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Peaceville is the city in which the Grojband TV show takes place and the town where Grojband lives. The city is run by Mayor Mellow, who wants to keep the city calm, quiet and nice as the name suggests, but Grojband is usually messing that up for him. The town consists of approximately 50 people.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

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Before the town was founded, it was inhabited by the Peaceville Dinosaurs, before they were killed by a meteor brought by the Bassoon of Rocklympus.

The Peaceville Triangle summoned an iceberg that sunk a pirate ship, a blimp, a plane, and a U.F.O.

In 1899, the Great Avalanche of 1899 is caused by the Tuba of Rocklympus on what would later be Mt. Peaceville.

In the episode "War and Peaceville," it is told that Peaceville was founded by Cylus Riffin and Brick Mallory when the Mallory clan had written a national anthem for their city but it was stolen by the Riffin clan who took all the credit for it. It was this that caused a huge fight between the two clans which eventually ended with them all hugging and making up.

In "A Knight to Remember," the Bonkerton Comet is revealed to be a comet that causes strange happenings in Peaceville every Sunderday, Julaugust Eleventeenth. The comet was discovered by Professor Cornward Bonkerton.

Peaceville shown to be in North America.

Citizens[edit | edit source]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the episode "Grin Reaper," Peaceville is located South of a group of towns in Mountainfield.
  • In the episode "Space Jammin'," Peaceville was shown to be located in North America, but Todd Kauffman has stated that the town exists in an arbitrary cartoon dimension.[2]
  • Peaceville has the World's Largest Goldfish and the World's Smallest Goldfish Pond.[3]

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