Soulin' Down the Road
Season 2, Episode 17
Production Code: 209a
Written by Mike Kiss
First Aired: March 22, 2015 (Canada), May 11, 2015 (US on Boomerang)
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Soulin' Down the Road is the seventeenth episode of season two of Grojband. It is the forty third episode overall.


While experimenting with a soul-camera, Grojband accidentally separates Trina's soul from her body, and gets her soul latched into her car Pinktastic. Grojband need to find a way to return Trina's soul to her body if they want to get lyrics. However, Trina enjoys being a car, causing Grojband to have trouble.


The episode begins with Kin in the garage making mechanical edits to a toaster. Kon comes up and asks him what he's doing and he tells him that he's making it so that the toaster will toast happy faces on the bread that it toasts. Kon suggests that they program a soul to it so that they can tell it how to feel. Kin tells him that it would be too creepy for that to happen. Laney is waiting impatiently for Kin to finish because she wants a happy face on her toast. Corey comes down and asks Kin and Kon to tell him all about soul as in soul music. Kin and Kon tell him a Rock Lore about an old band called the Princes of 50s Soul Music. This band was really good at expressing their feelings through their soul music. They say that soul music is such a heart-felt thing and they can't just sing it, they have to actually feel the feelings that they're singing about. After the Rock Lore ends, Corey tells them that they should play soul music at the Drive In Movie Theater. He says that it would be the perfect idea because it's 50s night there and soul music would match the theme perfectly. Kin and Kon freak out over this and tell Corey that he actually has to feel some feelings to play soul music and that they can't do that anymore because nobody has feelings anymore because the 50s is over. Corey snatches the slice of bread from Laney saying that they could probably amplify their souls with an invention that Kin could make and drops it in the toaster which gives Kin the perfect idea on where to go. The toaster toasts the bread and makes a happy face appear on it and everyone cheers.

Trina is at the Drive In with Barney who is wearing black shiny mullet and a blur leather vest and posing as "Movie in your car Barney." Trina has to wear an itchy blue skirt with sheep on it and Trina refuses to do so. Barney tells her that because it's 50's night, she has to dress the way people did in the 50s. Trina Bleats saying that she quit her job and she leaves. Mina tells her that because she has the day off, that they could possibly spend that day together. Trina tells her that she doesn't want to and drives off leaving Mina behind at the drive in, disappointed.

Back in the garage, Kin just finished making a Soul Amplifying Camera and he gets everyone ready to take a picture so that they can get their souls out. They get ready to take a picture, but then they hear the noise of Trina driving up and they all run away while Trina smashes through the garage door and makes the camera fall down and break as it takes a picture of her, releasing her soul from her body and making it possess the body of Pinktastic. After they see what happened to the camera, they all go to the mall to buy another one. Trina realizes that her soul is inside of the body of her car and that her original body is sleeping inside of it. This gives her an idea on something fun she can do. She gives her original body to Mina and pretends that her original body is still conscious and tells Mina that she changed her mind and actually does want to go on a girl's night out with her. Mina takes her body, puts it on her motor scooter and they both drive off. After this, Trina decides to to go the mall to get a makeover.

Corey, Kin, Kon, Laney go to the mall where they go to the store where they bought the camera from. The store is called the Quackery Shack and it is being run by Chipper. Kin asks if they have any soul amplifying cameras and Chipper asks them if they're going to take pictures of auras or looking for spirit orbs. Kon rudely tells her that they are going to take pictures of themselves so that they can amplify their souls. Chipper gets a decrease in respect for Kon and she tosses him a soul amplifying camera. She tells him that it's their last one and there's only one shot left on it. Kon immediately tries to take a picture of themselves but then Kin quickly stops him. They hear the noise of a car motor behind them and when they turn around, they see Trina driving up to them in attempt to run them over. They all jump out of the way and Corey wonders why Pinktastic came by and tried to run them over without Trina driving it.

Trina goes around the mall doing fun stuff as a car. The first place she goes by is the shoe store where she tries on a pair of red shoes but instead of putting them on, she crushes them with her tires. This angers her and she drives through the wall of the store, breaking a hole in it. Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney all spy on her as she does this. Her next stop is the skirt store where she tries on a skirt but the store clerk tells her that it makes her bumper look big. She angrily screams at her telling her that it's her size and she breaks the mirror and leaves. Her next stop is the lipstick store where she breaks in and yells at the store clerk to give her lipstick. The store clerk is shaking in fear and she puts lipstick on her grille. Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney eventually figure out that Trina's soul got trapped inside of Pinktastic when they took her picture and they have to decide whether they want to set her soul free or if they want to release their own souls with the one camera shot they have left. Corey says that if Trina's soul stays inside of her car, they won't be able to get lyrics for songs anymore so they choose to set her soul free so that they can get lyrics for their song at the Drive In. Trina leaves the mall with a head band that she's going to use to impress Nick Mallory. Kin comes up to her to take her picture but then Corey stops him and tells her about the Drive In and Trina goes off to the Drive In. Kin asks him why he did that and Corey tells him that he has an idea on how to get Trina's soul of of Pinktastic and lyrics out of her diary all in one shot.

Meanwhile, Mina is on her girls night out with Trina and she's taking pictures. She doesn't seem to notice that Trina is sleeping. Nick Mallory is standing on the side of the road looking at a small car that he thinks is cool. Trina drives up and smashes the car out of the way. She then uses her seat belts to capture Nick Mallory by tying him up and pulling him into the carseat. Then she drives off to go to the Drive in Movie Theater with him.

At the Drive In, Grojband is on stage and Barney tells them that Trina quit her job so he's going to be taking everyone's orders himself. He gets on roller skates and then he slips and falls on the stage. Trina drives up and rams a car with Bertha and an old man out of the way. Coincidentally, Mina drives up with the original body of Trina and parks next to them. Corey thinks that this is the perfect opportunity to get Trina's soul back into her body as they get lyrics for their new song. Corey gets into Pinktastic and whispers to Nick, telling him to kiss the car. Nick Mallory gets out of the car to kiss Pinktastic on the grille. This excites Trina so much that she accidentally slams Nick Mallory in the face with her hood and knocks him unconscious. When this happens, Trina feels like she is some sort of a metal monster and she cries and becomes depressed. Just then, Kin comes up to her and takes her picture, releasing her soul from her car and then she goes into Crying Soul Diary Mode. Trina's soul goes back into her body and Mina comes back with some popcorn and Corey gets her diary and then they play the song "These Rusty Eyes."

After their done playing the song, they all sit down in lawn chairs and watch the movie. Movie in Your Car Barney thanks them for what they did and asks them to play at the 60s party that he'll be holding there next week. Corey denies this offer and tells the moral that he learned from everything they did. He says that he doesn't feel the feelings of soul music anymore and that dating is something that people shouldn't do with their cars. Kon tells Kin that he doesn't know why he wasted his time making a toaster that toasted happy faces on toast because he likes popcorn so much better than toast. Corey closes the garage door and the toaster appears on screen and toast with an angry face on it comes out and the episode ends.


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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • This episode is based off Stephen King's film Christine, where the main antagonist of the film is also a car possessed by a human soul.
    • In fact the original title for this episode was intended to be "Christrina", referencing to when they made Trina's soul possess Pinktastic.
  • The Princes of 50s Soul Music are a parody on The Coasters.
  • The movie that was playing at the Drive-In was Frankenstein.

Episode ConnectionsEdit

  • The same movie theater from the episode Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls is seen again in this episode.
    • It is also continued in this episode that Trina has a job there.


  • When Trina and Nick first got to the drive in, Nick talks in first person, though it might be one of those rare moments where he does that.
  • It is unknown how Trina got her car when after Two Junior stole it.



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