Love Diary Mode

Love Diary Mode is a Diary Mode change that Trina has made multiple times in the series. It is just like normal Diary Mode, only in love version. She goes into this diary more when she has a loving moment that makes her go all diary in love form.


When Trina experiences a loving moment, she blasts up in a trail of hearts rather than the usual fire. She then gets love hearts in her eyes and a happier expression, while the background is pink. Romantic music plays as she writes in her diary, causing trails of hearts to float out.

Episode RolesEdit

Pox N RollEdit

Trina went into Love Diary Mode when she was playing spin the bottle with Nick and only Nick. She was about to kiss him on the lips when a friend of Nick made him turn his head. Trina kissed him on the ear and not the lips but she thought it was the lips so she went into love diary mode. Although, afterwards she may have realized it was only his ear.


Trina went into love diary mode when she won a raffle contest and won a giant chocolate diamond which sent her into love diary mode when she tasted it and the taste was so perfect.

Ahead Of Our Own ToneEdit

Trina goes into love diary mode but it was a futuristic spin-off of it. She does this when she gets connected to the Internet with Nick. She gets put out of her good mood when Grojband uses their music to ruin her dastardly deeds and pelvis plots and save the world.

War and PeacevilleEdit

Trina goes into Love Diary Mode when she figures out that it's okay to hug Nick Mallory even if he looks lame because he really is cool on the inside. This makes her get up on stage and hug Nick Mallory in front of everyone in Peaceville who is fighting. When she goes into Love Diary Mode, the stuff that she causes is for everyone to stop the fighting and love each other.

Who Are YouEdit

Trina goes into Love Diary Mode when she sees Nick Mallory. She is trying to fit in with the hipsters by acting like she doesn't care about anything, but when Nick Mallory walks in and tells her that he likes her, she can't help but to smile and fall in love causing her to blast off into Love Diary Mode again.

The Pirate Lounge for MeEdit

Trina goes into Love Diary mode when Grojband pushes her car out of the garage. When she goes into love diary mode, she has a huge smile and her hands are on her cheeks. She doesn't have her hands on her cheeks when she writes in her diary.

The Snuffles with SnarfflesEdit

Trina is happy because Wheelie is about to destroy Corey and he looks so cute. This excites her so much, that she goes into love diary mode. During the very beginning of her love diary mode, there are some bright, white spotlights that go across the screen.

It's in the CardEdit

Corey gives Trina a fake Valentines Day card from Nick Mallory. The card is his voice edited to say that he loves her and that he has hugs waiting for her. This makes her go into love diary mode.

Hear Us Rock Part 2Edit

Trina find out that she has finally won in a fight with Corey and that she gets to spend the rest of eternity with Nick Mallory while she watches Grojband cry in their failure as the world gets destroyed. She is so overjoyed about this, that she jets off into a love diary mode. She is wearing an astronaut costume when this happens and the background is purple. The stuff that surrounds her is moon rocks. When she writes in her diary, flames appear as though it were an Anger Diary Mode. The destruction caused around her is lightning storms happening in outer space around the apocalyptic meteor.

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  • The music that plays in the background of Trina's love diary modes has the same beat as the music that plays before all of her normal diary modes only with different instruments and more happy.
  • In the episode Hear Us Rock Part 2, Trina went into Happy Astronaut Diary Mode. When she did this, the same music from her love diary mode played.
  • Love Diary Mode is a recurring diary mode appearing in 9 episodes to date. On top of that, in the episodes Queen Bee and Soulin' Down the Road, Corey tried to make Trina go into Love Diary Mode, but ended up making her go into a diary mode with a different emotion.



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