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This is the transcript for the episode ' "Monster of Rock".

I swear. If I had never
been on another sewer...

Take cover, she's gonna blow!

Nick loved a date with me
for a date with a monster?

Come on, Mina! I'm so over this
until Nick loves me again.

Let's rock!

Good night, you ugly thing

Your skin is scaly and disgusting

Why don't you crawl back in your cave

And have sweet dreams!

You big greasy creep!

You smell like a pile of butts and shoes

Ooze away! Snooze!

Sweet dreams!

Big icky creep!

Sweet dreams!

Thank you, Peaceville!

Thanks, Corey.

We'd stay for the encore,
but we're super, super scared.

Hey-hey! Looks like we got
our gig back after all!

"Let's wrap this up" transition