Mina Beff Diary Mode

Mina Anger Diary Mode is a diary mode that Mina went into in the episode "A Knight to Remember" Mina went into diary mode instead of Trina because they switched personalities due to the effects of the reality-warping Bonkerton Comet. She did this when she found out she would soon be Trina's troll again.


Mina gets mad and she blasts off into diary mode. When she does this, she is going into her version of Trina's anger diary mode. Her hair is waving above her head and her pupils are glowing red with rage from the front view but from the side view, her entire spectacle lenses are glowing red. She is also wearing a purple princess dress when this happens. The stuff that spins around her is inflatable and wooden swords. She uses Trina's diary and pen to write flames into her diary.


  • Although this was Mina who went into diary mode, she was using Trina's diary rather than her own.
  • When Mina was in diary mode, only her pupils were glowing red but when she was writing in it from a side view and as the camera was panning sideways in the front view, her entire glasses were glowing red.
  • During the diary mode, Mina's hair appears to flow as a reflection of Trina's hair flow. But when she starts writing in Trina's diary, it flows in the normal position.


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