Lenny Nepp
Awesome Picture of Lenny
Vital statistics
Full Name Lenny Nepp
Aliases None
Age N/A
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Race Caucasian
Eye Color Green (mostly shown black)
Friends Carrie Beff, Kim Kagami, Konnie Kagami
Enemies Laney Penn, Corey Riffin, Kin Kujira, Kon Kujira
Love Interest Carrie Beff
Relatives Unknown
Faction The Newmans
Location Peaceville
First Appearance Creepaway Camp
Latest Appearance Kon-Fusion
Voice Actor Bryn McAuley

Lenny Nepp (originally called "Larry"), is the bassist and manager of the Newmans. He is the gender counter-part of Laney Penn. He has a secret crush on the band leader, Carrie. He hates Grojband and wants his band to be bigger than theirs. He is often being mistaken for a girl, just as Laney is mistaken for a boy. He is voiced by Bryn McAuley.


Lenny looks exactly like Laney Penn because they have the same body shape, hair color, and outfit. The differences between him and Laney is that he has shorter hair without a hairclip. He wears black shoes instead of boots that are more square and combat-like than Laney's boots. His eyes are more rounded and he doesn't wear eyeliner or black lipstick. His shirt is more of a V-neck shirt than Laney's. It may either be the fact that the rest of the members of his band are female or his appearance that causes people to mistake him for a girl the same way people mistake Laney for a guy.


Lenny overall is the smartest, shyest, and most pessimistic of all of the Newmans. He is oftentimes nervous when it comes to Carrie's crazy plans that he gets dragged into and his knowledge on how everything is going to go wrong when he does what he's doing makes him hate it a lot. However, when it comes to confronting Grojband, his hatred for them overwrites his fear and he gets motivated to fight them with great strength, mainly because of his burning hatred for Laney and the other band members, but also because he knows that there are chances of his band prevailing and coming out on top for once in one of their encounters. He seems to be the only member of the band who uses any common sense and knows ahead of time what the outcomes of Carrie's stupid ideas will be. However, he is always being ignored and treated with the least amount of respect, even though he's right about everything. He always goes through the same routine every day, with telling Carrie that her idea won't work, but her ignoring him and in the end, everything goes horribly awry and what happens is exactly what Lenny said would happen. Of course, Lenny is unwilling to do this and he is always very annoyed and unhappy with the whole thing. He is usually being mistaken for a girl which makes him angry. He has a secret crush on Carrie, just like how Laney has a crush on Corey, but his fear comes into play here too as he is too nervous to ask her out. Lenny's crush on Carrie is probably the only reason he tolerates her nonsense. His main aspiration and goal in life is that he wants The Newmans to become bigger and better than Grojband, just like the rest of his band and he works hard to do this every day, and he doesn't let his countless amounts of failures stand in his way. Basically, his personality is like Laney's, only there is one thing that is really opposite to hers, which would be his shy and cowardly personality, a contrast to her courageous and rebellious personality.


  • Carrie Beff - Lenny and Carrie are best friends and fellow bandmates. Lenny has a secret crush on Carrie but he's too afraid to admit it and tell her about it. Carrie is unaware of this and sees him only as her best friend. Carrie is always having really bad ideas and Lenny is always trying to tell her that they are wrong and that she shouldn't do them but she always ignores him and does them anyway which is very annoying to Lenny because it happens way too often and Carrie never admits that she was wrong when things blow up in her face that the end. This is very annoying for Lenny and an awful part of his life, and his love for her is the only thing that keeps him tolerating her enough to keep a friendship with her. Overall, Carrie and Lenny are best friends that don't always get along but they stay together through thick and thin and the relationship also has some subtext, saying that Larry wants to take their relationship to the next level but it is unknown if Carrie likes him back.
  • Laney Penn - Lenny hates Grojband, but out of all of the members of Grojband, he hates Laney the most. In the episode Kon-Fusion however, he and Laney quickly developed a very deep and trusting friendship with each other due to them getting their bodies fused together. They both discussed their feelings for Corey and Carrie and how much they loved them. Laney is the only known person who Larry has admitted his crush to. At the end of the episode, they had their bodies separated and they most likely became enemies again.


  • "Girls, I am not ready for this. Also, I didn't bring my inhaler."
  • "Aaah! I don't wanna do this!"
  • "Aaah! Too fast! Too fast!"
  • "I'm a boy."
  • "Sigh."
  • "Yeah, what is up with that?"
  • "I can't get mad at Carrie. I want to, but I'm just crushing too hard."
  • "Are you kidding?"
  • "Huh?"

Episode Appearances


  • Originally, Lenny's name was intended to be Larry, but this was changed. This was most likely changed to make his name sound more like Laney's name.[1]
    • Lenny's name was changed after the first two seasons aired on TV. So, his name is still mentioned as "Larry" in those episodes.
  • In earlier designs, Lenny was intended to have a moustache.
  • Just like Laney gets mistaken for a boy, Lenny is usually being mistaken for a girl.
  • Just like Laney has a crush on Corey, Lenny has a crush on Carrie.[2]
  • In Rock the House, Lenny states he has an inhaler, suggesting he may be asthmatic.[3]
  • Lenny is revealed to be skilled at playing multiple instruments, much like Laney.[4]
  • Lenny's boots are the same type that Laney wore in the episode Line of Credit.
  • Unlike Laney's courageous, outgoing and fearless personality, Lenny is very timid and shies away from all his fears.



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