The garage is the garage where Grojband hangs out and practices playing their music.


The Garage is a room with a gray floor and brown, wooden walls without wallpaper. There is a stage in the garage with a dark purple curtain and a picture of the Grojband skull on it. The stage is green and also had Kon's drumset on it. Pinktastic is parked on the other side of the garage. There is a pinball machine next to the stage and above it is a green street sign with a white no symbol on it on the wall. There are crates around the floor with pillows on them and there is a blue couch in there too. It also has a refrigerator and a table with a computer on it.

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Remind you of anything?

  • On the wall for the staircase next to the stage, there is some spray paint spelling "GB" with a lightning bolt in between. This is a reference to the logo for the band ACDC.
Abbey Lane poster

Abbey Lane poster without the Beatles

  • On the bulletin board is a photo of the famous cover of the Beatles song "Abbey Lane." The only difference is the picture doesn't have the Beatles themselves in it.
  • A British Flag is seen hanging over the balcony.
  • It's possible that the garage is connected to the inside of the house like a room inside, seeing how Trina's Room only has one door that leads into the hallways above the garage. There is also an area that is off to the side of the wall that is never seen that most likely leads to the rest of the house.
  • There is apparently a hole in the couch which serves as a compartment for storing things. Kin was seen using it in the episodes Ahead of our own Tone and Six Strings of Evil.
  • The band seems to have a TV in the garage on the wooden table. However, this TV is only seen sometimes in episodes such as Rockersize, Kon-Fusion, and Hear Us Rock Part 1. Most of the time, they watch TV on the computer.


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