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Final Thoughts are a running gag in Grojband. At the end of every episode, Corey will say what he has learned during their adventure. A spotlight then shines on him, as he explains the moral of the episode before ending it by saying, "Thanks for coming out everyone" and closing the garage door on us wrapping up the episode. Corey's morals will sometimes make an obvious point or they could be very random with subtle meaning in them. The morals are what give meaning to every episode of the show.

Episodes Featured[]

Smash Up Terby[]

  • (Spotlight Shines on Corey)
  • Corey: The way I see it, we're just waiting on a moment. Our moment. It might not come wrapped in a bow or on a gust of wind but someday, we'll get what passion brings and until then, I stand beside you as one.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: Core! Those would have made some killer lyrics!
  • Corey: And maybe someday, I'll figure out how to write some lyrics all on my own. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: The things you want in life may not always happen to you right away. They may take a really long time, but with hard work, patience, and belief that it will happen, it will happen at the right time you need it and it will be worth it.

Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: If we learned anything today, it's that fame is a fickle and fleeting thing and that one's place in time is marked by how big one's face gets when projected for all to see. We can only hope, to face the future with the future face we face today when we look into our own souls.
  • Kon: Or the souls of our future selves.
  • (Kin and Kon play a short little one-second electric guitar tune with their hands)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everybody.
  • (Corey closes the garage door)

Meaning: Being famous is a bigger responsibility than it may seem. It may seem glamorous because of the way it's always been portrayed to be, but in actuality, your fame probably won't last as long as you want it to be and sooner or later, you're career will suddenly end and you'll go back to your normal life again. The more famous you become, the farther and more drastic of a downfall you'll have if you don't constantly stay up to date with the rest of the world.

Dance of the Dead[]

  • Laney: Well, no more playing cursed zombie skull amps in the cemeteries during lightning storms for us.
  • Corey: True
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: And, you know what else we've learned? Zombies don't deserve the bum rap that today's pop culture has assigned them, when all is said and done, their all just dead and decomposing people who love good music and want nothing more than to be the afterlife of the party. Thanks for coming out, and enjoy your brains, before someone else does.
  • (A midget zombie jumps out of nowhere and bites Corey's head, then he quickly closes the garage door)

Meaning: Popular culture can make stereotypical portrayals of certain kinds of people that may not be true. Even though we may not want to stereotype people, we can definitely say and do some offensive things without noticing how offensive they really are.

Pox N Roll[]

  • (Spotlight Shines on Corey)
  • Corey: I think we've learned that some diseases are more fun to have than not to have and the best disease, party fever! Fun to catch, fun to spread, and impossible to stop, all we can do is quarantine ourselves in a party bubble and rock until were well enough to catch it again.
  • (Laney looks at him with a seriously look)
  • Mayor Mellow: Sounds fun son, what are you going to do for the next eight days?
  • Laney: Yeah, Core.
  • Corey: Careful Lanes, the only cure for party fever is a wet blanket. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey Closes Garage Door)

Meaning: You only live once, so enjoy what you get the opportunity to enjoy while you still can.

No Strings Attached[]

  • Corey: Thanks Captain Carney, but as much as I love the Bubble Bunch...
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: I don't think it's for us, puppets might inspire but they can also terrify. When you pull a person's strings you might pull so hard they come apart and instead of inspiration, they might be filled with something that waits to explode.
  • (The guys look at him with creeped out looks)
  • Laney: Pretty creepy Core, but you could have turned that into a song.
  • Corey: I don't know Lanes, it feels a little "mechanical" to me. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Inspiration is a great and important part of doing something you want to do, but if you rely too much on someone else's work, you're not being original. If you copy too much, your work could easily fail.

Indie Road Rager[]

  • Dave: Congratulations Grojband, how does it feel to be in the winner circle?
  • Corey: Sorry Dave and Daver, but this circle's a square (Snaps fingers)
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey and he comes out of a box)
  • Corey: It's like you're trying to put us in a box that just isn't indie. Life is made of turns not corners. Circles hug, Corners bug.
  • (Zipper music plays and everyone looks at him with awkward looks)
  • Laney: That monologue could use a tune up.
  • Corey: Well, when you're right Lanes, check for cyclists. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes Garage door)

Meaning: Being independent means that you don't work for a bigger company who wants to "help" make you famous. Being independent means that you are the bigger company and you make yourself famous. Although it may seem as though you need help to accomplish your goals, it's better you do it yourself because that has a better outcome and that is what is truly independent.

Math of Kon[]

  • Mayor Mellow: You kids want a job in the field of mathematics?
  • Corey: Thanks but no thanks Mayor Mellow
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Math is something that should be left alone. It is, what it is, confusing and painful and only for a few of us to understand. Nerds can really make math do it's thing by turning numbers into electricity and running water and sometimes into music.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: Big ups for math Core.
  • Corey: The biggest of ups Lanes.
  • (Corey and Laney high five)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Math is something that people take for granted. It is not something that everyone can learn, but as for the people who can learn this, they are very useful to the world.

Space Jammin'[]

  • Laney: So Core, still think battling alien life forms was a good idea?
  • Corey: Of course Lanes. We won!
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: But we really shouldn't be battling other bands. The only real battle should be with the band inside ourselves. The ones beating the drums of our large intestines and playing the guitar strings of our hearts. When you challenge that band, you're always a mighty champion.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • (Laney runs up to Corey)
  • Laney: Core those are great lyrics! You had them inside you the whole time?
  • Corey: I guess so, now we don't need Trina's diar-
  • (Corey Burps really loud in Laney's face and she gives him a disgusted and angry look throughout the rest of the entire episode)
  • Corey: Never mind, it was just indigestion. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey Closes Garage Door)

Meaning: Having fights with others is ridiculous. Even if you win, it has still gotten you nowhere further in life. The only "battle" should be with yourself, meaning that you should constantly try and fight your way to making your own self better at what you're doing, which does, in fact, take you somewhere in life.

Wish Upon a Jug[]

  • Corey: Hmm, look's like we can't be a jug band after all.
  • Kin: You're taking this well dude.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: We can wish things were different guys, but then they wouldn't be real. It's one thing to pick up a milk bottle and make the moon explode, but it's real life when you take what comes you're way and make the best of it.
  • (Everybody looks at him with confused looks)
  • Laney: Uuum, Core? Isn't it a bit early for your final thought?
  • Corey: I'm confused too Lanes, but there's no going back. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes Garage door)

Meaning: Instead of wishing for things you want but don't have, you should make the best of whatever it is that you do have. If you do this, you can make the best out of even the worst of bad times in your life.

All You Need is Cake[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: You know what they say about love.
  • (Corey bites cake)
  • Corey: When you've got it on the inside.
  • (Corey bites cake)
  • Corey: You free it to the outside. (Hard to understand because the cake is muffling his voice)
  • (Corey bites cake)
  • Corey: (Muffled) No matter how much love you have, you never have enough, and you -
  • Laney: (Muffled) Core! Those would've made the perfect lyrics
  • (Kin and Kon come up and start talking in muffled voices)
  • Corey: (Muffled) Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: The feeling of love is something that can only come from someone who truly feels true love. It is a pure and non-manufacturable thing that can't be made with physical material or bought with money and because of this, making a love song when you don't feel true love won't be a success.


  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Being too perfect is unnatural, like a robot helmet's voice in your brain. We can't just let our head wear control us. If your hat doesn't like the way you live, that's your hat's problem. You gotta be you. Flaws and all.
  • Kon: Yodelae-Hee-Hoo! Hey Corey! You forgot one thing!
  • (Kon blows giant horn and Corey's hat comes out of it, Corey catches it and puts it on)
  • Corey: Ha! Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Trying to become perfect is not being true to yourself. It's better to be happy with who you are instead of trying to act like someone who you think is better.

Monster of Rock[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Isn't there a monster walled up inside of all of us? Our jealousy, our uncertainty, we need to put our monster to sleep, so of can dream of a better us.
  • (Spotlight Turns off)
  • Kin: That was the angriest lullaby I've ever heard. So underground.
  • Corey: Thanks Kin, but I'm over underground. It stinks down here.
  • Kon: Actually, that was me.
  • Corey/Kin/Laney: That's our Kon!
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey Closes Garage Door)

Meaning: We all may have unhappy thoughts contained inside of us at times. Letting them out from time to time is healthy as long as you know when to stop.

One Plant Band[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: What really matters is being true to yourself and not changing with the wind or a storm or an evil plant that wants to rule the world.
  • Barney: Uh hee hee yeah sure kid.
  • Laney: Guys! I just booked us a gig at Chatman's Cheese Cottage.
  • Kin and Kon: Let's Get Cheesy!!!
  • Corey: We just did. Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey Closes Garage Door)

Meaning: Be true to yourself and don't let anyone else try and change you.

Creepaway Camp[]

  • Corey: Space
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: A dark void full of the cold, empty unknown. Where the only thing worse than the nothing is the forever. If you look too hard, you'll only see your own screaming face. Because space, like our souls, holds only the fear we put there.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Laney: Scary, where was that last night?
  • Corey: Who knows fella? Who ever knows.
  • (Laney is love struck)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Fear is a choice and if we fear something that we don't understand, that only means that we are putting our own fear into it.

Zoohouse Rock[]

  • Laney: Well Core, I for one am glad to be out of that bear costume.
  • Corey: Yeah, costumes aren't really our thing.
  • (Spotlight Shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Anyway don't we all put on a costume every day? The layer we wear to hide our fears, our sadness, our pain, we just need to be let out. The cage is our skin and we just want freedom for what's within.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: Core, those would have made some killer lyrics.
  • Corey: They may have guy, I guess we'll never ever know. Thanks for-
  • (Kin shoves Corey out of the way)
  • Kin: Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Kin closes garage door)
  • Kin: and Kin gets the hat-trick.

Meaning: It's unhealthy to constrain our negative emotions and try to hide them from the world. To overcome these feelings, you must openly express them.

Queen Bee[]

  • (Spotlight Shines on Corey)
  • Corey: We're not about a crown. When you lift someone up, they can only let you down. Grojband is about the people. Not a queen who flies above, who we're forced to love. We'd rather vote.
  • Mayor Mellow: You're right Mother, he is a few bees short of a hive.
  • Laney: Core, We could have used that an hour ago! I wouldn't have had to put on a dress.
  • Corey: Well you'll never have to wear one again fella.
  • (Laney imagines a wedding cake with sculptures herself and Corey getting married on it. The sculpture of herself wearing a wedding dress breaks apart and falls to the ground.)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Putting someone in charge of you and your people can easily lead to them betraying you and making things worse for you as this most likely happens in reality. Corey expresses himself and his band as people who work on their own and do not need or want someone to rule over them.

Dreamreaver Part 1[]

  • Corey: Golden bike and dirt bike tracks.
  • (Kin, Kon, and Laney are seen in movie theater seats)
  • Kin: What a cliffhanger.
  • Corey: Cliffhanger indeed. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door and the words "To be continued" show up on screen)
  • Laney: Continued? You mean we're stuck in Trina's head for another episode?

Meaning: There was no meaning to this episode for the episode had not ended yet. The moral is explained in Part 2.

Dreamreaver Part 2[]

  • Laney: Does anyone feel like we're still dreaming?
  • Corey: Maybe we never awake Lanes
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: and our lives are in the head of a solid gold tiger or in the noisy heart of a dirt bike. When the ground starts to shake and little dogs can fly, are we really gonna sell an TVs? If that's the dream, I'm not going to bed.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: That made no sense. It would have been great for our music video.
  • Kin: It wasn't a total waste.
  • (Kin holds out a fork)
  • I got this nice souvenir spoon for my mom.
  • (Kin and Laney both make shocked faces)
  • Kin: Kon was right. It was a fork. Hey, where is Kon?
  • (Kon is seen still sleeping with an inbrain implant still on his head while another Kon is tucking him in under the covers.)
  • Kon: Shhh ... He's sleeping.
  • (Kon farts rainbows and flies away)
  • Corey: ... Meh. Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Sometimes commercializing can use glamorizing and unrelated content to glorify a material object. Corey doesn't want for his band to turn into something like that because it's not true to who they are.

A Knight to Remember[]

  • Laney: We played for royalty, I got a kiss from a unicorn. Not a bad gig.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Success doesn't come from who you play for Lanes or what kind of magic animal licks your face. It comes from inside but when you let it out, there's a giant metal monster right behind it. The trick is to know when to blame the comet.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: You are the only one who can make yourself awesome. It is the things that you yourself do and do to let any other people change that.

Super Zeroes[]

  • Laney: Sorry it didn't work out Core.
  • Corey: Heroes don't need things to work out Lanes.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: The joy is in doing the job and getting hurt and never having anybody thank you or know your name and you can't put a value on that.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kin: I made $600 off of flashlight signals.
  • Corey: A truly heroic sum. Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: The people who are the best at what they're doing are people who don't do those things because of the money they earn for it, but simply because they love doing it.

Line of Credit[]

  • Buzz: What you did today deserves some serious cred.
  • Corey: Thanks Buzz, but cred is for real.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: You can't keep it real when you're fronting because soon, you have to back up that front and then you're going down and that's whats up.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Buzz: Can one of you translate that for me?
  • (Kin, Kon, and Laney fearfully shake their heads no)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Don't lie to improve the image of yourself. Lying is something that can't be undone and it's not easy to back up when it comes back around.

Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: What matters in music is soul, and being a dog band grows hair on that soul. Then you have to wash the dandruff flakes off it and they cover up who you really are and you start acting like an animal. Instead of playing wicked guitar licks, you're just licking the faces of your fans.
  • (Spotlight turns off and Sparkles and his owner fall out of the sky and land on the ground)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: When trying to become popular or famous, don't try to change the things that you do to impress a group of people who would be interested in that thing. If that's not what you truly want to do, then your future of doing this isn't gong to be so bright. It's best to do care about doing things to please yourself more than doing things to please others.

On the Air and Out to Sea[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: The pirate life dished up some fun for a while. Sure it's fun to force people to listen to you and take all their stuff but the waves can't be ruled and before you know it, the winds of change will blow you away and that's when all you've got is the song in your heart and your mates and they'll never tune you out.
  • (Spotlight turns off. Kin, Kon, and Laney are seen having a side conversation, tuning Corey out)
  • Kon: What?
  • Laney: Who?
  • Kin: Huh?
  • Corey: Thanks for sailing with us everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Being bossy and mean, while it may be fun at times, makes people hate you, and eventually it will come and haunt you.

Ahead of our own Tone[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Music is all about keeping time but if times are changing, how can you keep them? If being up to date means a wire in the brain, I'd rather live in the past.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: But what about being cutting edge?
  • Corey: Grojband is retro now bro. You can't get more cutting edge than that. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: When trying to produce something popular, doing something that's up to date with the latest of pop culture may become exactly what you want it to be, but the latest and greatest things are always changing and before you know it, nobody is going to like your production anymore because of how outdated it is. However, producing something retro or something old fashioned that went down in history, may have good chances at never going out of season.

Love in a Nethervator[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Things are terrible for a reason and making them better may make them worse. The elevator in your soul goes all the way down and you may get trapped down there. A monster in your own mind.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kon: Did Otis die?
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Not everything can turn out how you want it to turn out. It's sometimes best to leave things the way they are, or else it could backfire on you.

Six Strings of Evil[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: I wanted a perfect guitar and I thought it would make up for my own imperfections. It did but sometimes you find your falls just pile up behind a dam and when it breaks, your whole town is flooded but for real.
  • Kin: So the guitar won?
  • Corey: Looks like it. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door, however said garage door bursts open revealing Trina is become another victim of mind control)
  • Trina: Yeah, we should totes make Mt. Peaceville erupt. Über totes!

Meaning: Trying to act perfect to cover up for the things that are wrong about yourself may be useful at first, but sooner or later, those hidden imperfections will soon get revealed and you'll look worse than you would if you would have just openly expressed them in the first place.


  • Laney: Well, they're asleep and rocking. They'll be back to normal in 49 more classes.
  • Corey: Just goes to show you Lanes.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: You can learn to Rock in 5 seconds, but it could take a lifetime to unlearn. The harder you Rock, the younger you feel. You take take the world by the face and punch it to whatever you want as long as you never forget to remember to never stop rocking.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kon: So, did we help Barney?
  • Corey: I doubt it. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: When people hear morals, they are learning something very useful that can be very efficient in life. However, it is not common for people to remember those morals. Try to keep those morals in mind because you may abuse a perfectly good opportunity to act upon the meaning of a perfectly fitting moral.

Grin Reaper[]

  • Laney: So, I guess this means you can't really make someone happy.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Sure you can. You can make everyone happy all the time, but you're really just charging someone else's batteries. It's better to keep your joy on the inside where it safe from the robots trying to suck it out. If you never ever smile, you might just live forever.
  • (Corey nose bops Laney a bunch and makes her fall back while a bunch of hearts surround all around her)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door.)

Meaning: Happiness isn't the answer to everything. There are times in life where you have to face reality and realize that there are sad things in the world that need to be responded to with a sad and unfortunate acceptable. You can't cover up every bad thing in life with smiles and happiness. Secluding yourself from these things will only keep you inexperienced and weak when it comes to facing reality.

Rock the House[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Sure sports gives you extra elbows and a strong spirit which comes in handy when fighting your way to the front of a buffet line but honestly, sports mainly just hurt really, really bad and that's not good. Right guys?
  • (Spotlight turns off; Kin, Kon, and Laney faint)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door.)

Meaning: Exercising your body is good while making money, but if you don't want to truly play for the love of the sport then it's not worth it.

War and Peaceville[]

  • Laney: Looks like we did it Core.
  • Corey: Did we Lanes? I'm not so sure.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: I think love did it and theft and eating raw onions until you smell weird. You can steal peace from someone and keep in in your pocket and pass it off as your own. 100 years later, the truth will come out and you'll have to steal all over again to make it right. We can't take the blame for history but we can take the credit for a re-gifted present.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: No I meant we fixed everything.
  • Corey: Oh, yeah. That was all us.
  • (Laney smacks her forehead)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Stealing is never the answer to anything. The guilt of the action will eventually, if not immediately, eat away at you; even if stealing is done, it can be forgiven and forgotten through good deeds.

Myme Disease[]

  • Laney: What was that about? Did we miss something when we were mimes?
  • Corey: Guys, we all miss something when we keep quiet.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Our own voice and in the end, isn't our voice all we really have? Our thoughts turned into sounds as we exhale through the vibrating meat chamber that is the human throat and when it comes down to it, there really is no invisible sausage worth losing your voice over.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kon: What? There was invisible sausage? Aw.
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Remaining silent won't pay off for every situation. Voicing your concerns should be done when it's best.


  • Corey: I think we've learned a lesson.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Some things aren't meant to go together. Sometimes when you combine things, you lose what's good about both of them and you end up sharing a butt with someone else and there's nothing good about that.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Carrie: Dude, that was weird. Does he always give speeches?
  • Laney: Yeah.
  • Kin: Do you think we'll survive the diffusion process?
  • Corey: Only one way to find out. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door; the light of the diffusion ray lights up in the windows as Grojband and the Newmans being seperated offscreen, as it was temporary throughout the entire episode)
  • Grojband and The Newmans (Offscreen): AAAAAAAH!!!

Meaning: Some things are intentionally better separate. If two of those good things are compiled, then the good qualities of them will be factored out in exchange for something that seems better at first, but isn't in the end.

Inn Err Face[]

  • Laney: Well Core, looks like music really can heal.
  • Corey: Maybe guy, but sometimes, things don't need to be healed.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Like our insides, they're gooey and gross for a reason and sometimes, an "inner journey" might just make things worse. Forcing a dream inside, might force something more important outside and the next thing you know, you're exploding all over the gym.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: I don't think I'll sleep tonight.
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Sometimes in life when you want to accomplish your dreams, you can end up with losing something important like a friend or a good quality about you.

Who Are You[]

  • Chance: This just in.
  • Buzz: Citizens everywhere have become eye rolling shrugging hipsters. Who will make this town care again?
  • (Corey randomly appears)
  • Corey: I'll tell you who. All of us.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Because not caring is not living. Life is like a skydiving bear. It's big, fast, hairy, and you should just enjoy the ride before it bites your arms off.
  • (The Bear comes up to Corey and attempts to bite his arms off but he pushes him away)
  • Corey: If we all just learn to live a little and care a lot, we might be able to fix this town. What do you say Peaceville?
  • (Kin, Kon, and Laney out on glasses)
  • Kin/Kon/Laney: Meh.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Corey: Well, I tried. Thanks for coming our everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Use life to your advantage, and the best way to do that is to care about what life provides us.

Pop Goes the Bubble[]

  • Corey: Thanks Mayor Mellow, but we're done with pop music.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Sure it can shoot right into your ear and get stuck in your brain but before you know it the fizz is gone and it gets pushed out of your brain by the next sweet flavor. Grojband wants to be the taste people remember like karate pizza.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kon: To Grojband!
  • (Kin, Kon and Laney start drinking soda but then they all stop)
  • Kin: Is this a sewer pop?
  • Kon: It would appear so.
  • Laney: Puke on three?
  • (Kin, Kon, and Laney barf on the ground)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Pop is typically something like a fad: something unpopular becoming popular could end up being shadowed by something even more unpopular that becomes popular. Grojband has the desire to be something that remains popular for a lifetime.

Girl Fest[]

  • Corey: Rage makes us all blind Lanes.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: You just see red and you can't make out any details. You don't want to. All you want is to make someone else pay because it feels so good and only at the end when it's gone, can you see what you are.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: Rage issues much?
  • Corey: Did I say rage? Ha! I meant make up! Thanks for coming out everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Rage is a powerful, dangerous thing, and it should be dealt with carefully as it could change you for the worst.

The Bandidate[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: We've all had enough of political stands. We're a Rock band. We shouldn't be writing songs that make people want to stand. We should make songs that make people want to rock. Besides, I'm sure we'd all prefer a nice sit instead.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kon: You got my vote.
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Music is meant to be entertaining and fun for everyone.

The Pirate Lounge for Me[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Sure gold's really valuable but that's only because it's beautiful, rare, and really valuable. Gold is also very soft and wouldn't you rather have something solid to hold in your heart?
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Corey: Like diamonds, or cholesterol. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: The best things should be what can bring true happiness, and not what provides only temporary happiness.


  • Corey: What's wrong with copying yourself?
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Should we stop saying 'good morning' because we've already said it today? No. All you need is one great idea and you can use it again and again.
  • Holo-Corey: And sometimes, the idea is better the second time around.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kin: I programmed in your little monologue this time.
  • Corey/Holo-Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey and Holo-Corey close garage door)

Meaning: Whatever is worth doing can be done multiple times with a positive effect, and it's best when done twice.

The Snuffles with Snarffles[]

  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: We make our own messes in life and there isn't always a litter box to catch them and clump them up into little balls that can be tossed away and forgotten. Sometimes, our messes trap up with laser beams and were lucky to even make it out alive. In the end, caring doesn't make the mess, helping does.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: So, never help.
  • Corey: Not never, just never again. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)
  • Snarffles (Offscreen): Achoo!

Meaning: Being helpful can get out of hand sometimes, so it's best to know when it's too much before it's too late.

Bee Bop A Loofah[]

  • Laney: We actually did it, we played every shower in town.
  • Corey: But to what end Lanes?
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: We get life all over us and then we just wash it off. Is the stink of life so terrible that we'd rather smell like some kind of flower or weird fruit and why would someone make a sponge that hurts? We need to sing when we're out of the shower because that's where life happens.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kon: Well, I managed to save a few of these for us, for old time sake.
  • (Kon takes out Christmas air fresheners)
  • Kin/Laney: Mmmmm, Christmas.
  • Laney: What did you do with the money you made from selling these?
  • Kon: We bought our beans back. Best 28,000,000 dollars we ever spent.
  • Kin: They can grow anything!
  • Kon: Even a bike yacht plant!
  • (Screen shows a bike yacht plant)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Life's what you make it, so you should make it rock, especially when life is running at its fullest.

A-Capella-Lips Now[]

  • Mayor Mellow: You ready for your encore? Cuz the power ain't smoking back any time soon.
  • Corey: Not today Mayor Mellow.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Maybe it's good the power stays off. Sure, it keeps people online and it's fun to abuse but too much power can cloud your judgement and the next thing you know, you've been thrown in a hole for tearing noses off babies and that's never a good thing.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: You can have control over something, as long as it's used wisely and not for any malicious acts.

Soulin' Down the Road[]

  • Movie in your car Barney: You guys was great. You wanna play my sixties night next week?
  • Corey: Thanks, Movie in your car Barney, but we're not really feeling it.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • There are some things you just shouldn't do with your car, like date it or let it kiss you. Times have changed and you can't go back no matter how magic and weird your dream catching soul camera is.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Kon: Man, I don't know why you wasted so much time with that toast. There's nothing like popcorn.
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out, everyone.
  • (Corey closes the garage door, but after he does it, the toaster appears on screen and an angry face toaster comes out!)

Meaning: It's better to change as change goes.

That's My Jam[]

  • Laney: Looks like our jam was pretty hot.
  • Corey: Our jam Lanes?
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: As soon as it's out of the jar, a jam belongs to everyone. Jam fills your soul, gets stuck in your teeth, and all it wants in return is your love. So don't turn you jam into a a stain on the ground. Taste it. Don't waste it.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: Wow, maybe you should have written those lyrics down. This morning!
  • (Corey smiles nervously at Laney)
  • (Kin and Kon spend Jammy on bread and Kon gives Corey a slice)
  • Kon: Tastes like a winner to me.
  • Corey: Jammy!
  • Jammy: Rejoice my friend. This is every jam's destiny. I embrace it for I have lived.
  • (Corey eats Jammy)
  • Corey (muffled): Thanks for coming out, everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: People or moments help others and not just yourself, let it fill you up and teach others what you've learned. Don't just take that knowledge for granted, apply it as wisdom in your life.

For Hat and Country[]

  • Laney: I guess we're country after all.
  • Corey: I'm not so sure Lanes.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: If you wanna be country, you'd better be sure you got a lot of tanks or a bigger, more tanky country could shut you down and if you're going to for a country just to get a hat, always be sure that that hat, fits over the hat you already wear.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out y'all.
  • (Corey winks and closes the garage door)

Meaning: If you want to lose something just to get something else, then be ready for the consequences that are to come; if it succeeds, then it better be worth it.

It's in the Card[]

  • Kon: Well, it was a lot of work, but love is back guys.
  • Kin: And soon the feeling in our arms will be back.
  • Corey: That's a good point.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Because feeling is everywhere in us. Not just in the heart. It's in every hugging arm, smiling face, or fumped fist but it's never ever ever in our teeth. If it is, you should see a dentist.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: You know, you could write this stuff down Core. Maybe even sing it, you know like lyrics?
  • Corey: Hey! Janey said the same thing!
  • Laney: Ugh!
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door with his foot)

Meaning: Emotions can come from anywhere else than just the heart, and can be expressed in any way, too.


  • Laney: So, I was wrong. We lived!
  • Kin: Through the show and the saxophone.
  • Corey: It's true. We did.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: But is living really all about the things -
  • (Corey is interrupted by Gary playing the saxophone and the Spotlight turns off)
  • Corey: Ugh! Let's get out of here. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Corey couldn't finish his final thought, because Gary began playing the saxophone in a somber tone.

Group Hug[]

  • Laney: Way to go Core, now we're stuck here!
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Aren't we all stuck somewhere Lanes? In a rut, a backwards garage, or maybe even our own heads and who's gonna rescue you from your own head? If they try to break you out, they'll only ending up busting your head and you head is more than just a place to keep your face. It's who you are and that's a pretty special thing.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: You know, if you toned down the random, those would make some pretty good lyrics. Might want to remember that the next time your kidnapped.
  • (Mina walks by, carrying Trina)
  • Trina: Mina, I order you to rescue me sooner next time and PS, you told me that pit was bottomless!
  • Mina: I'll start digging tomorrow Trina.
  • Corey: Well, at least someone was rescued. Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Patience is a virtue. Being stuck somewhere doesn't mean that you'll be stuck there forever. It's just a part of what happens in your life. So enjoy your time.

Curse of the Metrognome[]

  • Laney: Happy New Year Corey.
  • (Laney attempts to kiss Corey)
  • Corey: Is it fella?
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Can a year be happy if you haven't lived it yet? Can it be new if you live it the same way? Is it still a year if it only lasts a few months? So many, many, many questions, like the whiskers of a beard.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Laney: Might wanna write that down for next year.
  • Mayor Mellow: You kids better start dancing, or it's the slammer for the lot of you.
  • (Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney start dancing)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: One shouldn't predict something to happen if it ends up being the same, or much quicker, in the end.

Dueling Buttons[]

  • Savage Fred: Ready to be the new face of solo shredder?
  • Corey: Not really Fred.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: You shouldn't just be the face of the game. Music is more than that. It's real, and when you treat real life like a game, a stink shield of shame envelops you, and you end up forcing your friends to breathe in the toxic particles of your abandonment.
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • (Kon tears up)
  • Laney: If you needed lyrics, why didn't you just sing those, instead of smelling like a tire fire?
  • Savage Fred: Seriously though, can somebody let me out? I'm a guy. Trapped in a box. Come on!
  • (Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney laugh)
  • Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Sometimes, being part of a game when it isn't can get out of hand. Being the music sometimes means to not always get the spotlight.

Hear Us Rock Part 1[]

  • (Kin and Kon cry)
  • Corey: Cheer up, guys.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: Life's gummies are as sweet as we make them and the only way to taste it is to live. No one knows the future, but if you just...
  • (A flaming meteor is suddenly seen hurdling toward the earth and the Spotlight turns off)
  • Mayor Mellow: A meteor is about to destroy the world!
  • Kin: The prophecy was true!
  • Kon: Rock Lore for the win!
  • Corey: Well, I guess that's that. Thanks for coming out, everyone.
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: There was a meaning to this episode, but Corey was unable to finish it. The moral is further explained in Part 2.

Hear Us Rock Part 2[]

  • Laney: So, Core, is saving the world our new thing?
  • Corey: Saving the world is one thing, Lanes.
  • (Spotlight shines on Corey)
  • Corey: But there's other one things that are everything. A one thing so special, you'd die to save it and be lost without it and losing the one thing that's everything could leave you with nothing. A nothing so empty and cold, you can't even feel the wicked heat that's right beside you.
  • Laney: Uhhhh...
  • (Spotlight turns off)
  • Corey: Hey! I should start writing this stuff down.
  • Kin/Kon/Laney: WE KNOW!
  • Corey/Kin/Kon/Laney: Thanks for coming out, everyone!
  • (Corey closes garage door)

Meaning: Something that you enjoy the most should be enjoyed to its end. If something were to stop you from doing that, then it could leave you in a void of nothingness. Basically, be grateful for what is offered to you, and enjoy what it offers.


  • Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton say that in Grojband, they pay homage to Ferris Bueller's Day Off by having characters break the fourth wall. This may be one of the main examples that they're talking about. Corey's final thoughts are similar to how Ferris Bueller will talk aside to the audience, talking about the events of the situation and teaching a life lesson the the viewers, and connecting to them, being portrayed as a friend of the viewer, rather than just a fictional character on the screen.
  • A lot of the times when he makes his moral, Laney tells him that those would have made great lyrics for the song they sang. She said this because it would have been much easier and less of a hassle to use those instead of getting them out of Trina's diary. This has sort of become a sub-running gag, derived of this one.
  • Sometimes, a bunch of animals will surround Corey and listen to him while he tells his moral.
    • In Smash Up Terby, some birds perched on Corey and a squirrel climbed up on him.
    • In Monster of Rock, a bunch of sewer rats sat around in a circle and listened to him.
    • In Queen Bee, Corey outstretches his finger and a bee lands on it.
    • In Who Are You, a bear attempted to bite his arms off.
  • Every one of Corey's morals end with Corey saying "Thanks for coming out everyone!" except for the morals in the episodes Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls where he said "Thanks for coming out everybody!", Dance of the Dead where he said "Thanks for coming out, and enjoy your brains before someone else does.", Zoohouse Rock, when he only said "Thanks for" before getting shoved out of the way by Kin who said it, and in For Hat and Country where he said "Thanks for coming out y'all!".
  • In Hear Us Rock Part 2, after Corey tells the moral of the day, Corey, Kin, Kon and Laney all together say "Thanks for coming out everybody." instead of just Corey saying it.