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This is a transcript of the episode "Love in a Nethervator"

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It hurts my soul.

This Grojband elevator jam

-is for Trina and Nick.

And don't worry about it stopping.
We're here for eternity!

Full disclosure, Nick Mallory
does not love elevator music.

Nick'll be waiting over here forever.

Ugh! I'm stuck in this box!

With my brother's music?

Got it!

What the candy canes is happening?

Just a little not elevator music.

Why am I

Trapped inside this box?

Can't find a way out

Can't open up these locks

My buttons get pushed

It makes me start and then I stop

Now I'm right in this box
straight to the top

I'm busting out of here

I've had enough and I'm going to

Escape to where you can't

Permeate my brain

I'm busting out of here

Not looking back, I'm...

Going to the top

And I'm leaving you all behind!

Stop! The walls can't take it!

Ladies and gentlemen, there will be
no encore. Let's go!

Nick's going back to something
he understands. Birds.

Birds like cages. Cages trap things!

Mina! To the cage store!

Good admit, Core.

It was cool to make elevator music rock.

Don't know, Lanes.

It's not a good idea to try
and change something for the better.

Things are terrible for a reason,

and making them better,
they make them worse.

The elevator and your soul
goes all the way down,

and you get trapped down there.

A monster in your own mind.

-Did Otis die?
-Thanks for coming out, everyone!