Mt. Rocklympus is a legendary mountain that is frequently mentioned in Kin and Kon's Rock Lore. It is said to be where the Rocklympian Gods reside and has been where many Rock Lore legends originated. It has yet to make an actual appearance in an episode. It was apparently destroyed by Nerdicius and the Flute of Rocklympus, but due to the unknown timeline of Rock Lore, it may or may not have been rebuilt.


Mt. Rocklympus is a tall, gray rock mountain with an ancient Greek temple on top of it. The mountain is so tall, it goes above the clouds.


Episode AppearancesEdit

The Squalls

The Four Squalls on Mt. Rocklympus.


  • The mountain's name is an obvious reference to the real-life Mount Olympus, which had importance in Greek Mythology, in that it was where the Greek Gods were thought to reside.
  • The mountain is featured in the game, Legends of Rocklympus.
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