Gigi is a background character in Grojband. She is a goth girl who had her only speaking role in the episode "Myme Disease."


Gigi is a tall girl with pale white skin and dark black eyeliner. She has long, dark, indigo hair with magenta streaks, which covers one eye. She has purple stockings which go into her boots. She wears silver earrings in the shape of ankhs and a necklace which also has a silver ankh on it.


Gigi is seen to be very unhappy all the time. She does however, feel happy when she's seen listening to Grojband play music. She was also extremely overjoyed in the episode Myme Disease when she saw Nick Mallory's painting.


  • "Whatever mother."
  • "Mom, I'm sorry about everything ever."

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Dance of the Dead - She was seen at the Halloween Dance dressed as a witch.
  • Pox N Roll - She was seen as one of the attendants of the Chicken Pox Party.
  • Space Jammin' - She was seen waiting in line at Sludgefest. She was later seen in the audience watching the band battle.
  • Super Zeroes - She was one of the people seen standing in awe when Stiletto was introducing herself.
  • Myme Disease - She was arguing with her mom on the phone until she saw Nick Mallory's painting and she apologized.
  • Girl Fest - She was one of the fangirls of Candy Jams seen in the audience of Laney's performance.
  • Hologroj - She was seen cheering in the audience when Grojband was playing at the park during their great "resurrection."
  • Bee Bop A Loofah - She was seen waiting in the line for a Christmas Scented Air Freshener.


  • Gigi's earrings and necklace have the Ankh symbol on them.


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