Sergio Di Ziro
Sergio Di Zio
is the voice actor for Kin Kujira.

Voice Acting RolesEdit


Outside of GrojbandEdit

  • Steve Nisser (National Lampoon's Senior Trip)
  • Young Reporter (Cinderella Man)
  • Marcus Weekes (This Is Wonderland)
  • Deputy Ted (The Lookout)
  • Louis (Wayside)
  • Eugene (Custody)
  • Michelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti (Flashpoint)
  • Ripper/Wipeout (Stoked)
  • Tersh (Babar and the Adventures of Badou)
  • Jerry Rivers (Looped)
  • Puffin (Wishfart)
  • Father (Repelica)
  • Patrick Finnigan (Rouge)
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