The Orb Experience is a band consisting of four Space Orbs that play music in outer space. They are all shiny, with a white line that serves as a mouth, and float above the ground. They appeared in the episode "Space Jammin'" when they accepted a challenge that was accidentally made by Grojband. They later possessed the bodies of the Newmans. Each of the orbs are modelled after one of the members of Grojband.


  • G'ORB - G'ORB is a blue orb. He is the lead singer of the band and is always trying to act tough by being a big bad alien, who traverses the universe in his U.F.O. always accepting every challenge he comes across, sadly he always loses. In the episode "Space Jammin'," He got into a battle of the bands with Grojband at Sludgefest. possessed the body of Carrie when they were going up against Grojband and he sang the song Entry 4987: My Secret Fear and Junk. He lost the battle of the bands after that and went home. In the episode "Hear Us Rock Part 2," he returned again and threatened to destroy the world unless Grojband beat him in a rematch. He tried to cheat in the battle of the band by ditching Grojband's instruments on earth. However, T'ORB overthrew him and returned Grojband's instruments to them making G'ORB lose once again. T'ORB forced him to apologize for what he did and he became good. He is a mirrored version of Corey Riffin.
  • T'ORB - T'ORB is a purple orb. He possessed the body of Konnie in the battle of the bands. In the episode "Hear Us Rock Part 2," he had become fed up with G'ORB's antics, failed plans, and threats to destroy the world, so he stood up to him and overthrew him as leader so he could break up the band and make himself and the other orbs give up evil and live in harmony with the humans. He is a mirrored version of Kon Kujira and he also shows some relation to Laney Penn.
  • Z'ORB[1] - Z'ORB is green. He is the technology geek of the band and he is given the responsibility to work with the technology for the band. He also has taken a liking to make pancakes. In the episode "Space Jammin'" He possessed the body of Kim when they were going to battle Grojband. He is a mirrored version of Kin Kujira and he also shows some relation to Kon Kujira.
  • N'ORB[2] - N'ORB is a pink orb who has a female voice. When they went up against Grojband, she possessed the body of Lenny in the battle of the bands at Sludgefest. She has a secret crush on G'ORB. She is a mirrored version of Laney Penn.


  • Other than Kate, Allie and Grojband, they are the only people who knows Corey gets lyrics from Trina's diary. Kon told them this in Space Jammin'.
  • The Orb Experience may be a parody on Orbital or O.R.B.
  • The members of the orb experience mirror the members of Grojband.[3]
    • G'ORB = Corey
    • T'ORB = Kon
    • Z'ORB = Kin
    • N'ORB = Laney
  • In the episode Space Jammin', every member of the orb experience possessed the body of a member of The Newmans. Each orb possessed the Newman counterpart of their Grojband counterpart.
  • Some members of The Orb Experience mirror more than one member of Grojband.
    • T'ORB mirrors Kon Kujira and Laney Penn.
    • Z'ORB mirrors Kin Kujira and Kon Kujira.



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