing her true identity to all of the Nerds. The nerds all cheer for her knowing that Trina is a nerd who likes math just like them. Trina is embarrassed and humiliated because she has been exposed as a nerd to the entire school and she screams in rage at Kon and blasts off into diary mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Numbers and mathematical symbols.
  • Destruction: A bunch of stage lights cracking and exploding. The glasses of the nerds also cracked, leaving them in a state of shock and fear.

Space Jammin'

Trina goes into Crazy Diary Mode at Sludgefest after she listens to The Newmans play their song. The Orb Experience was possessing their bodies at the time and they sang the song Entry 4987: My Secret Fear and Junk which revealed secrets from her diary publicly in front of an entire audience in song. After this, she heard Mina ask her if Nick could really like her more than Trina and Nick tells her how he can only imagine how embarrassed she must be. This makes her laugh like a psychopath and go into diary mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Corn.
  • Destruction: Geysers of mud exploding out of the ground and blasting cows into the air.

Wish Upon a Jug

Trina is in a wish war with Corey. Corey ruins her date with Nick Mallory and she gets so mad at him for it, that she wishes that they were unrelated. This was a setup trick that Corey put on her because one of Trina's previous wishes was for "Her Brother and his band no to play any more". This canceled her wish out because now Corey was technically not her brother and Kin, Kon, and Laney were not her brother's band anymore. This made Grojband be able to play music again. This made Trina so furious, that she blasts off into diary mode. She had a pig's face at the time so she went into diary mode with a pig's face.

  • Revolving Stuff: Jugs.
  • Destruction: Lightning clouds that formed and circled around The Newmans while they shot out lightning bolts. The Newmans looked around at the clouds nervously when this happened.

All You Need is Cake

Trina goes into Diary Mode only sad and not mad after learning that her favorite pink sweater, Pinkredible had moved on and chosen Laney over her. When she was writing in her diary, storm clouds were forming over the book and thundering and lightning and raining on the places she was writing instead of fire. Different music was playing, instead of her normal screaming in rage music, it was music of creepy sounds of a widower choir howling. The background was blue and not red.

  • Revolving Stuff: Tiny Pinkcredibles.
  • Destruction: A bolt of lightning blasting her green hoodie and leaving it incinerating in flames.


Trina goes into Diary Mode after winning a raffle and winning the Swiss Chocolate Diamond. When she bit into the chocolate diamond, she thought that the taste was so perfect, that she went insane with love and blasted off into a love diary mode. Her tongue was sticking out when she went into this love diary mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Hearts.
  • Destruction: Heart-shaped pink clouds formed in the sky.

Monster of Rock

Trina goes into the sewer where she sees El Chewpoocaca on a date with Nick. This makes her so mad and jealous that she goes into Diary Mode. The destruction being caused around her when she went into this diary mode was geysers of fire and lava blasting out if all of the sewers.

  • Revolving Stuff: Poisonous skulls of toxic stench.
  • Destruction: A bunch of geysers of fire and lava blasting out of the sewer hatchets.

One Plant Band

Trina goes into Diary Mode when she learns that Corey and his band destroyed her project and might have to take the same class again, meaning she would have to be in the same grade as Corey and, wouldn't be in the same grade as Nick and Mina would be away from her and with Nick.

  • Revolving Stuff: Vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbages, and leeks.
  • Destruction: Geysers of boiling water blasted out of the pots on the stove, launching potatoes into the air, where they were destroyed, and turned into french fries.

Creepaway Camp

Trina was in a canoe with Nick Mallory and she was trying to kiss him. Blade Stabbington rose out of the water and he scared Mina, causing her to jump up into the air screaming and land in Nick Mallory's arms. Trina jumped up and attacked Blade Stabbington in rage for ruining her kiss. When she got out of the water, she was covered in seaweed. This tricked Mina into thinking that a swamp monster ate Trina and it scared her more. Nick Mallory left with Mina which made Trina jealous and caused her to go into Diary Mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Marshmallows.
  • Destruction: Geysers blasting out of all the fire pits.

Zoohouse Rock

Trina gets trapped in the unicorn exhibit at Peaceville Zoo by Mayor Mellow after (because of her costume) being mistaken for the unicorn the zoo desperately needed. It gets worse once Corey draws attention to himself and his band and gets her party and Nick's party to surround around their cage and chant for them to be free. This makes Trina miss her party while everyone pays attention to Corey. Trina gets so mad, that she goes into diary mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Cupcakes.
  • Destruction: The sky turned red and black clouds formed over the zoo, bolting out lightning.

Queen Bee

Corey and Grojband tried to get Trina to go into Diary Mode in order to use what she wrote for lyrics for the coronation of the new Queen Bee, in which they also had Trina compete. While their original plan was to have her go into Love Diary Mode, she instead goes into Anger Diary Mode and also used it to control the bees and was crowned the Queen Bee!

  • Revolving Stuff: A swarm of bees.
  • Destruction: Geysers of fire and lava shot out of the beehives.

Dreamreaver Part 1

Trina did not go into Diary Mode in this episode, but it was alluded to and the episode mainly focused on it. In this episode, Corey thought up a plan on how they could get lyrics from Trina without having to make her go into diary mode. So they invented a machine that would read her mind so that whenever they need lyrics, they can just take the perfect lyrics directly out of the core of her membrane. The events of this would later be continued in Dreamreaver Part 2, where she actually did go into diary mode.

Dreamreaver Part 2

Trina's psychological self is sleeping inside of her own mind, until she is woken up, to see Corey in her dream world. She realizes that now Grojband has taken over the cortex of her mind and that she cannot escape them, even when she thinks happy thoughts or goes to sleep. She is trapped with them with no room for breathing for the rest of eternity. Not only that, but Corey tells her that everything in her world was just a dream and that none of it would ever happen in real life. She is so enraged by this that she holds out her hand, levitating her diary into her hand and then screams at the top of her lungs, casting a sea of fire among the floor of her entire dream world, and she blasts off into diary mode. When she was in diary mode, she was seen wearing her nightgown the whole time. It should also be noted that technically, this wasn't the real Trina Riffin going into diary mode, but instead Quincess Trina, her psychological mental image of herself.

  • Revolving Stuff: Golden tiger kittens and dirtbikes.
  • Destruction: The entire dream world was set on fire over the course of a split second beforehand, a giant swirling hurricane, consisting only of fire formed above the dream world, and a bunch of extremely huge and towering geysers of fire and lave broke out of multiple places around the dream world.

Super Zeroes

Trina (Who was posing as Stiletto at the time) tried to prove to the town that The Justice Band was not a real band of superheroes by tying Mina to the flagpole of the capital building so that lightning would strike her, however, they saved Mina, and lightning struck her instead, leaving her hanging on the pole by the cape, knowing that there's still a chance she's willing to fall off of a building and killing herself without them saving her. However, Corey (Who was posing as Front Man at the time) foiled her plan by saving her life. This made everyone believe that they truly were heroes. This also made Trina so mad, that she went into Diary Mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Trash such as wads of paper, apple cores, and balls of mush.
  • Destruction: A bunch of fire lit up the ground and the city around it.

A Knight to Remember

For the first time ever instead of Trina, Mina goes into Diary Mode after she was told by Corey that once the comet, which allows her to make Trina her troll instead of the other way around, is gone she'll go back to being Trina's Troll. This is the first time someone other than Trina has gone into diary mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: A panflute, a balloon sword, a skin drum, and an execution rope.
  • Destruction: A bolt of time-warping lightning created a portal to Mt. Rocklympus.

Line of Credit

Trina goes into diary mode when the juvenile babies destroy her sculpture of Peaceville and Nick Mallory.

  • Revolving Stuff: Cans of apple sauce, a rattle, a teddy bear, a squeaky call, and a bottle.
  • Destruction: Little geysers of fire and lava shot out of the baby bottles.

Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow

Trina goes into Diary Mode after learning that the prize-winning dog, which gave her a kiss, was really Kon.

  • Revolving Stuff: A dog, a leash, and a razor.
  • Destruction: Everything turned a horrific color of red and a bolt of lightning shot down into the dog show. (Luckily, the dogs weren’t injured during and after the Dairy Mode after being blasted off.)

On the Air and Out to Sea

Trina goes into Diary Mode when she sees Nick Mallory being held hostage by Captain Tighty Whitey, Barnacle Tim, and Shaven Beard.

  • Revolving Stuff: A pirate hat, some maps, and a picnic basket.
  • Destruction: A bunch of lightning hit the pirate ship.

Ahead Of Our Own Tone

Trina goes into love diary mode when she gets connected with Nick on the internet. This love diary mode is edited to be a futuristic and computerized form of love diary mode. Trina was in cyborg form. Her hair was purple and her eyes were green and resembled that of a computer screen. Her pupils were also pixelated. She wore a dark purple jumpsuit and a Blab Tap. The background was purple and there was a bunch of ones and zeroes flickering in the background. There were a bunch of beeping noises and computerized sounds playing along with the angelic choir tune. The hearts that came out of the diary were green and pixelated.

  • Revolving Stuff: Green pixelated hearts.
  • Destruction: The sky turned a purplish, pinkish, pretty color and there were pink clouds and hearts that formed above the house in the sky.

Love in a Nethervator

Trina goes diary mode when she learns that Corey will be singing elevator music for eternity, and then Nick ignores Trina and listens to his music.

  • Revolving Stuff: Symbolistic Nick heads, red hearts, and nethervators.
  • Destruction: A bolt of lightning zapped the keypad to the Nethervator which caused the engine to explode and for the whole thing to break down and then drop to the bottom of the Netherworld, where it was destroyed.

Six Strings of Evil

Trina went into Diary Mode when the bobblehead Nick said that Mina was prettier than her. After the diary sequence was over, Laney caught the diary. This is the first time anyone other than Corey, caught the diary.

  • Revolving Stuff: Nick bobbleheads.
  • Destruction: Geysers of fire and lava blasted out of the books and after the sequence was over, a bobblehead Nick fell into the wood chipper.

Season 2


Trina is at the Gym Barn watching Nick do sit-ups and she starts counting his abs. Blanche, Bertha, and Beatrice get lured into the Gym Barn and Corey points out that Trina is touching Nick Mallory. They get mad at her for this and they take her away from him, make her skirt longer, dress her up in old lady clothes, wipe her makeup off, and tie her hair up into a bun. Trina goes into Diary Mode out of anger over the new society they live in where the old ladies force their opinions down everyone's throats and things not being the way they used to be. She jets up out of the old lady's hand and goes into diary mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Gym Barney's hats and dumbbells.
  • Destruction: A dumbbell exploded in a bodybuilder's face and a water cooler exploded.

Grin Reaper

Trina is on stage and everyone loves her and thinks that she's special because they are all overly happy about everything. Then, Corey comes up on stage and convinces her that she is not special because all of her fans think that everything else is special too. He shows her that everyone loves every other person and thing in the world as much as they love her meaning that she's no better than everything else. Then, he reveals to her that he's special too and that means that she is just as special as her brother. This makes Trina break her bracelet off and go into a huge rage. She goes into Diary Mode when she figures out that she's not special compared to everything else in the world.

  • Revolving Stuff: Happiness Bracelets.
  • Destruction: Though it was not caused by her diary mode, Torbo was seen vaporizing the souls of the citizens of Peaceville and killing them in the middle of her diary mode, in the place where destruction would usually go.

Rock the House

Trina goes into Diary Mode when she finds out that Grojband won the competition and that she's been cheering them on the whole time. She goes into diary mode wearing a cheerleader costume.

  • Revolving Stuff: Grojband's curling rocks.
  • Destruction: A bolt of lightning lit the ice rink on fire. (But it didn’t melt, in fact, more ice spread to the fire and made Trina frozen up in ice.)

War and Peaceville

Trina goes into Love Diary Mode when she hugs Nick Mallory. She realizes that it doesn't matter if Nick is lame because this hug is between a Mallory and a Riffin which is currently considered "forbidden" because the Mallorys and Riffins are in a huge war with each other. When she goes into diary mode and writes in her diary, the stuff that happens around her is hearts shooting out and hitting other people making them happy and get along with each other instead of fighting.

  • Revolving Stuff: Hearts.
  • Destruction: A bunch of hearts blew into the faces of the citizens of Peaceville, making them stop hating each other and feel love once again.

Myme Disease

Trina poses for a painting of herself that Nick is painting. He is almost done with it and she is impatiently waiting to see it after seeing how everyone else who is already seeing it is mesmerized by it. When Nick finally finishes, Corey asks him to sell it to him and Nick burns it with his lighter in a fiery rage, refusing to sell his work to anyone. This makes Trina go into Diary Mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Paintbrushes and Paint pallets.
  • Destruction: A geyser of fire and lava burst out from a grill, a geyser of water came out of a trashcan, and another water geyser broke through the roof of a porta-potty, taking a man, using the toilet with it.


Trina goes into Diary Mode when she bumps Nick to find out that he has bread for a head which gives her an allergic reaction.

  • Revolving Stuff: Food fusions, such as Cheese Apples, Coffee Steak, Coconut Turkey, and plain bread.
  • Destruction: Trina burned Nick's body during takeoff. Geysers of fire blew through the table of food fusions and one of them even burst through the windows of Fuse This. (Although, it was later fixed by magic.)

Inn Err Face

Trina goes into Diary Mode when she realizes that she's going to spend the rest of her life with Corey. At the end of her diary mode, Trina cried some. A tear came out of her eye, which contained Kin and Kon and the Mini-Sub, which is how they escaped.

  • Revolving Stuff: Flasks and test tubes.
  • Destruction: Geysers of fire and lava blasted out of baking soda volcanoes and a guy's flask. There was also indirect destruction of herself, wherein Kin and Kon dropped out of her, through a tear in her diary mode and they grew their submarine to normal size again, which hit Trina and launched her across the room, where she was caught by Mayor Mellow and disqualified.

Who Are You

Trina goes into Love Diary Mode for the fifth time in this episode. She is trying to act neutral and have no opinions for anything be not smiling, but Nick Mallory walks into the coffee shop and tells Trina that he likes her making her unable to stop herself from going into Love Diary Mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Hearts.
  • Destruction: Geysers of hearts and love burst out of people's coffee cups.

Pop Goes the Bubble

Trina goes into Diary Mode when she gets covered in soda bubbles which makes her allergic reaction act up in front of Nick Mallory. The stuff that was revolving around her was bubbles.

  • Revolving Stuff: Bubbles.
  • Destruction: Everyone's soda pop started geysering out fizz, alluding the fire and lava geysers.

Girl Fest

Trina goes into Diary Mode when she realizes that Candy Jams is a liar who is not really who she says she is and that she was in love with Nick Mallory too.

  • Revolving Stuff: Posters for the Lady Rage festival and make-up.
  • Destruction: Thunderstorms formed over the Lady Rage Music Festival and created lightning.

The Bandidate

Trina goes into Diary Mode when she figures out that the golden statue of her has a pimple on it and it gets revealed to all of Peaceville. Corey then reveals her real pimple to Peaceville which sends her into diary mode with her pimple on her face.

  • Revolving Stuff: Bylaw 62.8, a harp, and a tiara.
  • Destruction: The sky turned red and thunderstorms formed in the sky.

The Pirate Lounge for Me

Trina goes into happiness diary mode for the first time in the series when she sees that she has finally gotten her car out of the garage.

  • Revolving Stuff: Hearts.
  • Destruction: Geysers of rainbows and hearts were fired from the cannons.


Trina goes into diary mode when she finds out that the Nick Mallory that she was in love with was actually a hologram and becomes paranoid, thinking that nothing is real.

  • Revolving Stuff: Holographic Nick heads.
  • Destruction: Trina blasted into the air on a ginormous geyser of fire and lava which killed some people in the audience, and while writing in her diary, she made the speakers geyser out fire and lava.

The Snuffles with Snarffles

Trina goes into love diary mode for the seventh time when she sees how adorable and awesome it is that Wheelie is about to kill Grojband with a laser.

  • Revolving Stuff: Hearts and lasers.
  • Destruction: The laser from the laser drill was spun around in the takeoff, which caused the lasers to blast holes in The Riffin House and cut the ropes, holding Grojband to a chair. This is the first time that negative destruction was caused by a love diary mode.

Bee Bop A Loofah

Trina goes into diary mode when she figures out that she stinks and Nick Mallory doesn't like being around her because of her smell and that she can't take a bath because Grojband is using the tub for acoustics while they play music. The stuff that was revolving around her was stink lines.

  • Revolving Stuff: Stink lines.
  • Destruction: Geysers of water broke through the bathtub faucet and the toilet bowl.

A-Capella-Lips Now

Trina goes into diary mode when she falls in a hole and the babies start touching her with their sticky, apple sauce-covered hands.

  • Revolving Stuff: Communication cans, applesauce containers, and an inflatable raft.
  • Destruction: Geysers of lava and fire blasted out of the applesauce containers and the raft.

Soulin' Down the Road

Trina's soul goes into sadness diary mode for the second time in the series when she accidentally hits Nick's face with the hood of her car ruining their kiss. This was a sadness diary mode that was different from the others because this was Trina's soul going into this diary mode instead of Trina as herself, her hair was waving up, and she was also crying so loudly. When she wrote in her diary, fire showed up instead of storm clouds. There was a lack of things that surrounded her when she went into this diary mode. After she was done, her soul went back into her body.

  • Revolving Stuff: Nothing. Unlike most other diary modes, nothing was an absence of stuff that surrounded her this time.
  • Destruction: A huge storm of lightning and thunder formed over the drive-in.

That's My Jam

Trina goes into anger diary mode when she loses the jam competition to Corey, Jammy picks Grojband over her, and Corey gets to hug Nick Mallory. Trina pointed at Nick and said that that was her hug and her jam. She was screaming angrily that she blasted up into diary mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Jars of jam.
  • Destruction: A geyser of water blasted through the river, breaking a log in half and killing a baby pink bunny. There were also two gigantic geysers of lava and fire that destroyed a mountain.

For Hat and Country

Trina goes into diary mode when she finds out that she's going to be trapped in Grojland forever and she will never see Nick Mallory again.

  • Revolving Stuff: Nick heads, cowboy hats, and Grojland logos.
  • Destruction: A lightning bolt hit The Riffin House.

It's in the Card

Trina goes into love diary mode when she gets a card from Nick Mallory saying that he loves her and that hugs are waiting for her.

  • Revolving Stuff: Hearts.
  • Destruction: Hearts surrounded the house and geysers of rainbows and hearts blasted through her goldfish's fishbowl, her Valentine's day box, and out of the butts of two birds sitting on a tree, launching them into the air.


Trina goes into diary mode when she sees Nick Mallory on a date with Mina.

  • Revolving Stuff: Photos of Nick and a saxophone.
  • Destruction: Trina blew the roof off the place with a fire and lava geyser. There was also a bunch of lightning that scared Gary, Mina, and Nick.

Group Hug

Trina goes into sadness diary mode for the third time in the series when Kate and Allie convince her that she has no friends or fans and that Grojband is more popular than her. This is the first time Trina went into a diary mode that was not caused directly by Grojband.

  • Revolving Stuff: Flowers, chains, and slumberberry candles.
  • Destruction: Trina created a storm outside with rain and thunder. A huge gust of wind blew out all the candles in Kate and Allie's shrine to Grojband.

Curse of the Metrognome

At the New Year's ball drop, Trina was planning to kiss Nick at the time the ball drops. However, when she ran over to Nick to kiss him, she tripped over a cord and smashed into him instead making them fall to the ground and it got exposed on the big screen which led her to humiliation. In the same episode, the ball drop happened again and Trina had a second chance at kissing him. However, when the ball drop happened, The Metrognome used his magic on the ball and caused it to lose its timing causing the timer to jump from different numbers out of order messing up the countdown. This made Trina nervous and she panicked making her rush up to Nick too quickly to kiss him and smashing into him again the same way as before. This caused Trina to go into diary mode.

  • Revolving Stuff: Mirror balls.
  • Destruction: The amps got destroyed.

Dueling Buttons

Trina goes into diary mode when she loses the game in the song competition.

  • Revolving Stuff: Pixelated icons of Corey's face.
  • Destruction: Geysers of fire and lava blasting through the screens of the event.

Hear Us Rock Part 1

Trina gets a text from Nick Mallory saying that he believes that the world is going to end. This makes her believe that the world is going to end and that she never got to date Nick Mallory causing her to go into sadness diary mode. She was seen and heard crying only at the beginning of this diary mode. When she was writing, her face reverted back to a normal sad face.

  • Revolving Stuff: Panda memes and mermaid blue makeup.
  • Destruction: A thunderstorm of rain and lightning.

Hear Us Rock Part 2

Trina goes into happiness diary mode with an astronaut costume on when she realizes that she finally won in a fight with Grojband and that she's going to survive the apocalypse with Nick Mallory and leave Grojband.

  • Revolving Stuff: Moonrocks.
  • Destruction: Trina warped and demented the laws of physics to bend reality and cause destruction from the earth to their location in space. A recurring kind of destruction that was included here was a bunch of lightning happened in outer space. Also, Trina's diary floated down afterwards and hit Corey on the head. This is the only diary mode to feature only negative destruction and nothing positive.


Although Diary Mode is always out of rage and involves writing fire, red backgrounds, and screaming music. There have been many times where Diary Mode has changed. Here are some of them all.

Major Variations

  • Anger - Anger is what Diary Mode mainly and usually and almost always is. It starts with piano music playing and Trina blasts off in the air on a geyser of fire. She flies up in a red background and has red in her eyes and an angry face. She grabs her pen and diary and writes her feelings into there and flames form on the paper where she writes it. When she writes, horrible things happen to the area around her, which are mostly a bunch of fire geysers just like the one that she shoots up on. Once she's done, Her face is like "What the heck just happened?" and she falls back and ends Diary Mode. Screaming Demons and Heavy Metal Rock Music plays in the background.
  • Love - Sometimes, Trina will go into a love version of Diary Mode. This happened first in the episode "Pox N Roll" Trina had Diary Mode only with love instead of anger. When she did, the music was love music instead. She blasted up on a huge geyser of pink and red hearts, her eyes were hearts and she had a smiling face, The background was pink and when she wrote in her diary, hearts were coming out of it instead of fire. There were a bunch of hearts flying around in the area she was in, The music in the background was piano music and a huge orchestra playing the same beats as the sound that plays when she's about to go into diary mode in all of those anger times. This was also the music that was playing before she shot up into the sky. She has gone into this diary mode in the episodes "Pox N Roll," "Helmet," "War and Peaceville," "The Snuffles with Snarffles," "It's in the Card," and "Ahead of our own Tone."
  • Happiness - In the episode "The Pirate Lounge for Me", Trina went into happiness diary mode when Grojband pushed Pinktastic out of the garage. She also has her hands on her cheeks when she went into this diary mode. She took her hands off her cheeks to write in her diary. The stuff that was surrounding her was hearts.
  • Fear - In the episode "No Strings Attached" Trina went into Diary Mode only with fear instead of anger. She shot up on green goo and the background was still the same color. Her face was making a scared expression and when she wrote in her Diary, it made green fire instead of normal. She made geysers of goo just like the one she shot up on go around her and the music in the background was creepy music. The music playing before she shot up was the same as it is in normal anger diary mode.
  • Sadness - This diary mode first occurred in the episode "All You Need is Cake." Trina went into Diary Mode only with sadness instead of anger. She does not shoot up when she enters it, instead, she just slowly floats up into the air to match the sad and slow feeling of depression that she has for the incident. The background is blue and her face is changed to a sad face including her hair being down instead of flying up in the air. She wrote in her diary and what happened when she did was storm clouds formed over the places she wrote and started raining on it. When she was done, her pen was upside down and raindrops were falling out of it. The music in the background was sad music and creepy widower chorus and she fell to the ground after it was all done and over with. This diary mode has happened in the episodes "All You Need is Cake," "Soulin' Down the Road," "Group Hug," and "Hear Us Rock Part 1."

Minor Variations

  • Pig - In the episode "Wish Upon a Jug" Trina went into Diary Mode with a pig face but technically it was the same thing.
  • Future - In the episode "Ahead Of Our Own Tone" Trina went into Diary Mode only in a futuristic way and with love instead of normal anger. The background was purple and has binary code in the background, she looked futuristic. She was loving and futuristic music playing. When she wrote in her diary, there were purple pixelated hearts were coming out if it. Her eyes had green pixelated hearts in them.
  • Mina Anger - In the episode "A Knight to Remember" Mina went into diary mode instead of Trina. Everything was the same even the diary except for it being Mina.
  • Soul - In the episode "Soulin' Down the Road" Trina had her soul trapped inside of a car. When Kin took a picture of her, it was released from the car and went into Diary Mode. The background was blue and sad music was playing as though she was in Sadness Diary Mode and she was a crying soul.
  • Chocolate Love - In the episode “Helmet” Trina went into Diary Mode after she ate a bit of the Large-sized Chocolate Diamond, but it was technically the same thing as the Love Diary Mode.
  • Queen Bee - In the episode "Queen Bee" Trina went into Diary Mode wearing a dress and had her hair up but technically it was the same thing.
  • Nightgown - In the episode "Dreamreaver Part 2" Trina went into Diary Mode only with a nightgown but technically it was the same thing.
  • Cheerleader - In the episode "Rock the House" Trina went into Diary Mode with a cheerleader outfit on but technically it was the same thing.
  • Pimple - In the episode "The Bandidate," Trina went into diary mode with a pimple on her face. Her pimple was pumping to the beat of the music and letting off a field of shockwave whenever they pumped. When she turned into a shadow, her pimple was seen glowing red in the same way her eyes did. She writes the diary, the more she can.
  • Happy Astronaut - In the episode "Hear Us Rock Part 2," Trina survived the apocalypse along with Nick Mallory so that they could be together forever. She also got to finally defeat Grojband and ruin any chances of them ever playing music again by leaving their instruments on Earth. This made her so happy, that she went into a happy diary mode. She was also wearing an astronaut costume when this happened. When she went into diary mode, the background was purple and she had a big smile and sparkling eyes. She was wearing an astronaut costume and happy music was playing. When she wrote in her diary, flames appeared on the paper.


  • It would seem odd that Trina, who is the series main antagonist, would help with her brother's band. Although she does not intend to do this and she is unaware of the fact that their lyrics come from her diary because the band knows to change them around a lot so that she doesn't figure it out. If she knew those were her lyrics, she would stop going into diary mode because she knew that was helping them.
  • Trina does not go into diary mode in the episodes "Dreamreaver Part 1" and "A Knight to Remember."
  • The stuff surrounding Trina is based on either whatever is bothering her, or the area around her.
  • Diary Mode has many aliases such as "Diary Freak Outs" or "Going Diary" which are used frequently in the show.
  • The vocalisations in the background are performed by Graeme Cornies.[1]
  • The idea for diary mode was to have a Sailor Moon-esque scene that could be reused in every episode but tweaked when needed.[2][3]
  • It is unknown if Trina remembers her diary modes or not.[4]
  • In the episodes "Dance of the Dead" and "Soulin' Down the Road," there was a lack of things surrounding Trina when she went into diary mode.
  • This was shown it was based on a few transformation sequences based on various Japanese Mecha Anime, or a Megazord transformation sequence in Power Rangers/Super Sentai.





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