Elementary Junior High [1] is a school in Peaceville that Corey Riffin and the others of Grojband go to.


It was seen first in the episode "Dance of the Dead" where Trina and Mina prepared the gym for a Halloween dance. It was seen again in the episode "Math of Kon" where they were holding the annual Trimathalon in the auditorium. In the episode "One Plant Band" Trina was imagining herself in a classroom at that school. In the episode "Six Strings of Evil" Trina has a flashback to an embarrassing moment when she was talking to Nick Mallory in the hallways at school. It made it's season two debut in the episode "Rock the House" when Grojband had a curling competition with The Newmans from their rival school. It appeared again in the episode "Inn Err Face" where Mayor Mellow and Nick Mallory were hosting the science fair. Its latest appearance was in the episode "The Bandidate" where Trina was on stage in the auditorium making an announcement after she became school president.


8th GradeEdit

7th GradeEdit

6th GradeEdit

3rd GradeEdit

Known RoomsEdit

  • Classroom
  • Hallway
  • Gym
  • Auditorium
  • Bathroom

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • It is unknown which educational stage of school Elementary High is. The first thing that confuses this is the title of the school, being a joke on "Elementary School" and "High School" being combined together. Also, it was explicitly seen many times that students in 7th and 8th grade are going to this school, which are middle school grades. Kate and Allie, who are only 9 years old are seen going to this school too. For now, it can be said that Elementary High is a combination of all three.


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