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Mayor Mellow
Mayor Mellow.gif
Vital statistics
Full Name Mr. Kat
Aliases Melodious Monk
Age 54
Gender Male
Hair Color Black (on non bald spots)
Race Black Canadian
Eye Color Black
Friends Corey Riffin (mixed), Kin Kujira (mixed), Kon Kujira (mixed), Laney Penn (mixed), Trina Riffin (mixed) Barney (possibly)
Enemies Corey Riffin (mixed), Kin Kujira (mixed), Kon Kujira (mixed), Laney Penn (mixed), Trina Riffin (mixed)
Love Interest None
Relatives Mother Mellow (mother)
Faction Mayor of Peaceville
Favorite Color {{{favorite color}}}
Location Peaceville
First Appearance Grojband Pilot
Latest Appearance Hear Us Rock Part 2
Voice Actor Kedar Brown

Mayor Mellow is the clever-talking mayor of Peaceville. Mellow’s an overly loud guy who speaks almost exclusively in rhymes. He is voiced by Kedar Brown.


Although most of his talking is either a piercing blast of surround sound static or a catchy little rhyme, Mayor Mellow tends to be a caring and loving kind of guy who exposes this most with the way he carries around a picture of his deceased mother, which he publicly confides in. On top of his mayoral duties, Mellow has a bunch of crazy contraptions up his sleeve, from a little yellow hat that also serves as a phone, to a series of costumes that give him the ability to fly. As annoying as he is, the Mayor’s intentions are good. He wants nothing more than to keep his town and its citizens happy, safe and as peaceful as the name of his city sounds like but Grojband is a rousing stampede of craziness that he's not 100% satisfied with having in his economy. He’s afraid their success will make his Peaceville citizens a zoo full of wild and rambunctious creatures that will turn his town upside-down. He often tries to silence the band and their antics but his ideas are so absurdly ill-conceived, they always backfire leaving him with egg on his face. And despite all his peace keeping efforts, the Mayor isn’t even a blip on the band’s radar, but that won’t stop him (and his mom) from trying again tomorrow. Mayor Mellow talks mostly in rhymes, to have more fun with himself.


Mayor Mellow is a short man with tan skin and has a big, tall, bald head, thin mustache and a green and yellow plaid shirt. He wears a small bowler hat which doubles as a phone and a pocket for his picture of his dead mother which he always carries around and big black thick round oval like glasses on his big long nose.


Mother Mellow - Mayor Mellow misses his dead mother, Mother Mellow so much that his world was rocked when she met her fate. He is so depressed and miserable and life-ended about it that he carries her picture around because he's so desperate for he to still live on with him. Although he loves her so much, Mother Mellow mistreated him and always beat his bum with her purse, but he never seemed to care, probably by force.


  • "Sweet potato pie! That was an assault on this town's asphalt! What do you mean it was my fault?"
  • "I demand to understand and most likely reprimand the man or woman responsible for this!"
  • "Mellow? I won't stay for that! Oh sorry, jumped the gun."
  • "That was fun! Tell me you ain't done. Cut that jug and let's have a new run,"
  • "Okay bears, get this cage rocking and the customers will come a locking."
  • "Bees get busy, time to get dizzy. Riding mechanical bees yes please!"
  • "Penalty! Watching a queen gloat won't float my boat! Points awarded to the girl who fell off right away."
  • "Dogs get ready, dogs get set, hope the right dog wins cuz Mellow placed a bet."
  • "Cease him! Prison for life!"
  • "Pop, pop, pop! You better stop!"
  • "If you think bubbles pop, then wait till Mellow blows his top!"
  • "Now get out of here and never come back!"
  • "Not now mother, we can argue about whose mistake it was to use real beehives later!"
  • "Quarantine is such a hard word to spell, but yes, for nine days!"
  • "Sure, if Kon wins, it'll be exactly like he's passed six years of math in a day, then you can play, A-Okay."
  • "Sorry for trying to lock you all up. It was the bottle cap talking."
  • "Then why is it already happening?"


Mayor Mellow always carries around a picture of his dead mom Mother Mellow. He must really miss her after her death so he pretends that she's still alive by carrying her picture around treating it like it's really her.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Mayor Mellow is the one of the two characters in the series to have a mixed relationship with the members of Grojband and Trina Riffin, the other being Mina Beff.



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