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Katrina Riffin
Appearance Trina.png
Vital statistics
Full Name Katrina Riffin
Aliases Katrina, Sis
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Race Caucasian
Eye Color Pink
Friends Mina Beff (mixed), Nick Mallory, G'ORB, Mayor Mellow (mixed)
Enemies Corey Riffin, Kon Kujira, Laney Penn, Kin Kujira, Kate Persky, Allie Day, Mayor Mellow (mixed), Mina Beff (mixed), Torbo
Love Interest Gary (formerly), Kon Kujira (As Kon Dog), Nick Mallory
Relatives Mr. Riffin (adoptive father), Corey Riffin (biological brother), Cylus Riffin (great, great grandfather), Trina's Goldfish (pet goldfish)
Faction None
Favorite Color Pink
Location The Riffin House, Peaceville
First Appearance Grojband Pilot
Latest Appearance Hear Us Rock Part 2
Voice Actor Alyson Court

Katrina "Trina" Riffin is the main antagonist of the tv series, Grojband. She is the 16-year-old older sister of Corey Riffin who is obsessed with destroying Grojband and hates it with a burning passion. She appears to have severe anger-management issues, which Grojband uses to write good lyrics for the song they perform at the end of the vast majority of the episodes. They enrage her, causing her to go into Diary Mode, and she writes in her diary where Grojband then steals her diary from her and puts her words into lyrics.

She is voiced by Alyson Court.


Concept Biography

An angry and cruel Trina

Trina is a cruel and stuck up 16-year-old girl with anger issues who holds a deep hatred toward her brother Corey Riffin and his band. Often she tries to go out of her way to destroy them. She thinks that his band is annoying and nothing more than a waste of garage space that she could be using as her own private bedroom. Outside of her relationship with Grojband, Trina has no friends except for her best friend Mina Beff who she acts very abusive toward. Mina is like a peron bullied by someone that is suppose to be her friend which is mostly out of her anger issues. Trina also has a secret crush on a boy named Nick Mallory that she always tries to make him fall in love with her, but she never succeeds at this (mostly related to Corey and the band ruining this for her).

Whenever Trina gets angry enough, she takes out her anger by writing in her diary where she jets up into the air on a geyser of flames and lava before she writes in her diary, which causes flames to come out of her pen (this is called Diary Mode). Trina is unaware of the fact that she does this as she forgets it every time she exits diary mode. She is also unaware of the fact that Corey is always stealing her diary and using her diary entries for lyrics, even though he insists that he uses them for inspirational purposes only.

Early Childhood

Baby Trina.jpg

Trina and her brother Corey Riffin were biologically related brother and sister who were both adopted by a single father when they were toddlers.[1] When they were raised, Trina went by her full name "Katrina" and she loved her brother very much. It is unknown when she started going by the name Trina or why and when she started to hate her brother the way she does, but her time of liking her brother was quite short-lived as seen during a flashback in "Indie Road Rager." during the flashback, she displayed hatred towards Corey, even when they were little kids. In "Bee Bop A Loofah," there was a flashback, showing an earlier time in their life. The flashback showed Trina and Corey taking a bath together.

Trina was looking at Corey with a smile on her face, until Corey screamed a lot and splashed a bunch of soapy water at her while playing a toy guitar, making her cry. This could mean that Corey caused Trina to hate her by being obnoxious. It would seem unlikely that Corey was intentionally annoying her because, in this flashback, all he was doing was singing and playing his guitar. In the flashback from Indie Road Rager, it was revealed that Trina had a stuffed animal named "Mr. Mooseface" which she used to keep herself safe while she was sleeping. In the episode "No Strings Attached," a flashback of Trina showed her about the same age she was in Bee Bop A Loofah, where she was seen being very happy and obsessed with toys like most little girls are. It was revealed that when she was a little girl, she went to the toy store where she was traumatized by some demonic puppets which caused her to develop a fear of puppets that she still has today. Trina was shown to be very happy in these flashbacks.

Pre-Pubescent Years

It's Katrina silly!.jpg

It was shown in the episode "Dreamreaver Part 2" that sometime during Trina's pre-teen or early teen years, Trina was actually a very nice girl who went by her full name "Katrina" who wore her hair in braids. No actual flashback of this was seen, nor was the physical form of this girl. What was shown was a visual representation of the form of her that lived inside of her Dream World. Katrina loved Corey with all her heart and she was nice and caring to him. Her relationship with Corey was almost the opposite of what it is currently. Corey liked Katrina, but she would sometimes embarrass him by expressing her love for him in front of his friends, or he would get annoyed with her touching him, etc. So during this time, Trina was the nice one and Corey must have hated her. Corey didn't actually express any hatred in this visit with her. It was more of some small anger and negativity, so it's not too likely that Corey actually "hated" Trina the same way she hates him today.

Something must have happened to her before she was 16, which caused Trina to get rid of this nice personality and become very mean and hateful to Corey. However, so little was explained about Katrina, that it is completely unknown what it was. If it wasn't an event of something traumatic that occurred around this time, then it can be said that it was because she started going through puberty at this time, and her hormone changes are what caused her to start being more trigger happy and hateful of her brother and so she repressed the good side of her personality, explained through a subtle metaphor hidden in Trina's dream world, where Katrina was seen as a prisoner, locked in the dark, abandoned prison of Trina's dream world. Without question, it's safe to say that this happened after the hatred for Corey developed in her early childhood, so this must have been a temporary phase she went through. It's also excusable that Trina and Corey were 4 or 6 years old in those earlier flashbacks, where it is very common for brothers and sisters to get really mad at each other and fight over very small things. Overall, Trina could possibly be going through the same stages of life all kids go through, but its effect on her is much stronger and way more powerful than it is with most people.

Teenage Years


Trina's teenage years are what we see of her life now. In the series, Trina is 16 years old and she has some severe anger issues. She absolutely hates Corey with a burning passion and thinks that his band is annoying. She constantly goes out of her way to try and ruin Grojband's reputation, in hopes that it will both make her brother's life miserable, and that it will put an end to his band forever. This hatred of Grojband seems to take up half of her life, with the other half being her crush on Nick Mallory. Trina is in love with this 16-year old hunk and she is always trying to get him to go out with her. They are only friends at the time and Nick is completely oblivious to her love for him. Like Trina going out of her way to ruin Corey's band, Corey constantly goes out of his way to ruin Trina's relationship with Nick. Not for revenge, but because at this point in time, Grojband found out that Trina has a secret diary full of entries that she makes out of the feelings in her life.

Trina's vocabulary is very vast and adroit and the things that come out of her anger is very profound and so when Corey sees the stuff in her diary, he gets a blast of inspiration for lyrics for a new song and so Corey and his band intentionally anger her in order to make her freak out and try to calm herself by writing in her diary, which usually puts all of her anger away. This is a process called Diary Mode. Corey doesn't seem to care about Trina at all, as he will do whatever horrible stuff to her that he can, just to get lyrics. Aside from Nick, Trina's only friend is a very obedient girl named Mina who obeys her every command because her potential in life is to be the best friend that anyone could ever ask for to whomever her best friend may be. In this case, Trina. Trina doesn't seem very grateful that she has a friend like her as she treats her loyalty and obedience as though it were slavery and rudely demands her to work very hard to attend to all of her personal needs. She also takes her for granted as she has constantly told Mina that she doesn't like her and doesn't see her as a friend, and sometimes even ended their relationship on several occasions. Overall, Trina hates everyone, except for her school crush, Nick Mallory.


Trina 1.png

Trina is a tall, slim teenage girl who has long bright pink hair and pink eyes, an upside-down raindrop shaped head and thick black eyebrows. She wears braces (sometimes music hurts them), a white t-shirt, a short purple skirt, pink capris leggings, long white socks and dark purple shoes. She also wears eyeliner.


Trina Riffin is a very emotional 16-year-old girl who has lots of trouble with her anger. Trina is a very sensitive and trigger-happy girl who is always seen yelling and getting mad over little things. She seems to insult, hurt, abuse, satirize, ridicule, and just be mean to everything and everyone around her to take out her anger. She mostly does this to her friend Mina, who she treats like a slave. She forces Mina to do whatever she wants and always treats her like dirt instead of thanking her. Although it may seem as though Trina is mad all the time because there are bad things happening to her, sometimes Trina seems to get mad and be mean even when nothing has happened to her, which is the reason she really has no friends. Trina hates her brother Corey and his band with a burning passion. She is always seen trying to destroy his band and ruin everything for them.


Corey Riffin

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The relationship of Corey and Trina.jpg

Corey is Trina's younger brother. Trina hates Corey, his band, his music and everything about them. They have a very bad sibling relationship as Trina is generally extremely rude to Corey and constantly goes out of her way to ruin something good for him. Corey knows that Trina has anger issues and occasionally annoys her because he enjoys making her mad. Also, Corey is always in need of lyrics for a song so he is always tempering with Trina's emotions to make her freak out and go into Diary Mode so they can steal her diary and turn her diary entries into lyrics for their next song. If it wasn't for Trina's rage issues and angst-filled diary entries, the band's lyrics wouldn't be any good. Trina is oblivious to how they use her for lyrics and it is unknown if she even remembers her diary modes when they happen. None the less, Corey and Trina have a sibling rivalry of which Corey is on top of.

Kin Kujira

No nerding.jpg

Trina hates Kin and all of his stupid "Geekiness." She hates how he's a nerd and how he is a member of her most hated band in the world, Grojband. Like she does with most people, Trina will sometimes make Kin unhappy just for the heck of it. She is annoyed with how much of a nerd he is and she will also destroy his inventions just to annoy him as seen in the episode Ahead Of Our Own Tone as she destroyed his time machine while he was using it by smashing it with a guitar. She is also annoyed with his "nerding" as seen in Smash Up Terby when she pointed to him and told him that he wasn't allowed to "nerd" in her car. Sometimes, she will go out of her way to make Kin's life miserable for no reason. In the episode Grin Reaper, a picture was seen of Trina smashing Kin's ice cream on his head.

Kon Kujira

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Trina Being Nasty to Kon.jpg

Trina hates Kon because he's fat, eats way too much food, farts a lot, and is a member of Grojband, yet he is in love with her and thinks she's hot. Trina is disgusted by Kon and treats him like a thing. She always refers to Kon as an "it" as seen in the episodes Smash Up Terby and Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow. However, in the episode Math of Kon, Trina screamed Kon's name before she went into Diary Mode.

Laney Penn

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Trina making Laney unhappy.jpg

Trina hates Laney because she is a member of Grojband. Like many other people, Trina thinks that Laney is a boy. Similarly, Laney holds the most antagonism towards her out of all the members of Grojband. Unlike Corey, Laney never jokingly taunts Trina to annoy her. Laney gets furious at Trina and shows that she hates her with a burning passion.

Mina Beff

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... Still grabbing her shirt ... talking about Nick.jpg

Mina is Trina's best friend, but she wasn't more like a friend to Mina, she was more like a bully to her. Mina tries her best to make her nicer but in reailty, she gets on Trina's nerves even though what she does is really nice and should make Trina happy. She is always being abused or neglected by Trina like trash. No matter how mean Trina is to Mina, Mina will always stay happy throughout all of it. Although Mina is the most loyal friend anyone could ask for, Trina is very ungrateful for her and would gladly get rid of her and replace her as seen in the episode Group Hug. In the same episode, Trina got kidnapped and stolen from Mina and Mina felt very scared and unhappy without Trina and went out of her way to find her using all the power in her will to get her back again. In the episode Hear Us Rock Part 2, Mina finally snapped because she was sick of the way Trina treated her like garbage after she left her to die in the apocalypse, so she stood up to her and took charge, revealing that Mina is more powerful than Trina.

Nick Mallory

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Trina looks at Nick in love.jpg

Trina has a crush on Nick Mallory. When he's around her, she gets dreamed-out and love-struck that she always goes out of her way to impress Nick Mallory and get him to like her. And tries to hide her true actions to him.

The Newmans

Although Trina and The Newmans share the same hatred for Grojband, the two of them never really interact with each other and don't think very much of each other and Trina tends to be pretty indifferent to The Newmans, while The Newmans barely come close to acknowledging Trina's existence. However, Trina is shown to take some minor enjoyment from The Newmans' hatred for Grojband on a few rare occasions. The biggest occasion of this would be in the episode Wish Upon a Jug, Trina wished that The Newmans were the biggest band in the world as a way to spite Corey. The Newmans literally became the biggest band in the world, much to Corey's dismay. Corey then wished that The Newmans would go to the mall, causing them to crush the mall, much to Trina's frustration.

Trina and The Newmans have interacted for very short and indirect periods of time on other occasions. In the episode Creepaway Camp, Trina happily told Grojband who their opponents were as she gestured toward The Newmans. Later, she gave a speech explaining the rules to the two bands and said that whatever loser band wins gets an even lamer trophy. However, she seemed to direct the "loser band" comment more toward Corey in the ending. In the episode Space Jammin', while Carrie was possessed by G'ORB, she read Trina's diary aloud, which struck Trina with shock and sent her into Diary Mode. In the episode Rock the House, she was unhappy that Grojband had beat The Newmans and went into Diary Mode. However, she was way more upset with the fact that Grojband won than she was that The Newmans lost. In the episode Grin Reaper, while Trina was possessed by a happy bracelet, she happily introduced The Newmans on stage. In the episode Kon-Fusion, when Carrie and Mina fumped each other, she told Mina to drop the sibling love.


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Episodes Focusing on Trina


Trina Riffin has had many alter egos throughout the series which are usually her going in disguise or an inner personality of her's coming out and changing her character entirely.


In the episode Math of Kon, Trina was revealed to have a secret alter ego called Trigonometrina. Trigonometrina is expressive of Trina's inner personality of a nerdy, math geek. What Trina did was dress up like a stereotypical nerd and change her hairstyle and clothing and wear big glasses over her face and go by a different name so that nobody would know Trina's secret. She was really good at keeping this secret from everyone and not even Mina or Corey knew about it. Trigonometrina was best friends with Mina and when she interacted with her, she was very nice to her and she would go along with the things she did and not get mad at her like she usually does. At the end of the episode, Corey figured out her secret and revealed to everyone that Trigonometrina was really Trina in front of the entire school. Trina was extremely humiliated by this and she freaked out so much, she went into diary mode and passed out, despite the fact that everyone was cheering for her. Because of the events of this, it's unlikely that Trina still uses this alter ego.

Quincess Trina

In the episode Dreamreaver Part 2, within the confines of Trina's mind, Trina was shown to have a magical dream world where herself was portrayed as a beautiful and beloved, goddess-like queen/princess who rules over all of the dream world named Quincess Trina. This alter ego was never expressed outside of herself, but it was expressive of her aspirations and ambitions of popularity in the world.


In the episode Dreamreaver Part 2, Grojband went inside of Trina's mind and found a repressed personality of her's locked away in the prison deep down in her mind. This was a girl named Katrina who served as an inner side of her personality. Katrina was a girl who was treated like a criminal in Trina's dream world. She is a human representative of Trina's nice side of her character which she never lets out. Katrina was a girl who really loved Corey and would be respectful and joyful about everything. She was even respecting Quincess Trina when she locked her in prison as she was seen refraining from escaping even though she could do it whenever she wanted because of her obedience. It wasn't until Corey and the band came along, who made her become more rebellious and escape prison, making her stand against Quincess Trina and Mirage Band as well as aiding Grojband in taking down Quincess Trina's empire. This alter-ego was expressive of Trina's personality from a long time ago. When Trina was younger, she was nicer and went by the name of "Katrina" and she loved her brother and was nice to everyone. Some unexplained event that occurred at some point in her life must have demented her personality and made her become the angry, hateful egomaniac who we know her as today. Trina compressed this nice personality of her's because of this and always unleashed her inner evil to make herself popular. Since then, Katrina has been contained in a dark prison so that she doesn't ruin her popularity.


In the episode Super Zeroes, Trina got extremely angry when she saw that Grojband had become a band of fake superheroes that everyone believed was real. She wanted to prove that their team was fake, so she dressed up as a supervillain named Stiletto and caused a real problem that they would never be able to fix. However, they actually did fix it and they defeated her in the process. The whole time, her identity was kept a secret, but she was so furious when she was defeated, that she burned her costume in a diary mode rage and went back to being Trina again. It is unlikely that she'll ever go back to being this alter ego again.

Gucky the Troll

In the episode A Knight to Remember, Bonkerton Comet switched Trina and Mina's personalities, making Trina a kindhearted, fearful pushover who became Mina's dedicated slave. Trina would stay very quiet and would obey all of Mina's commands as she flawlessly served her hand and foot. Shortly after the personality switch, Trina began cosplaying as a servant of Mina's (or Princess Prettina's) known as "Gucky the Troll". Gucky the troll was a disgusting, creepy, hunchbacked goblin who was basically the same thing as her Mina personality. At the end of the episode, the last flash of the comet happened, turning everyone back to normal again and Trina was extremely humiliated and not to mention, enraged at Mina for what she did to her during the personality switch, so she unleashed a ton of fury at her and attacked her with a broom. It is extremely unlikely that she'll ever go back to being this personality again unless the next occurrence of Bonkerton Comet happens.


In the episode Ahead Of Our Own Tone, Trina's mind was taken over by a Blab Tap which gave her complete and total control over everyone else who used it simply by using her mind. She transformed into a villainous cyborg mastermind and she referred to herself as "Sparklebrain" and she ruled over all of Peaceville with an iron fist for a year. She made her house her supreme empire and she lead all of the citizens of Peaceville (bar Grojband and Nick) as her army. At the end of the episode, Corey and the band defeated her by overpowering the network of the Blab Tap and breaking everyone free from her mind control, putting an end to Sparklebrain forever.


  • Trina has the power to warp reality via emotions (called Pathifery) because she's a demigod.
  • It is a running gag in the show for Trina to get extremely emotional over something which is mostly caused by Grojband which makes her jump into the air on a geyser of flames and she will angrily write in her diary while heavy metal music plays. This is called Diary Mode and it is how Grojband gets lyrics for their songs.
    • Another running gag affiliated with Trina is for Trina insult Grojband by using a play on words to deface the name of their band when she addresses them. For instance: In Smash Up Terby, she addressed them as "Garbageband", in Monster of Rock, she addressed them as "Sewageband", and in Zoohouse Rock, she addressed them as "Grrrageband."
  • Trina does not remember her diary modes.[2]
  • Trina is both Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton's favorite character.[3][4]
  • In her original designs, Trina was intended to have a ponytail with a purple ponytail holder. Her top was intended to be shorter and she was also intended to wear pink lipstick.
    • Corey and Trina are biologically related. They were both adopted and are being raised by a single father. It is unknown who their biological parents are and what their real surnames are.
    • Todd Kauffman has stated that their parents are still alive[5] and are Gods of Rocklympus,[6] making Corey and Trina demigods.[7]
  • Trina's signature color is pink and her hair is naturally pink.[8].
    • Trina seems to have an obsession with the color pink that she has a variety of pink things and she she usually gives names that contain the word "pink" like:
      • She named her pink car "Pinktastic"
      • She named her pink sweater 'Pinkredible'
  • Trina has two of her allergies revealed:
  • Trina has been seen as a little kid in flashback three times in the series. These episodes are "No Strings Attached," "Indie Road Rager," and "Bee Bop A Loofah."
  • Trina has been mind-controlled and/or brainwashed on multiple occasions.
  • Trina is afraid of puppets, revealed in the episode No Strings Attached.
  • Trina sometimes talks with variants of texting abbreviations, such as '5ever, 'Hashtag' and variants of certain words.
  • Trina and Corey are the only characters who have been shown as young children.
  • Just like Corey was originally going to be named Tre Trippin', Nick Mallory referred to her as "Trina Trippin" in the Grojband pilot.
  • In It's in the Card, it was revealed that Trina has a pet goldfish.


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