Legends of Rocklympus

Legends of Mount Rocklympus is a game that is playable on the Grojband Website. It is a game where you play as either Kin or Kon jetpacking up Mt. Rocklympus in attempt to reach the top of the mountain to apologize to the gods of Rocklympus for angering them.


Players use the left and right arrow keys to move Kin or Kon as they fly up of Mt. Rocklympus. Collect golden guitar picks and records and avoid rocks and branches. If you collect enough golden records and/or guitar picks, you will awaken a Rocklympian God who will help you along the way to reach the top.


Playable Characters



  • Kin and Kon's armor from Rock the House are used again in this game.

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Legends Of Mount Rocklympus

Legends Of Mount Rocklympus

Legends of Mount Rocklympus's Opening Cutscene.

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