Dr. Purr
Dr. Purr
Vital statistics
Full Name Dr. Purr Beff
Aliases None
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange fur
Race Tabby
Eye Color Yellow
Friends Mina Beff and possibly Carrie Beff
Enemies Trina Riffin
Relatives Mina Beff (owner), Carrie Beff (owner)
Faction House pet
Location The Beff House
First Appearance Super Zeroes
Latest Appearance It's in the Card (Cameo)
Voice Actor Lou Esposito and Bob Pomann (through archival sound effects only)

Dr. Purr is Mina's pet cat. He looks like an orange tabby cat. He first appeared in the episode Super Zeroes, when Trina used him to throw into a tree. Dr. Purr loves Mina very much and Mina loves him too and always takes care of him whenever he needs it.


Dr. Purr is Mina's pet cat and the two of them are very fond of each other. He made his first appearance in the episode Super Zeroes where Trina demanded Mina to get him and use him for her plan to ruin Grojband's gig. Trina grabbed Dr. Purr and she threw him up the tree to create a situation where the Justice Band had to save the day. They saved the day by having Livewire cast her guitar strings out and onto the tree branch and they all pulled the tree down, bringing Dr. Purr to the ground, but the tree branch snapped and it launched Dr. Purr straight into the air. He later came down, landing on Trina's head, clawing at her face, freaking out. After that, he fell back and landed safely in Front Man's arms, where Front Man declared him safe. Dr. Purr was mentioned in the episode Kon-Fusion where Trina said to Mina that if her relationship with Nick doesn't work out, she might as well give up and marry her cat. Mina told her that if she did, she's going to need to know that Dr. Purr likes a bachelor party. Dr. Purr appeared again in The Snuffles with Snarffles where Mina took him into the animal shelter with her when Trina adopted Wheelie. Trina told Mina that her cat was way cuter than "Mina's dumb cat" and asked Mina if she was right. Mina looked down at Dr. Purr nervously and Dr. Purr looked back up at her, while Mina was left speechless. When Mina realized that Trina was talking to Wheelie, she thought it was a bad sign but then stated that to Dr. Purr. Dr. Purr responded by purring and rubbing up against her. Dr. Purr made a cameo appearance in the episode It's in the Card. When Corey was emptying the box of Grojband memories, Dr. Purr is one of the things that came out for some reason. He was seen dropping out of there and running off, meowing in fear. It's possible that Dr. Purr was in there because of the memory they had with him in the episode Super Zeroes, but it's also possible that this was simply just a gag, given that he only had two seconds of screen time here.


Dr. Purr is an orange, furry, dander less cat. He has big, light yellow eyes that have two eyelashes each. He also has brownish, orange spots on the tops of his ears.

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