... Still grabbing her shirt ... talking about Nick

This page is about the interactions between Trina Riffin and Mina Beff.


Mina thinks of herself as Trina's best friend (or BFF), but in reality she is more like Trina's slave. She obediently carries out Trina's every command, in an attempt to get on her good side, and is frequently terrified by Trina. On rare occasions Mina has shown to be fed up by Trina and has stood up to her, but for the most Trina puts Mina in her place. In addition, Mina also has a crush on Nick Mallory, who Trina is infatuated with, and hence Trina will often become bitterly jealous if there's any sign that Nick shows affection to Mina instead of her.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

Smash Up TerbyEdit

Trina thanks Mina for complimenting her on her hair
While driving Grojband to the derby, Trina barks order to Mina for the to fulfill her duties as her BFF. She first yells at her to over the phone to come over and Mina instantly appears in her car looking happy and ready to work. Trina is still not satisfied until Mina compliments her hair. This is when Trina happily smiles and thanks Mina. At the carnival, she spots Nick Mallory, Trina yells at everyone to get down, but when Mina doesn't realize it included her she addresses Mina specifically in an angrier more impatient tone.
Trina wipes her Barry face up with Mina's tongue
While talking to Nick, Trina hypocritically states that she will be going to the carnival. Confused, Mina gets up and questions that. Trina then kicks her in the head, pushing her down to the floor again. After Nick leaves, Trina sees an opportunity to win a date with him. She grabs Mina by the shirt collar and pulls her up to her face, telling her to get her purse and stand beside her on her date. Throughout Trina and Nick's date, Trina has Mina loyally aiding her in winning over Nick, but the plans keep on backfiring thanks to Corey's sabotage.
Trina "joyfully" shaves Mina's head
Each time a plan goes awry, she takes it out on Mina and shows no mercy while doing it. No matter how ridiculously horrendous Trina abuses her, Mina still keeps her title as a BFF and tolerates everything she does without any struggle and she even politely helps her while she does it. After Trina threw up on the spinning ride, Mina in fear that Trina looked bad in front of Nick, offered her a mint.
Trina rides Mina
Trina snatches the mint dispenser out of her hand and pops one on her mouth. Then, she grabs Mina by the tongue, and wipes the vomit off of her face with it. Later, Trina rode on a rollercoaster which resulted in cotton candy stuck to her face and looking like a beard. Mina offered Trina a razor to shave it off but instead of doing that, Trina used the razor to give her a Reverse Mohawk. Trina eventually got so mad at Corey, that she went into diary mode. This really freaked Mina out and so she quickly took a step back to give her some space, and stay out of her way. Eventually, Trina's date with Nick is ruined but that doesn't stop her from continuing to try and win his heart nor does it stop Mina from tolerating all of Trina's abuse as Trina gets on Mina's back and rides her to chase Nick Mallory.

Cloudy with a Chance of Malt BallsEdit

Mina ain't in this darn ol' episode ... episodapop

Mina tries to join Trina and Nick at Cherry Grapestain's première. At first both are excited but when Mina points out that Nick could become attracted to Cherry, Trina regrets what she's doing and then decides that the extra tickets are staying with her. Mina asks Trina if she could have the second one and go with her as friends but Trina tells Mina that she isn't in the episode, to which a depressed Mina walks off. Later on in the episode, Trina states that she used Mina's money to buy snacks for Cherry Grapestain. At the end of the episode, Trina is at the bottom of the barrel, she furiously calls Mina over to get her help in getting herself out of her trouble. However, Mina reminds her that she isn't in the episode, denying her call for help. This makes Trina smash her phone in rage, ruining her day entirely.

Dance of the DeadEdit

Trina gives Mina a friendly death threat
Mina helped Trina set up for the Halloween Dance by making a bunch origami bats. Trina was annoyed with how selfish she was being, showing off her own origami bats. Mina had apparently already planned ahead and made a life sized origami version of Trina Riffin. However, Trina ignored this and made Mina feel bad. After Mina finished decorating the party, she interrupted Trina's imagination sequence. In Trina's imagination sequence, she was portrayed as an ugly, disgusting pig. Trina got mad at Mina and shoved her on the ground. When Trina was about to "kiss" Nick, Mina interrupted her to show her, her costume. Trina got furious at her and threatened to break her brain. Nick then started to get attracted to Mina which made Trina so jealous, she went into diary mode.

Pox N RollEdit

Mina reading fairy tales for Trina

Mina finishes reading a fairytale for Trina for her naptime, after which Trina requests her to fetch a glass of still water. She collects it for her but a shout of "POX!" causes the water to ripple, which leads to Trina scolding her although Mina admits to not making the water ripple. Later, she lashed out at Mina for calling Mayor Mellow, telling her that it was her worst idea ever. She demanded that she thinks of a better one and so Mina quickly thought up the idea of having her talk to Nick Mallory. When playing spin the bottle with Nick, the bottle landed on herself and so Trina screamed out Mina's name and she picked up Nick and carried him over to her.

No Strings AttachedEdit

Trina takes out a fire extinguisher
Trina didn't allow Mina to hear the story of her childhood being ruined by puppets and kept the flashback to herself. She demanded Mina to destroy The Bubble Bunch Band and that's exactly what she did. In the process, Mina got herself hurt and her hair frizzed up. Trina took the credit and when Mina corrected her, Trina scowled at her. Then, a burning blown up part of the puppet dropped from the air and landed on Mina's head. Trina freaked out and painfully blasted Mina with the fire extinguisher. While Trina was plotting in her room, Mina sat and listened. Trina got an idea but kept it to herself. She told her that she'd eventually figure out "All in good time." Mina obliviously asked, "Is now a good time?" to which Trina got annoyed and responded "Yes, Mina, now is a good time." Still unaware of what the plan was, Mina put the plan into action for Trina. All Trina did was tell her to stuff the animatronic puppets with the goo capsuled and threatened that she would "detonate" if she got caught and held out a remote that
Trina's a big fat liar
would activate the explosives. When she asked what exactly the plan was, Trina just kicked her out of the war and continued to pester her with the detonation remote. While Mina was stuffing the puppets, Trina was revealed to be standing out in the open, when asked why, Trina said that the band left for chocolate milk and she never told her to save her the hassle of hiding. Trina then started drinking some chocolate milk and then Mina asked if she could have some. Trina threw the cup away and told her that there wasn't any left and demanded that she keeps stuffing. Then, she took out another cup and started drinking from it.
Puppet Corey attacks Mina
During the next performance, Mina was waiting to blow up the puppets but didn't know when she was supposed to. Trina got annoyed with waiting for her and so she snatched the detonation remote and pressed it herself which caused all of the puppets to completely explode in a nuclear and gooey bomb of detonation which covered the kids in a bunch of sticky, burning, toxic goo and burning, unstable, metal, puppet shrapnel that was sticking to them because of the goo, making them all scream in pain and cry. Trina was overjoyed and she wildly shook Mina telling her that what she did was so "not sucky." Mina was flattered to hear this and she thanked her, but then Trina responded saying that she was talking about herself. When they went to escape, the living corpse of Corey's body threatened her because of what she did. Trina freaked out and threw Mina into him, and told him to take her instead. Mina was then being attacked by him and told Trina to remember her. Trina completely ignored her dying wish and she ran off screaming in fear.

Indie Road RagerEdit

Mina is spooked by Satan Trina
Mina was brushing Trina's hair while she read a book. She heard a loud crashing noise coming from the garage which scared her and made her jump up and land on Trina's head. Trina pitied Mina's fear and told her that she remembers back when she was always scared all the time like her and then told her that during her childhood, she conquered her fear with a stuffed doll named Mr. Mooseface. Mina adored her doll and thought that it was very sweet and cute but them Trina roared in her face, saying that it was all a thing of the past. Then, she came up to Mina and asked her which checkered flag made her look cuter and then threatened that she had better have the same answer as her. Trina peered over Mina, casting her shadow upon her. Her shadow had devil horns. Trina decided to sabotage Grojband by ruining the cars of the other racers and so she made Mina secretly do it for her and Trina gave her a thumbs up every time they succeeded. Before Trina went into diary mode, Mina got scared and so she jumped out of the way in fear.

Math of KonEdit

Trigonometrina and Mina
Trina disguises herself as her nerdy alter-ego Trigonometrina in order to infiltrate the Trimathalon and sabotage Kon's chances of winning. When Mina sees her she immediately greets Trigonometrina, unaware that it is actually Trina. Mina is shown to be great friends with Trigonometrina because of them both being fans of math. When talking to Trigonometrina, Mina says that it's great to have a friend who doesn't yell at her, referring to Trina. Mina does however, keep her BFF loyalty to Trina even though she doesn't think that she's around and says that Trina is still awesome anyway. Trina, unhappy with what Mina aid, tries to get her to focus on the positives and suggests they list the first hundred reasons why she's awesome.
Mina becomes better friends with Trina than ever
This leaves Mina, drawing a blank without mentioning as little as one reason. Later in the episode, the two girls go off and do nerdy things together as friends. Trina acts very respectful toward Mina when they do this and appears to have little to no trouble not abusing her. She does however, struggle to fight the urge to get angry at her when she has trouble hiding reasons why she doesn't like Trina. Trigonometerina is eventually revealed to be Trina and when Mina realizes this, she is overjoyed. She talks to Trina about how happy she is to hear that she's a fan of math but Trina is humiliated and she tells Mina that she needs a soda that stunts her growth. As always, Mina obeys Trina's command and drags her lifeless, dreadful body to get a soda.

Space Jammin'Edit

Trina left Mina alone in a line with Nick while she took a bathroom break. Corey pestered her about leaving Mina alone with Nick by saying that she might fall in love with him. This was effective on Trina as she was put into shock as she imagined Mina and Nick dating each other while she was gone. Trina fearfully rushes back to the line where Mina is shown to not be dating Nick as Corey said she was.
And do you really think Nick would ever like me more than you?
When Trina got to the line, she yanked Mina away from Nick to scream in rage at him for what he did. Mina promised her that the only reason she was waiting in line was because she wanted to see her sister play at Slugfest and that she wasn't trying to do anything with Nick. Trina doesn't buy this and believes that Mina is acting selfish because she used "I", "my", and "me", in the same sentence. During the concert, while G'ORB was singing a song from Trina's Diary. He read aloud the exact quote "I'm scared Nick will like Mina more than me." When he did this, Mina smiled nervously and looked at Trina while she growled in rage at her. After the song, Mina hopefully asks Trina if she really believes that she has chances of Nick liking her more than her.

All You Need is CakeEdit

Should I make sweater noises?
Trina sank into a deep depression after giving up her sweater for a hoodie. She became so depressed about this, that she payed no attention to anything around her except for her sweater and her hoodie, neglecting Mina. Mina was unhappy with how she neglected her and felt jealous of the sweater. She effortlessly and unhappily asked Trina if she should make sweater noises while she was sobbing over her loss, but she still ignored her. Trina looked through her pictures of herself with her sweater and in every one, Trina was paying more attention to that, than she was to Mina. When Trina was rejoiced with her sweater, she squealed in glee as Mina said "I wish I was 25% polyester." While Trina was moping in sorrow over her sweater however, she still had the time to demand Mina to do what she wanted as she yelled at Mina, telling her to feed her a cupcake, and when she demanded her to frantically paddle the boat.


She is not happy with Mina's questioning
Trina told Mina about her plan to rig the raffle so that she would win and made her the one who did all the work. Mina questioned this, multiple times which made Trina angry and so she lashed out at her. At the raffle, Trina explained to her what the plan is and then he kicked her into the barrel.

Monster of RockEdit

Mina dumps toxic waste into the sewer
Trina laughed at her diabolical plan and then Mina asked if she should join. Trina told her that she can't laugh with her unless she knows what her plan is. Trina had Mina dump a bunch of toxic waste in the sewer while she sat on her butt and applied make up to her face. Mina corrected Trina when talking about the movie Steak Neck, and so Trina zipped up Mina's mouth like a zipper and told her to "zip it" in French. When waiting for Nick to get out of the bathroom, she became impatient and went in there after him. Mina tried to stop her but Trina just pushed her out of the way. They found a huge hole in the ground where Nick was kidnapped. Trina shoved Mina head first into the toilet and then Mina started going down the pipes, getting covered in sewage saying to herself "Do it for Trina, do it for Trina, do it for Trina."

One Plant BandEdit

Mina gets dumped ... LITERALLY!!!

When Trina threatens Grojband, Mina is by her side supporting her threats each time, this includes following up Trina's catchphrase "Bam" with her own catchphrase "Bam indeed". When Trina is about to lash out at Grojband for ruining her plant project, Mina restrains her and tells her that since Planty grew then she had fulfilled her project's requirement. Later after Corey has Grojband chop Planty up, he taunts Trina by telling her that now that she would flunk her year, Mina would then run off with Nick Mallory, to which Trina is distraught over. After Trina recovers from her Diary Mode, Mina approaches Trina who, after talking about Nick Mallory, dumps a jug of water on her head in retaliation.

Creepaway CampEdit

Mina asks Trina if she became councilor of the camp, only so she could destroy her younger brother, but Trina tells her that she actually did so to get closer to Nick Mallory. At the docks, Trina instructs Mina to get in the water and push the boat, but when she's hesitant Trina kicks her in. When Blade Stabbington arrives, this scares Mina and makes her leap into Nick's arms, leading Trina to attack Blade and in the
Trina goes over to Mina to give her a little death
process falls out of the boat. When Trina reemerges from the water she is covered with swamp muck and vegetation. Mina mistakes her for a swamp monster, and screams in terror. Later Mina receives a text from Trina and finally becomes aware that the swamp monster was Trina. She approaches the swamp gunk covered figure and apologizes, however she notices the real Trina behind her and realizes that she's talking to a real swamp monster.

Zoohouse RockEdit

But Trina rejects all her ideas
Mina went through a lift of ideas on what kind of hole Trina could throw Grojband in. The first thing she mentioned was a pit which Trina rejected along with all of her other ideas. At the end, Trina decided she'd go with the idea of throwing them in a pit and took credit for the idea. Mina went along with it. Mina made the entire party in the garage and Trina congratulated her, telling her that, that was not the let down she was expecting from her. Later, Trina ended up, trapped inside of a cage while everyone abandoned her party to go to Nick's party. Mina went to his party too, giving everyone cupcakes. It is unknown if she knew where Trina was at the time.

Queen BeeEdit

Trina whines her brains out at Mina as usual

After Trina finds out about the Queen Bee Pageant, she says that she wants to join. Mina realizes that the pageant is only for girls who are "as sweet as honey" and that, that description doesn't fit her. She is cut off by Trina near the end as Trina knows where it's going and threatens her with a "correction" of sorts to which Mina cowers in fear over. At the pageant, she makes Mina stitch her a winning pageant dress while she's on stage and lashed out at her, telling her to speed it up. After she is done, Mina's fingers and thumbs are bloody and covered in bandages. Trina harshly pushes her off the stage when she's done. Later when Trina is in the dressing rooms getting ready for the contest, she rinses her mouth and spits the water into Mina's purse. Mina alerts her that the spit bucket was on the other side, to which Trina tells her she should've moved the bucket. After Grojband performs Queen Bee, she gives the title to her.

Dreamreaver Part 1Edit

Trina and Mina are fanzies

Trina and Mina get excited about the Hint, which focuses on "dream hinting" to obtain what you want in real life by dreaming of it. In order to impress Trina, Mina listens to what Trina dreams of, and goes to fulfill Trina's dream herself. This includes boarding up the window display of 3D Dave's store, to prevent people from seeing Grojband's video.

Dreamreaver Part 2Edit

Outside of the dream land
Mina returned to the house with Nick's jacket to see Trina and the rest of the band using the Dream Machine. Confused and slight scared, Mina slowly walks up, leaves the jacket on her lab, and slowly backs away in fear. After Trina wakes up, she sees the jacket on her lap and she gets really happy and runs off, carrying and hugging it with hearts above her head.

Super ZeroesEdit

Mina in grave danger
Trina made Mina inflate the bouncy castle with her own mouth which was making Mina's face red and she was slowly dying. The kids carried Frontman and they bounced on the castle while she was inflating it, launching her backwards into the cake. Trina got really annoyed with this and nagged Mina, telling that she because of what she did, she's going to have to make her make another cake and help her destroy Corey as she grabbed her by the collar of her sweater. One of Trina's plans to prove that The Justice Band was a bunch of fakes was to throw Mina's cat up into a tree. When she did, she threw Mina up there too either on accident or on purpose. Her next plan was to tie Mina to a tall, metal rod in the middle of a lightning storm.

A Knight to RememberEdit

Mina is Princess Prettina and Trina is Gucky the troll
Due to the odd effects of the Bonkerton Comet, Mina and Trina switch personalities. Their usual roles are interchanged, where Mina becomes evil and abusive, while Trina becomes her obedient slave. Just before the comet comes, Trina tells Mina that today, they're going to go shopping and that Trina is going to buy a new purse while Mina takes her crappy, broken down, old one. Mina reveals that they made an agreement, that they always do what Mina wants on comet day but Trina wants to do what she wants and so she denies it, screaming horribly in her face, telling her to prove it.
Mina lashes out at Trina
Trina continues to talk about the plans for the day while Mina sadly looks at the floor and obeys until the comet flash comes and switches their personalities. Mina declares that she wishes to participate in "LARPing" where she is to be a princess while Trina is her disgusting troll servant "Gucky". Trina compliments her and tells her that she lives to obey her. Mina then forces Gucky to her every bidding, yelling and abusing her just as Trina usually does. When Gucky drools at Nick Mallory, Mina declares that only the Princess may drool, to which Gucky sucks her drool back up.
And, uses Trina's diary for whatever reason.
Mina then proceeds to drool, before ordering Gucky to dab it. Smasheus then attempts to kill Sir Nick of Mallory and then Gucky breaks character, diving out to save him. Prettina screams in anger at her but it's too late as Gucky has successfully saved him already. It is unknown how she reacted after this. Later, Core antagonizes Prettina, telling her that after this is all over, the comet will send everyone back to normal again and things will remain with a "Trina abusing Mina" kind of environment.
Mina just sasses Trina and now she's screwed
Mina does not like the sound of this and she becomes so furious and angry, that she blasts off into her own Mina diary mode. Afterwards, Mina confirmed that these diary modes are "So over dramatic". After the kingdom is saved, Prettina rudely demands that Gucky prepare a royal feast while she still has to obey her, just as the comet leaves and everything gets set back to normal again. Trina gets extremely furious at Mina for disrespecting her as her eyes get red, bloody, and fiery and flames and smoke come out of her ears. Mina is standing still, paralyzed in terror and then, Trina takes off, chasing Mina with a broom while Mina runs away, screaming.

Line of CreditEdit

Trina is not impressed for some odd and highly unknown reason
While Nick had left Peaceville for days, Trina had to do something to keep her busy until he returned. She came up with the marvelous idea to build Peaceville into her own personal utopia for when Nick gets back. She takes out blueprints of her planned way of remodeling Peaceville and shows it to Mina, telling her what her demands are on how to make Peaceville a perfect love utopia for herself and Nick and she made her do all the work of building a scale model of it. The scale model took up the entire garage and when Trina came in to see what Mina was doing, she was not impressed and said that she wanted the love castle to be bigger. She told her to get to that and also make models of thousand foot tall statues of Nick with ladders to the lips so that she could kiss them. Then she went off, once again making Mina do all the work. When she returned, Mins had built a sample statue that took her 12 hours to build and Trina was on the brink of disappointment but said that there still might have been a change is she got "wibbly" feelings from kissing the statue. She was about to kiss the statue until she was interrupted by the delinquent babies and Grojband who destroyed the entire thing. Trina freaked out and thought nothing of Mina's concern which was surprisingly, not too much of a reaction at all.

Hair Today, Kon TomorrowEdit

Trina brought Mina with her to the dog show so that she could find a new dog to put in her purse. She demanded Mina to get a bucket of fleas to infest Grojband's wigs with. Mina went out to get the bucket of fleas from a flea picker monkey which resulted in her getting beaten up and tortured by him. Trina ungratefully took the bucket from her, explaining how disappointed she was that she took so song. Mina kept a happy mood and held a forced grin in her demented face and then dropped to the ground as Trina carelessly walked away. When Trina saw Kon Dog, she fell in love with him and chose him to be the one in his purse. She declared Kon Dog her "best friendy wendy" and Mina interrupted sadly saying that she remembered that title being given to her but Trina just told her to shut up. Later, she decided to name Kon Dog "Mina". Mina looked sad and said that her name was Mina and Trina told her that now she had been demoted to the new name of "Mina 2". Mina 2 sadly looked down and tried desperately to stay on the positive side, thanking Trina for keeping her in the picture, at the very least. When Trina found out that Kon Dog was really Kon, she lost her Mina and went into diary mode, losing her love for Kon Dog, making it possible that she was from that point on, once again friends with Mina 2. She also must be referring to her as "Mina" again, seeing that she addressed her by that name in all the future episodes.

Ahead Of Our Own ToneEdit

Mina grabbed Trina
Trina makes Mina wait in line for a very long time so she can get the newest phone. After Trina is fitted with a Blab Tap Mina is determined to get one as well and be linked with Trina's mind, but Mina is the one person who Trina refuses to integrate into the network.
However Mina later gets hold of a Blab Tap anyway and is overjoyed at the prospect of sharing a mind with Trina. Unfortunately having listened to Corey's new song, it transmits into Trina's mind and unable to bear the music she breaks the hive mind connection.

Love in a NethervatorEdit

Spider Mina!
After yet another failed attempt to capture Nick Mallory, which resulted in Mina getting stuck in a giant spider web and beaten up by the spider, the two return back to The Riffin House. Trina then intimidates Mina into coming up with another 'plan to capture Nick, to which she suggests trapping Nick in the elevator that just appeared, which Trina is confused how it got there. Nonetheless she goes with Mina's plan and goes to push the button. After taking a long time to push the button, which Mina notices and points out, Trina finally pushes it and summons the Nethervator. She then has Mina dress up as a bird to lure Nick (who was bird watching) into the elevator. Trina then closes the elevator door, with Mina diving in just before it shuts.
Mina flatline
While in the Nethervator, Trina wishes to have some privacy with Nick, so Mina looks around before facing the corner. Then Trina tries to listen to her and Nick's heart beating in sync with each other, but when a third heartbeat is heard she orders Mina to stop ruining it. Mina then forces her own heart to stop beating, to which she flatlines and passes out on the ground.


Trinima in Rockersize
Trina brought Mina with her to the Gym Barn with Nick Mallory. Mina was doing an obscure yoga stretch which Trina believed was taking Nick's attention away from her. Trina furiously roared at Mina and then eventually got so angry at her, she grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out and then let her go, snapping her back into place, which locked her in that yoga position. Mina was stuck that way for the rest of the episode and didn't ever get let out because nobody was around, paying any attention to her.

Grin ReaperEdit

Trinmina in Grin Reaper
Mina asked Trina if she thought the world would be better if everyone could just be happy and Trina screamed "NO!" really loudly in her face. Later, she demanded that Mina set up the slide show for he and Mina quickly stumbled over herself, nervously trying to set it up for her.

Rock the HouseEdit

KRAM! You're like ... Brutal.
At the beginning of the episode, Trina was testing out a huge hairstyle on Mina and stuffing pins in her hair. One of them must have stabbed Mina's head, making her scream. Trina then threatened Mina to stop feeling pain. At the curling competition, Mina kept constantly trying to tell Trina that the team she was cheering for was Grojband but Trina kept ignoring her and cutting her off. Trina was also trying to impress Nick by showing off her cuteness when she did cheerleading and in the process, she was abusing Mina. She did things such as making an upside down pyramid and having Mina be on the bottom. The pyramid crumbled and everyone landed on top of Mina. Trina took Mina out of the pile and screamed at her because she ruined her team spirit. Then, she threw Mina across the rink and demanded that she cheers for her to raise her team spirit back up again. Mina started happily cherring but then Trina stopped her and told her that she was brutal. At the end, Trina was frozen in a block of ice and she was shivering like mad. Mina was still effortlesly keeping a happy mood for her as she took her inside with a blanket wrapped around her and giving her a cup of hot chocolate and taking care of her.

War and PeacevilleEdit

Mina is just ... FREAKING OUT UHHUHUH!!!
Trina told Mina that she did not want Corey to ruin her fun time with his family history. Mina questioned her, telling her that because they're biologically related brother and sister, they have the same family history. Trina looked at her and thought that was disgusting. Mina found the scroll, showing the history of Peaceville and Trina ripped off the part where they all made up. Mina asked why and Trina angrily explained her plan to her, as though it was already painfully obvious enough. After Nick became lame, Trina was paralyzed with terror and could'nt even more enymore. Mina was filing her nails for her and was starting to get scared because she wasn't talking anymore no matter what she did. For some reason, Trina responded more quickly to Corey trying to get her to talk than she did to Mina.

Pop Goes the BubbleEdit

Shaking machine and some soda

Trina and Mina discuss the Bubble Fest in Trina's Room and how Trina is allergic to bubbles. Trina makes Mina review the conditions, that she must remain at least "two Trinas" away from bubbles at all times, and failure to do so would mean Mina would have to sit in the "corner of shame". At the festival, Trina notices Corey being present and tries to think of a plan to sabotage his gig. She sees a bottle of pop and orders Mina to find her something to shake it up, which Mina does so. As they wait for the pop to get shaken, Trina asks how the machine works. Mina begins to explain, but Trina cuts her off as she doesn't care.

Girl FestEdit

Trina rides Mina

Trina is shown arriving at the Lady Rage Music Festival to see Candy Jams along with all the other fans. She rides on Mina's back, and has Mina carry her to the outside of Candy's dressing room. After being barred entry by the security guard, Trina orders Mina to help her get past. Mina fights the guard with all her might, but to no avail.

Soulin' Down the RoadEdit

Mina and Trina Apple Picking

After Trina's soul gets trapped in her car, she tells Mina to take away her lifeless body (while pretending she's still normal), so that she can be free to go on a date with Nick. Mina is very happy about this, and takes Trina's body to many places and does many things with her, all the while remaining completely oblivious to the truth.

That's My JamEdit

Trina doesn't care, so long as it wins

Trina discusses entering the Peaceville Summer Jam-Jam, and Mina eagerly asks what kind of jam she wants to make. Trina then states she has a recipe in mind, which involves Mina making "whatever flavor" jam, followed by screaming at Mina that she didn't care what kind of jam it was, as long as it won. Mina then accompanies Trina for the rest of the episode to help spoil Jammy.

It's in the CardEdit

After Mina notices everyone breaking up with someone close to them, she asks Trina if they were going to break up. However Trina laughs at how Mina thinks they are close enough to be broken up.


After Trina falls in love with Gary, in a effort to make Trina jealous, Corey sets them up on a double date with Mina and Nick, which does indeed enrage Trina.

Group HugEdit

Angry Demon Mina

Trina forces Mina to dig her a bottomless pit, but when she's unsatisfied with it, Trina tells her to jump down it herself. At first Trina is happy Mina's gone, but soon realizes how empty she feels without her slave to compliment and carry out her every whim. Eventually she wishes for Mina to come back, which Mina hears and climbs back out, just as Kate and Allie kidnap Trina. Mina then goes to hunt for Trina's kidnappers and confronts the groupies in an enraged state, before they tell her where Trina is and eventually, the BFFs are reunited.

Hear Us Rock Part 2Edit

Mina Standing up to Trina

After Mina brings back the instruments to Grojband, with the help of T'ORB, Mina calls Trina out by telling her that she has had enough of her being bossy to her and that she should treat her with respect.


  • This friendship/conflict is in a love triangle with Nick Mallory.
  • It has been confirmed that Mina's real name is "Bernadette", but Trina made her legally change it so that their names would rhyme.
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