Konnie Kagami
Konnie Kagami

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Konnie Kagami






Kim Kagami, Carrie Beff, Lenny Nepp


Kon Kujira, Kin Kujira, Corey Riffin, Laney Penn


Kim Kagami (twin sister)


The Newmans

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Creepaway Camp

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Konnie Kagami[1] is a member of The Newmans. She looks exactly like Kon only she has yellow hair, a skirt, and a bosom. She is the drummer of the band the Newmans and she is always trying to become bigger than Grojband. She is voiced by Tim Beresford.


She looks exactly like Kon only she has yellow hair, a skirt, boots and breasts. Her shirt has the same colors as Kon's only hers are switched and she has the Newmans logo at the front. She also has large knee-high black boots.


Konnie is a large-framed, sometimes oblivious girl who loves to eat food. She always thinks about food and loves eating it every chance she gets. She is a great drummer, and plays the drums in her band. She strongly dislikes Grojband, especially Kon and she is always trying to destroy their gigs.


  • Kim Kagami - Kim is Konnie's twin sister and fellow bandmate. She is also her best friend in the world who she loves and has lots of fun with. The two of them do everything together such as playing music, eating ice cream, and just laughing and having fun.
  • Kon Kujira - Konnie hates Kon and his band. Just like all of the other members of The Newmans, Konnie is always trying to ruin Kon and his band so that she will make her band a bigger and better band than his. In the episode Kon-Fusion, Kon and Konnie got their bodies fused together and they tended to get along very well. They were both really nice to each other and had a lot of fun enjoying the things they did.


  • "We're both, Carrie."
  • "Yes!"
  • "Whee!"
  • "Ice Cream!"

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  • Konnie (and Kim), much like Kin and Kon, are confirmed to be of Japanese ethnicity.[2]
  • Konnie's name should be spelled "Connie" for that is the correct spelling of her name, but it is most likely spelled with a "K" because that would make her name sound more like Kon's name.
  • Her last name "Kagami" is the Japanese word for "Mirror."
  • It's possible that her hair is naturally black, and she dyed it blonde.



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