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This is a list of the episodes of Grojband, a Canadian/American animated television series which premiered on Cartoon Network on June 10, 2013, and on Teletoon on September 5, 2013.

Season Episodes Airdate
Pilot (2012) 1 August 14, 2009
Season 1 (2013) 26 June 10, 2013
Season 2 (2015) 26 February 22, 2015
Season 3 (TBA) TBA TBA
Episode Shorts (2013) 50 December 10, 2013


# Title Plot Airdate
1 Grojband Pilot Grojband books a gig at the carnival and they hear that the famous celebrity Chip Chunkley is going to be there. They want to impress him with their music but they don't have lyrics for a new song so they try to get some by ruining Trina's date with Nick Mallory. Unaired

Season 1

# Title Plot Canadian Airdate U.S. Airdate
1 Smash Up Terby Grojband books a gig at the carnival derby but they don't have any lyrics for a song. Corey tries to anger Trina in order to obtain lyrics for a new song by ruining her date with Nick Mallory. 9/19/13 3/3/13
2 Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls A wildly famous celebrity named Cherry Grapestain has arrived in Peaceville for the premiere of her new movie at the drive-in. Corey wants to get his band noticed by her so that she will put them in her next movie trailer. Song: "Cherry Cherry" 9/12/13 6/10/13
3 Dance of the Dead The Halloween Dance is taking place at Elementary High and Grojband has booked a gig to play there. Unfortunately, they have no lyrics, and, to make things worse, music from a cursed amp Corey found causes a zombie outbreak. Songs: "Halloween Can Sound So Creepy" and "Zombie Dance" 9/12/13 6/10/13
4 Pox N Roll Corey gives everyone the chickenpox making them get quarantined inside of a bubble. While he's in there he has a chickenpox party to prove to everyone that the pox rocks. Songs: "Chicken Pox Rocks" 10/3/13 6/11/13
5 No Strings Attached Corey sends the band to a concert played by his favorite childhood animatronic band. The band gets destroyed under the hands of Trina, so he decides to have his band fill in for them as he makes Grojband a puppet band. Songs: "Bubble Bunch Band Theme Song" and "Running from the Puppets" 10/3/13 6/11/13
6 Indie Road Rager Despite the fact that they already an indie band, Corey decides to enter Grojband in the Indie 400. Song: "Thrash, Bash, Burn, and Crash" 10/17/13 6/12/13
7 Math of Kon Kon has to learn three years worth of math in order for the band to play at the Triathlon and he finds out that he enters a genius trance by drumming. Meanwhile, Trina dresses up as her nerdy alter-ego known as Trigonometrina who enters the Trimathalon to compete against Kon. Song: You Turned All My Protons Into Kon-tons" 10/17/13 6/12/13
8 Space Jammin' Grojband and The Newmans face off in the battle of the bands at Sludgefest, however, The Space Orbs steal Grojband's only source of lyrics, Trina's diary! Songs: "Entry #4987: my Secret Fear and Junk" and "My Secret is Out" 11/14/13 6/13/13
9 Wish Upon a Jug When trying to turn Grojband into a jug band, Trina finds a magic jug that has a genie in it and wishes for her brother's band to be unable to play music ever again. Song: "I Wish Away My Wishes" 11/14/13 6/13/13
10 All You Need is Cake The biggest cake in the world arrives in Peaceville and Grojband plans on eating it. To do so, they need to sing at a wedding for Barney's daughter Barnera. Corey and Laney have to pretend to be dating so that they can fall in love with each other but Kin and Kon keep interrupting them. Meanwhile, Trina is heartbroken after she outgrows her sweater, Pinktacular. 6/14/13
11 Helmet Corey loses his voice just before their gig at the Swiss Party. So Kin builds him an auto-tuned helmet to make it sound better. Trina ruins it for him by making the helmet get an evil mind if it's own and having it perfect everything. She also plans on cheating in a raffle to win a chocolate diamond. 6/14/13
12 Monster of Rock An evil sewer monster called "El Chewpoocaca" has been kidnapping everybody and imprisoning them in the sewer, and so Grojband goes down there to save them. 6/17/13
13 One Plant Band Grojband goes vegan so that they can play music at a Salad Bar, but Trina's science project comes to life and turns evil and Grojband has to stop it. However, Corey is hypnotized by it causing him to turn on his own friends and join forces with the evil plant. 6/18/13
14 Creepaway Camp Grojband goes to Camp Screamley to play music in a scary song competition, only to figure out that their opponents are The Newmans. If they want to beat them at writing a scary song, they need to get help from a legendary campfire monster known as Blade Stabbington. Meanwhile, Trina tries to get closer to Nick Mallory by becoming head councillor of Camp Screamleay. 6/19/13
15 Zoohouse Rock Trina tricks Mayor Mellow into thinking that Grojband is a bunch of bears and they all get trapped in a zoo while she holds an animal-themed party for Nick Mallory. 6/20/13
16 Queen Bee Trina and Laney both compete in a bee-themed beauty pageant. 6/21/13
17 Dreamreaver Part 1 Grojband's first music video goes wrong, Trina watches it causing her brain to break. Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney must go inside her mind to retrieve some lyrics to go with their music video. 6/22/13
18 Dreamreaver Part 2 Continuation of Part 1: Inside of Trina's mind, Grojband must fight Mirage Band to escape Trina's mind and get some lyrics. 6/23/13
19 Super Zeroes Corey decides to become a band of superheroes that entertain kids at their birthday parties. However, all that they have the chance to do is "save" children and they aren't playing any music. 6/24/13
20 A Knight to Remember A comet passes over Peaceville causing strange occurrences to happen. One of them being Mina and Trina switching personalities. 6/25/13
21 Line of Credit Corey decides to turn his band into a gang of juvenile delinquent punks to improve the band's image. 6/26/13
22 Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow Grojband books a gig at the dog show and Kon loses his memory and thinks he's a dog. Before Grojband can change him back, Trina gets him and enters him in the dog show. 6/29/13
23 On the Air and Out to Sea Corey hijacks a pirated radio station for his music that which leads to a run-in with some real pirates who force them to become members of their crew so that they can help them plunder the city. 6/30/13
24 Ahead Of Our Own Tone Grojband uses Kin's time machine to see what music is like in the future. However, they get trapped in a horrible future where an evil cyborg Trina rules Placerville and has put a ban on music everywhere. 6/31/13
25 Love in a Nethervator Grojband gets trapped in the underworld because of a demonic elevator that only plays horrible, lyricless elevator music that has tortured people for centuries. 7/2/13
26 Six Strings of Evil Corey buys a new guitar which seems to be evil and has a mind of its own. The guitar plans to destroy all other sources of music in the world and has held Corey captive. It's up to Kin, Kon, and Laney to save him. 7/8/13

Season 2

All of the season 2 episodes have been released in the Cartoon Network website, and later aired on Boomerang on January 10, 2015. In Australia, the Season 2 episodes are counted into Season 1 making them both an entire 52 episode season.

# Title Plot Canada 'Airdate U.S. Airdate
27 Rockersize Grojband offers some impromptu concert tickets to three old ladies who take gym class. 11/5/14 2/22/15
28 Grin Reaper The happiest man in the world comes to Peaceville and gives bracelets to everyone causing them to become overly happy and love everything. 11/5/14 2/22/15
29 Rock the House Grojband faces off against The Newmans in a winter curling match while Trina tries to impress Nick by becoming a cheerleader. 3/12/15
30 War and Peaceville The citizens of Peaceville have a ceremony where everyone celebrates the day Peaceville was founded. They find out that the Peaceville national anthem was stolen from the Mallorys by the Riffins and complete chaos breaks out. 2/28/15
31 Myme Disease Grojband tries to get publicity by playing in the park but Kin, Kon, and Laney get cursed by a mime which makes them unable to sing. 3/8/15
32 Kon-Fusion Grojband and The Newmans merge bodies to make their music sound better by using a fusion machine that can fuse objects together. 3/1/15
33 Inn Err Face Trina gets ahold of Kin's shrink ray and uses it to shrink Kon. She accidentally swallows him and it's up to his friends to get him out before the shrink ray wears off. TBA
34 Who Are You Grojband wants to play music for the hipsters at the coffee shop but no matter what they do, they don't seem impressed by anything they do. TBA
35 Pop Goes the Bubble The Bubble Fest comes to Peaceville and all are excited. Except for Mayor Mellow who, due to an accident causing a bottlecap to get lodged in his brain, now hates bubbles and has placed a ban on all bubbles. It's up to Grojband to save Bubble Fest from the insane Mayor. 3/8/15
36 Girl Fest A celebrity named Candy Jams comes to Peaceville and Grojband is given the opportunity to be her opening act. 3/8/15
37 The Bandidate Trina Riffin becomes the mayor of Peaceville and she rules with an iron fist and bans Grojband forever, leading it to complete chaos. TBA
38 The Pirate Lounge for Me Grojband turns the garage into a lounge and Trina can't get in. She seeks help Captain Tighty Whitey, Barnacle Tim, and Shaven Beard to get her in so she can get to her car. TBA
39 Hologroj Corey makes his band famous by spreading a rumor that their all dead. Kin uses holograms of their band to make people think that their ghosts who are coming back from the dead. TBA
40 The Snuffles with Snarffles Grojband adopts a dog names Snarffles from the animal shelter and they decide to make viral videos about him. Meanwhile, Trina adopts a kitten named Wheelie which she uses as an evil companion to destroy Grojband and Snarffles. TBA
41 Bee Bop A Loofah There is a drought and nobody has any more shower water. Everyone smells disgusting and Grojband must get shower water to come back so that they can sing in the shower. TBA
42 A-Capella-Lips Now Peaceville gets flooded and Trina ventures off to find Nick hoping to see him drowning so that she can give him mouth to mouth. TBA
43 Soulin' Down the Road Kin uses a paranormal camera to get Trina's soul trapped inside of her car. Grojband must get her soul out of the car so that they can get lyrics for heir gig that they have booked at the drive-in. TBA
44 That's My Jam Grojband brings some jam to life. The jam names himself Jammy and Trina gets in a fight with Grojband over who gets to keep him. TBA
45 For Hat and Country Corey must prove to Barney that he's country in order to get a cowboy hat. TBA
46 It's in the Card It's Valentines Day and Grojband sends out cards to everybody in Peaceville that had their song recorded on it. However, Trina recorded over their songs with a horrified scream which causes everyone in Peaveville to hate each other. TBA
47 Saxsquatch Grojband meets a snow monster named Gary who is shown to be really good at playing the saxophone. Trina falls in love with him and forgets about Nick Mallory. TBA
48 Group Hug Grojband gives Kate and Allie the right to visit them whenever they want, but when Kate and Allie ask them where they get lyrics from, they go on a rampage trying to hide the truth from them. TBA
49 Curse of the Metrognome It's new years eve in Peaceville and at the celebration, Grojband plans on playing a new song at the turn of the new year. Unfortunately, they get cursed by a Rock legend known as The Metrognome which causes them to do everything off timing. TBA
50 Dueling Buttons Corey gets addicted to a rock band video game when he finds out that Trina is better at it than he is. TBA
51 Hear Us Rock Part 1 The end of the world is happening in Peaceville and Grojband has to make their last day on earth count. The last thing they want to do is play one last song just before the apocalypse. TBA
52 Hear Us Rock Part 2 Continuity of Hear Us Rock Part 1: In the season 2 finale, the Space Orbs come back and challenge Grojband to a rematch and threaten to destroy their world with a meteor if they lose. TBA

Season 3

It was announced by Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton, that Grojband will get renewed for a third season if they get at least 200,000 signs on a petition by May 2014. [1]

Episode Shorts

The Episode Shorts were 50 small clips of Grojband characters created for the website Grojband - The Show Must Go On!. They could be viewed by playing games on the site and creating Wicked Cool Transitions.

Production Companies

Grojband was created by Neptoon Studios in conjunction with FremantleMedia, Ltd. and Fresh TV. The show is/was aired by many companies all around the world, including:


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