• Hello there. I am an admin at this wiki and I have recieved a complaint about your behaviour and language on the forums. This behaviour is not appreciated here and it would be best for you to stop. I will not ban you as this is a one-time offense, but please read up on the rules and adjust your behaviour accordingly.

    I acknowledge that you may not like Grojband and that is fine, but please don't hate others for liking it. If you continue such execrable acts, I will be forced to block you from posting for a week. Please enjoy your time here.

    Thank you.

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    • Ok the language i understand but where did i say i didn't like grojband i said i never watched it religiously but whatever the most i said to insinuate that i hated the show is that if your not total drama who gives a s*** which if you even read the exchange you would know that i said that as a way to condense how Canadian shows are treated in America

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    • Okay, my apologies for misconstruing your statement. I'm glad you understand what I meant, though.

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    • A FANDOM user
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