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Kin Kujira
Kin 2.png
Vital statistics
Full Name Kin Kujira
Aliases Screecules
Age 14
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Race Asian
Eye Color Black
Friends Kon Kujira, Corey Riffin, Laney Penn, Kate Persky, Allie Day, Mayor Mellow (mixed), Barney
Enemies Trina Riffin, Mina Beff, Carrie Beff, Kim Kagami, Konnie Kagami, Lenny Nepp, Mayor Mellow (mixed), The Orb Experience
Love Interest Laney Penn (possibly)
Relatives Mr. Kujira (father), Mrs. Kujira (mother), Kon Kujira (twin brother), Flin Kujira (distant ancestor), Flon Kujira (distant ancestor)
Faction Grojband
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Location The Kujira House, Peaceville
First Appearance Grojband Pilot
Latest Appearance Hear Us Rock Part 2
Voice Actor Sergio Di Zio

Kin Kujira is one of the main protagonists of the show. He is an incredibly intelligent super-genius kid who can build many inventions and he is the nerdy keyboardist of the band. He has a younger twin brother named Kon Kujira. He is voiced by Sergio Di Zio.


Kin Appearance.jpg

Kin Kujira is a 14-year-old boy who is the keyboardist of Grojband. He and his twin brother Kon Kujira are the best of friends and bandmates in that band and are always there for each other. Kin is the scientific, nerdy type of guy and what he lacks in brawn, he makes up for with brains. He is the one who's in charge of the band's pyrotechnics, lighting, computers, and any other kinds of tech-related instrumentation. Kin is also a great inventor and he is really great at making all kinds of machines and gadgets. He oftentimes uses his inventions to help out with his band and getting lyrics from Trina. Even though he is a serious inventor who is all about being technical and doing work, Kin never forgets that he is a kid who loves to have fun and go crazy with his fellow bandmates, especially his brother Kon. Kin and Kon were born as conjoined foetus twins who were separated at birth. Because of this birth defect, Kin's nipples are now on Kon's back which is further references in the episode "Indie Road Rager." In Ahead Of Our Own Tone, Corey, Kon, and Laney travelled one year into the future, while Kin stayed behind. They never returned to the past at the end of the episode.


Kin has pale skin, short black hair, and thick, black, circular glasses that he wears on his long face. He doesn't appear to have a neck, and three of his front teeth always show when his mouth is closed. He has a black T-shirt that has a picture of a red bow tie and a white tuxedo making it look like he wears a suit. He has a pair of long, blue jeans and a pair of orange and white sneakers. He has a nerdy voice that is high but is also slightly deeper and more gravely.


Kin is a smart genius and a geeky kid who knows a lot about everything. He has a mind that is great for creating gadgets and scientific contraptions. He is very handy and is always using his brain and his inventions to help out with things that he or anyone else needs to have done. He uses his inventions to help his band out mostly so that they can get lyrics and play their songs with him being the keyboardist in the band. Despite all of his dedication to his hard work and inventions, Kin is still a fun-loving guy who is never too busy or serious to goof off and have fun with his friends. Kin is a very useful person, and is very important and plays a big role in everything that someone else may need.


Kon Kujira

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Kon is Kin's best friend in the world and his younger twin brother. The two of them do everything together and are always by each other's sides. Kin and Kon are so close to each other that they seem to share the same mind. Kin and Kon are always telling stories of Rock Lore. Kin's inventions and intelligence always come in handy for Kon whenever he needs them. In the episode Math of Kon, Kin helped Kon learn three years of math in one day for the Trimathalon. In the episode Inn Err Face, Kin used his molecular submarine to save Kon from Trina. In the episode Kon-Fusion, Kon started to ignore Kin and become more attached to Konnie and they did all of the things that they used to do together. This made Kin get really jealous as well as making Kim get very jealous because Konnie was being more friendly with Kon and doing all the stuff that they used to do together.

Corey Riffin

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Corey and Kin are good friends. Kin is very loyal to Corey and is willing to go along with any plan or idea that he wants to do. He will always come in handy, using his inventions to help Corey accomplish the goals that he has set for his band.

Laney Penn

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Kin and Laney in THE PIRATE LOUNGE FOR ME.jpg

Kin will sometimes show his inventions to Laney. Laney will mostly question the invention he made because of it being too dangerous, useless, or stupid. However, most of the time this happens, Kin will prove to Laney that his invention really is a good thing.

Trina Riffin

Trina is completely comatose because we overdid the brainwashing.jpg

Like the rest of Grojband, Kin greatly dislikes Trina, although he doesn't openly express his hatred as Corey and Laney do. Kin does, however, help Corey come up with tactics to make Trina go into Diary Mode. Trina has little opinion on Kin, other than hating him along with the rest of the band. The few times they have interacted, she either insults him for being nerdy or tries to wreck his latest invention.

Kim Kagami

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Kim Killing Kin.jpg

Out of all of The Newmans, Kin hates Kim the most. In the episode "Rock the House," the two of them went up against each other in the curling competition. Kin tried to knock Kim off course with sound waves but she knocked him off of his rock by hitting him in the face with her keytar. In the episode "Kon-Fusion." The two of them actually became more fond and friendly with each other. They were both jealous of how Kon and Konnie became great friends with each other and started doing the things they used to do with them and they both talked with each other about it. However, this only lasted until the end of the episode when they began to grow apart and hate each other again. They were never seen directly interacting in any future episodes of season 2 so it is unknown whether they are still friends or is they have gone back to being arch enemies again.


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Episodes Focusing on Kin


  • Kin being a smart, nerdy guy who is also the keyboardist of the band supports a common stereotype that the keyboardists of bands are usually nerdy and weak, but also clever and smart.
  • It is also a stereotype that the nerdy keyboardist in the band is usually good friends with the drummer or "the big guy" which applies to Kin's friendship with Kon in the series.
  • Like Laney, he is also a multi-instrumentalist, although he only plays two kinds: keyboard/keytar and accordion.
  • Kin and Kon's names are "King Kong" with the "g's" removed, which is also where the creators got the idea for their names.
  • Kin and Kon were born by c section at the same time. As a result, Kin has no nipples, as they are on Kon's back.
    • This was referenced in the episode "Indie Road Rager" when Corey was looking at Kon's back and said, "Yep, those are back nipples."
    • In the episode "Super Zeroes" when Kin was dressed as Screecules, his costume showed that he actually did have a nipple.
    • It was referenced to again in "Bee Bop A Loofah" where Kin was seen showering with Kon, and he had no nipples.
    • It was seen again in "A-Capella-Lips Now", when Kin and Kon took their shirts off, revealing that Kin didn't have nipples on his chest.
  • Kin is bilingual as he speaks fluent Japanese.
  • Although Kin and Kon are twin brothers, Kin is still older than Kon because is the episode Ahead Of Our Own Tone, Corey, Laney, and Kon all went one year into the future without Kin, making him physically one year older than Kon, thereby making him the only character in the band to go through any canonical aging.
  • His last name "Kujira" is the Japanese word for Godzilla.
    • It also means "whale" which is what Godzilla is named after.
  • In Kin's original concept designs, he was intended to have bigger teeth and squinted eyes.
    • The reason this was changed was most likely because having an Asian character in the show with said physical appearance could be as an offensive racial stereotype.
  • Kin is the only member of Grojband not to have kissed someone. Corey and Laney kissed each other in "Curse of the Metrognome" and Kon kissed a bear in "Zoohouse Rock" and would later tongue kiss Trina in "Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow".
  • Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton ship Kin Kujira with Kim Kagami.


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