Thrash, Bash, Burn and Crash
Season 1, Song 6
Pile up.jpg
Singer(s): Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney
Episode: Indie Road Rager
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"Running from the Puppets"
"Math Song"

Thrash, Bash, Burn and Crash is a song sung in the episode "Indie Road Rager".

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Corey: You wanna hit the-
All: Gas for speed!
Corey: You wanna win. And-
All: Take the lead!
Corey: Don't move too fast, just wait and see. Oh man you're gonna bleed. You better think, and -
All: Hit the breaks!
Corey: You better move, and-
All: Play it safe!
Corey: Cuz' when you drive out of control, you're gonna chafe,-
All: Flip and Roll! Smash, crash, hit the dash, time to get riled up! Thrash, bash, burn and crash! You're gonna get a pile up!
(Guitar Solo)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While Corey does the solo, there is dialogue, however, it is not included in the lyrics.
    • In fact, this song contains the most dialogue between the lines than any other song.

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