• Really need your help. Admins blocks users. You are a admin. Block MKBjunior 99 As his/her behaviour to me is bad and he even sweared to me! Block him/her plz. 

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    • I don't believe we have someone on this Wiki by that name. If they insulted you on another Wiki, I would suggest asking an admin over there. If it did indeed happen on this wiki, please link to where it happened or provide a screenshot. 

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    • Even Crossover2 is swearing 

      proof of both swearing in screenshots 
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    • Okay, I've sent a message to MKBjunior 99 telling them to fix their behaviour and I shall do the same to Crossover2. I will not block them this time, but if they repeat their actions please inform me. I apologise that this has happened and will make sure to monitor the forums closely.

      Thank you.

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    • Ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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