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Kon Kujira
Kon 2.png
Vital statistics
Full Name Kon Kujira
Aliases Kon Dog, Beat Bot
Age 13
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Race Asian
Eye Color Dark brown, but usually shown black
Friends Kin Kujira, Corey Riffin, Laney Penn, Kate Persky (mixed), Allie Day (mixed), Mayor Mellow (mixed), Barney, Mina Beff (mixed)
Enemies Trina Riffin (mixed), Mina Beff (mixed), Carrie Beff, Kim Kagami, Konnie Kagami, Lenny Nepp, Mayor Mellow (mixed), The Orb Experience
Love Interest Trina Riffin, Bear
Relatives Mr. Kujira (father), Mrs. Kujira (mother), Kin Kujira (twin brother), Flin Kujira (distant ancestor), Flon Kujira (distant ancestor)
Faction Grojband
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Location The Kujira House, Peaceville
First Appearance Grojband Pilot
Latest Appearance Hear Us Rock Part 2
Voice Actor Tim Beresford

Kon Kujira is one of the main protagonists of the show. He is Kin's younger twin brother and the drummer of Grojband. He is voiced by Tim Beresford.


KON ROCKS!!!!!.jpg

Kon Kujira is the drummer of Grojband. He is twice as big and half as smart as his older twin. Kon provides some much-needed muscle and despite his massive girth, he has a surprising gentle giant disposition. Kon really loves eating food and will constantly eat all the food he can every chance he gets. Kon has a 'thing' for Trina and at times we get a glimpse that Kon is more intelligent than he appears and that his dim-witted person is merely an act and he has a deep singing voice. When he and Kin were first born, they were conjoined and Kin's nipples were on Kon's back. They were separated, but Kin's nipples are still currently on Kon's back which is further referenced in the episode "Indie Road Rager". Despite them being twins who were born at the same time, Kon is still technically a year younger than Kin due to the events of the episode "Ahead of our own Tone" when Corey, Kon, and Laney travelled one year into the future, leaving Kin behind to age naturally. At the end of the episode, they did not return to their normal times, technically making Kin the older twin brother.


Kon is a fat guy with spiky black hair and a red headband that he wears around his forehead. He also has big, rounded cheeks. Like Kin, he appears to have no neck. He wears a white shirt with a black picture of the Grojband logo. His shirt has a black collar and black sleeves and he has blue jeans. He wears red and white sneakers.


Kon is a crazy, dim-witted kid who loves having fun, eating food, and performing as the drummer for his band. Although Kon can be annoying and stupid at times, he is really a loveable and funny guy who has a heart almost as big as himself. He can always see the best in everyone he meets. He can even see good in Trina as he also has a crush on her. He will always do anything he can to help his band and he won't let any of his physical or mental disabilities stand in the way of that. Kon seems to also be the band's "pain magnet" and comedy relief dude. It is a running gag for Kon to get painfully hurt or injured from the things that he does. Even though Kon may seem nice at most times, he has a dark side that he'll reveal on certain occasions. In "Math of Kon" for instance, Kon faced off against Trina in a math competition and after putting up with Trina bullying him throughout the entire competition, Kon let out his inner powers and destroyed Trina in a karate fight that took place within a mental universe of their own minds.


Corey Riffin

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Image Butt Rainbows are so cool!.jpg

Corey is Kon's good friend and bandmate. Corey formed the band that Kon is in and made him the drummer. Kon is sometimes very helpful to Corey. He uses his farts and massive size and weight to help him out of many of the problems that they get into. Sometimes, Corey becomes a part of the insane things that Kin and Kon do together and they all become a friendly trio.

Kin Kujira

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Kin Freaky Eyes.jpg

Kin is Kon's best friend in the entire world as well as his older twin brother. The two of them do everything together and they are so close, it is as if they share the same brain. Kin and Kon are very similar in many ways however, they also seem to be polar opposites just as well. Kin is a very smart, skinny, and nerdy kid while Kon is his big, fat, stupid brother. They two of them love each other no matter what happens and they almost never fight or argue about anything.

Laney Penn

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Kon loves Grojband.png

Kon and Laney are good friends and bandmates. However, Kon is slightly afraid of Laney. Laney is very abusive to Kon because she is sometimes annoyed by his stupidity and she takes out her anger by attacking him. Laney seems to be stronger than Kon and has complete power over him which makes Kon fear Laney a lot. When Kon does stupid things, Laney will scare him into stopping by screaming in rage for him to stop or giving him a cold stare. If he continues to annoy her, Laney will do something to hurt Kon such as slapping him in the face or smashing him into the ground. Even though Kon and Laney's interactions with each other can get pretty rocky at times, they are overall, really good friends and they would be less happy without each other in their lives.

Trina Riffin

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Kon loves Trina.jpg

Trina thinks Kon is gross and thinks of him as an object or a creature more than an actual person. She wants the band he's in to get destroyed, but Kon has a crush on her. Despite his feelings for her, Kon is still okay with her and his band doing mean things to Trina and tends to hate her more than he loves her.

Konnie Kagami

Konnie vs Kon.jpg

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Like all the members of Grojband and their Newman counterparts, Kon has a rivalry with Konnie that is worse than his hatred for all of the other three Newmans combined. However, he doesn't seem to see her as a threat and doesn't take his battles with her too seriously. For instance: In Rock the House, Kon and Konnie both took off, launching their rocks at each other in the competition and the whole time, the two of them were just happily cheering because of how much fun they were having, flying through the air. They do, however, have time to express their hatred for each other. As Konnie was seen angrily launching a bunch of symbols at Kon which struck him with fear and lots of pain. In Kon-Fusion, Kon and Konnie became friends so that they could perform a song together. They both shared the same interests in everything and had an amazing time together. Basically, they were doing the same things they would usually do with Kin and Kim. At the end of the episode, they were separated again and it is unknown if their friendship lasted or not.

Episodes Focusing on Kon

Role as a Pain Magnet

Beat up Kon from Hologrojband.jpg

Out of all the members of the band, Kon seems to get painfully hurt the most. In various episodes of the show, Kon gets himself ridiculously injured and/or abused by anyone or anything.

  • In the Grojband Pilot, Trina pepper-sprayed Kon, making his eyes swelled up and bloodshot.
  • In Smash Up Terby, Kon was electrocuted by the power lines when rigging the intercom.
  • In Dance of the Dead, Kon was slapped in the face by Laney.
  • In the same episode, Kon was electrocuted by the electric power generators before playing the song.
  • In Pox N Roll, in an attempt to escape the bubble, Kon was flung backward into the garage, leaving a huge dent on the garage door.
  • In the same episode, Mayor Mellow dumped a cauldron on boiling wax into a tunnel dug by Kin and Kon. The hot steam of the wax singed Kon's eyebrows.
  • In No Strings Attached, Kon slapped himself in the face a bunch of times.
  • In the same episode, Laney got into a fight with Kon and attacked him.
  • In Math of Kon, Kon had a fight with Trigonometrina where she kicked Kon in the stomach and made him fall to the floor.
  • In Space Jammin', Kon was dropped from a U.F.O. where he fell and crashed into the ground.
  • In All You Need is Cake, Laney got angry at Kon for interrupting her date with Corey and so she buried him in the sand where he was attacked by a group of sand crabs.
  • In Monster of Rock, Kon was grabbed by El Chewpoocaca while sitting on the toilet. He was then violently forced down while Corey flushed him down the toilet.
  • In the same episode, El Chewpoocaca boiled Kon in a cauldron and attempted to eat him. However, Grojband saved him before he was eaten.
  • In One Plant Band, he was seen wearing clothing that was far too tight for him. This was cutting off his circulation and causing his face to turn red as he struggled to breathe.
  • In the same episode, he dislocated his spine while stretching.
  • In the same episode, Kon got attacked by Planty.
  • In Dreamreaver Part 1, Kon got slammed in the stomach by a ping pong ball which caused him to slam up against the refrigerator.
  • In the same episode, he was punched out by a baby cannon.
  • In Dreamreaver Part 2, he was punched out by another baby cannon.
  • In A Knight to Remember, Kon was poked in the butt by a sword.
  • In Line of Credit, he was brutally attacked by Two Junior where he was violently grabbed by the lips and beaten against the ground multiple times. Then, Two shoved a milk bottle up his nose.
  • In the same episode, his legs were caught in a lasso and he fell to the ground, hitting his face.
  • In Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow, Trina covered Kon's head in fleas which made him scream and run around in fear. He also tried getting the fleas off of him by slamming himself in the face with Corey's guitar which obviously failed.
  • In Six Strings of Evil, Trina dropped a Nick Bobblehead into a wood chipper which destroyed it and blasted a bunch of tiny wood chippings into Kon's face.
  • In the same episode, the dam Kon was standing on exploded and he fell off, plummeting to his death. He crashed into the ground while a huge flood of water and broken wood crushed him. He was never seen or heard from again after this.
  • In Rockersize, Kon was blown up in an explosion after playing five weeks worth of music in three seconds.
  • In Rock the House, Konnie smashed into Kon with a rock, making him fall and crash land face flat onto the ground.
  • In the same episode, Kon showed that he had a severely broken arm from the event. In fact, his arm was so broken that it looked like he had four elbows.
  • In Myme Disease, Barney slapped Kon with a spatula multiple times, because he was trying to steal one of his sausages from the grill.
  • In Kon-Fusion, Trina threw a food cart at him which crashed into him and made him fly up into the air and slam down on the ground.
  • In the same episode, he was painfully defused from Konnie.
  • In Inn Err Face, Kon was walking around half asleep and stepped on a skateboard which made him slip and fly through the air, crash landing into his drumset.
  • In the same episode, Trina shrunk Kon down to a tiny size where he landed on the kickboard for his drum and got launched into Trina's mouth. He was then hurled down her throat and landed in her stomach bile.
  • In the same episode, Kin slapped him across the face, leaving a blemish on his cheek.
  • In the same episode, Kon attempted to dive into Trina's saliva, but she swallowed it too quickly, making him painfully land on her dry tongue.
  • In Girl Fest, he was attacked by snakes when trying to scare Kate and Allie.
  • In the same episode, Kon was trampled by a bunch of screaming girls and then implanted into his drumset.
  • In Hologroj, Laney smacked Kon in the head with a baseball bat.
  • In the same episode, Kon was mauled by a squirrel.
  • In the same episode, Kon was mercilessly beaten by Hologrojband who also stuck a holographic knife in his back.
  • In Bee Bop A Loofah, Kon was trampled by Kin and then beaten and attacked by him while in a race with him.
  • In the same episode, Kon followed a sign held by Corey, which caused him to walk into a wall.
  • In A-Capella-Lips Now, Kon opened a life raft which crushed him under it. After this, he thought that he went blind. However, this was only because the power went out.
  • In Soulin' Down the Road, Kon jumped on Trina (while she was in the body of Pinktastic). Trina then popped the hood, launching Kon through the air where he was body-slammed against the billboard. He said that this experience broke his rib cages.
  • In Saxsquatch, Kon was nearly killed by a giant icicle spear.
  • In the same episode, he, along with the rest of the band, we're crushed under an avalanche of snow.
  • In For Hat and Country, Kon was blown up by one of Mayor Mellow's missiles while the rest of the band safely used him as a shield.
  • In It's in the Card Trina threw a TV at Kon and it smashed on his head.
  • In Curse of the Metrognome, Kin and Kon tried to high five each other, but Kin high fived him off timing, hitting Kon in the eye.
  • In the same episode, Kin and Kon attempted to catch the Metrognome, but jumped too late and crashed into each other.
  • In Dueling Buttons, Corey did a pick flick which hit Kon in the eye.
  • In the same episode, Kin slapped Kon in the face to free him from his trance.


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  • Kon being stupid as well as the drummer of his band holds true for a common stereotype that drummers are stupid. It's fairly likely that this was intentionally done by the creators, as an in-joke.
  • Kin and Kon's names are "King Kong" without the "g's" at the end which is where the creator came up with their names.
  • Kin and Kon were born by c section at the same time.
  • Kin's nipples are on Kon's back.
    • This was further referenced in the episode "Indie Road Rager" when Kon lifted up his shirt and Corey looked at his back and said, "Yep, those are back nipples."
  • Kon was originally intended to have squinted eyes and a shirt with the AC-DC logo on it.
    • The reason these things were changed is probably that having an Asian character with squinted eyes would be considered offensive by any Asian viewers of the show.
    • Another reason would be that the AC-DC logo would be considered copyright infringement.
  • Kon can make a really deep voice, lower than everyone else in the band. He oftentimes uses this as his singing voice to provide as the basso melody in a variety of their songs, such as I Wish Away My Wishes, B.O. Away and I Must Be Losing My Mind.
  • Kon is the only member of Grojband to have his name featured in the titles of any episodes. Those episodes being Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow, Math of Kon, and Kon-Fusion.
  • His last name "Kujira" means "whale" in Japanese, which is what Godzilla is named after.
  • Kon is bilingual as he speaks fluent Japanese.
  • In the episode The Pirate Lounge for Me, Kin revealed that Kon is actually one of the many clones out of a whole set of clones he keeps in his closet.
    • This raises the question of when the real Kon has ever appeared in the show at all.
    • In the episode Dreamreaver Part 2, Kon was seen sleeping while another Kon was seen putting a blanket on him and then farting rainbows, making him fly into the sky. This could have been a possible occasion of the clones. However, this could have also just have been because the band was still dreaming.
  • Kon and Kin both have the same dream: to be world champions at three-legged racing, shown in It's in the Card.
  • He is Todd Kauffman's favorite member of Grojband.
  • Kon hates school as seen in certain episodes such as Pox N Roll when he responded to Kin saying "Best day off school ever." with "Yep, didn't learn a thing." and The Bandidate when he said "Kicked out of school? Awesome!"
  • Kon seems to be the only member of Grojband and Peaceville to have weird body parts, like after his curling match with Konnie, he ended up with four elbows and he has Kin's nipples on his back.
  • Kon has an occasional habit of pecking on the drums.


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