aka "Ranette"

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is fangirl
  • I am a gorl

Interesting that you've come across my profile.

Hey, what's up? I'm BearPegasus, just another random FANDOM user, I guess.

Corey shuts Laney up and gives her a big fat bear hug
Laney looks bee-autiful! Anyone? Anyone? ... Aw screw you guys, that was funny!
Cheese jump rope
The quartet does a WILD YODEL!!!
Laney is zany
ranette's Favourite Grojband Things
Main Character Laney Penn
Background Character Carrie Beff
Episode(s) Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls
Song(s) Yesterday, Cherry Cherry, Kitty Rocks
Ship(s) Corney
Final Thoughts Hear Us Rock Part 2
Laney: So, Core, is saving the world our new thing?
Corey: Saving the world is one thing, Lanes.
(Spotlight shines on Corey.)
Corey: But there are other one things that are everything. A one thing so special, you'd die to save it, and be lost without it. And losing the one thing that's everything could leave you with nothing. A nothing so empty and cold, you can't even feel the wicked heat that's right beside you.
Laney: Uhhhh...
(Spotlight turns off.)
Corey: Hey, I should start writing this stuff down.
Kin/Kon/Laney: We know!
Corey/Kin/Kon/Laney: Thanks for coming out, everyone!
(Corey closes garage door.)

Grojband is one of my all-time favourite cartoon TV show!

I consider myself very passionate when it comes to music, being able to play multiple instruments; I can play the piano (not the keyboard like Kin, but haha, close enough), ukulele, and the guitar. Acoustic guitar. Though, someday I plan to get a electric and bass guitar and learn those. A pretty far-fetched fantasy, I suppose. But who knows?

I also know some basic drums and violin stuff, heh.

Not sure if you've noticed, but I really like working on the transcript pages. Bet you right now that that's how you even found my user page. Bet.

Main contributions I guess:

You've reached the end.

Thanks for coming out, everyone!

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