This is a list of all the songs that have been sung in Grojband.

Songs[edit | edit source]

Others[edit | edit source]

Title Episode Singers
Grojband Theme Song All Grojband
Grojband Theme Song (Extended) All Grojband
Moose Man Business Man Grojband Pilot Corey Riffin
Butt Crack Neighbor Grojband Pilot Corey Riffin
Sporange Grojband Pilot Corey Riffin
Tire Tracks (Extended) Grojband Pilot Grojband

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Title Episode Singers
Butt Crack Neighbor Smash Up Terby Corey Riffin
Tire Tracks Smash Up Terby Grojband
Cherry Cherry Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls Grojband
Halloween can Sound so Creepy Dance of the Dead Corey Riffin
Zombie Dance Dance of the Dead Grojband
Chicken Pox Rocks Pox N Roll Grojband
Bubble Bunch Band Song No Strings Attached The Bubble Bunch Band
Running from the Puppets No Strings Attached Corey Riffin and Kon Kujira
Thrash, Bash, Burn and Crash Indie Road Rager Grojband
Math Song Math of Kon Corey Riffin
Entry 4987: My Secret Fear and Junk Space Jammin' G'ORB and Carrie Beff
My Secret is Out Space Jammin' Corey Riffin, Kin Kujira, and Laney Penn
I Wish Away My Wishes Wish Upon a Jug Corey Riffin, Kon Kujira, and Laney Penn
Please Come Back All You Need is Cake Corey Riffin and Laney Penn
Nutrition Facts Label Helmet Corey Riffin and Evil Helmet
Perfect Helmet Grojband
Sweet Dreams Monster of Rock Corey Riffin
Yeah! One Plant Band Grojband
Ghosts of Clowns Creepaway Camp Carrie Beff
Welcome to my Nightmare Creepaway Camp Grojband
Stuck in Peaceville Zoo Zoohouse Rock Grojband
Queen Bee Queen Bee Corey Riffin
Booty Booty Pow Dreamreaver Part 1 Kin Kujira and Kon Kujira
Butt Rainbows Dreamreaver Part 2 Kin Kujira and Kon Kujira
My Mind Dreamreaver Part 2 Corey Riffin
We're not Heroes Super Zeroes Corey Riffin
Go Away A Knight to Remember Grojband
Knock it Off Line of Credit Grojband
Dog Gone Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow Grojband
My Heart is in the Sea On the Air and Out to Sea Corey Riffin, Kon Kujira, and Laney Penn
You're Going Down Ahead Of Our Own Tone Corey Riffin
Busting Out of Here Love in a Nethervator Grojband
No I Won't Play Six Strings of Evil Corey Riffin

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Title Episode Singers
Yesterday Rockersize Grojband
Everything Stinks Grin Reaper Corey Riffin
Cheerleader Cheer Rock the House Cheerleaders, Trina Riffin, and Mina Beff
We are Victorious Rock the House Grojband
100 Years Ago Today War and Peaceville Corey Riffin
100 Years Ago Today Remake War and Peaceville Nick Mallory
Quiet Noise Myme Disease Grojband
1 + 1 Kon-Fusion Grojband and The Newmans
You've Turned all my Protons into Kon-Tons Inn Err Face Corey Riffin
Shades Who Are You Grojband
This Bubble Don't Pop Pop Goes the Bubble Grojband
Sweet Dreams (reprise) Girl Fest Corey Riffin
You're so Untrue Girl Fest Laney Penn
Henceforth The Bandidate Kin Kujira and Kon Kujira
Bring her Down The Bandidate Grojband
Nothing The Pirate Lounge for Me Grojband and Mayor Mellow
I'm Back Hologroj Grojband
Kitty Rocks The Snuffles with Snarffles Grojband
B.O. Away Bee Bop A Loofah Grojband
Bubble Bunch Band Song (reprise) A-Capella-Lips Now The Bubble Bunch Band
Stuck on the Island A-Capella-Lips Now Grojband
Baby, Baby, Yeah! Soulin' Down the Road Princes of 50s Soul Music
These Rusty Eyes Soulin' Down the Road Grojband
That's My Jam That's My Jam Grojband
I Must Be Losing My Mind For Hat and Country Grojband
Love It's in the Card Corey Riffin, Kin Kujira, and Kon Kujira
Your Card It's in the Card Grojband
One More Memory of You Saxsquatch Grojband
Groupie Song Group Hug Corey Riffin
Our Number Ones Always Came First Group Hug Corey Riffin
When we make today our day Curse of the Metrognome Grojband
Nick Nicky Nick Dueling Buttons Trina Riffin
Sick Tricky Lick and a Pick Flick Dueling Buttons Grojband
If the world is ending Hear Us Rock Part 1 Grojband
I'm Giving It All Hear Us Rock Part 2 Grojband

Videos[edit | edit source]

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