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Vital statistics
Full Name Boyariffic
Aliases Boy, Riff
Age 15
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Race Asian-American
Eye Color Hazel
Friends Stryzzar, Pippling, Aurathegrojfan, Ej.bonvenca
Enemies As of on this wiki, All of those stupid spammers and Grojhaters.
Relatives My sister, my parents, and a pet fish and pet cat.
Faction Grojband Wiki
Location America
First Appearance ... My birthday? May third
Latest Appearance Whatever day you're reading this on, that is unless I get attacked by evil aliens who vanquish me from existence. Whatever day that is, is my latest appearance.
Voice Actor Myself

Hi, I'm Boyariffic and I am an admin on the Grojband Wiki. If you need anything from me, or have any questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me on my message wall and I'll be sure to respond to you. I love Grojband and think that it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. It has to be my favorite show. This show is very clever and funny and the animation and singing is amazing. I am an animator myself who plans on making my own animated shows when I grow up. This show has inspired me to have tons of new ideas for characters and kinds of animation styles to use. I only hope that Grojband will get renewed for a second season because this show is just too good for me to watch it go.

Grojband Playing Music This user is a fan of Grojband and their awesome songs.
Corey Tab
This user is a fan of Corey Riffin and his cool, friendly attitude.
Corey and Laney Kiss This user is a fan of the relationship between Corey and Laney.
Loved up Trina This user is a fan of Trina Riffin and her habit of going into Diary Mode.
069 This user is a fan of G'ORB and his Space Orbs band The Orb Experience.
Newmans This user is a fan of The Newmans and their rivalry with Grojband.
Corey Riffin Riffing Like Corey Riffin, this user plays the guitar.

My Favorite EpisodesEdit

  • Hear Us Rock Part 1 - This episode was so awesome for many reasons. First of all, the entire plot and inspiration of the episode's plot in general was really clever. It was a really good parody on the 2012 phenomenon and it stereotyped it perfectly. The whole idea of Kin accidentally creating an internet meme which leads to the entire world thinking the world would end that year was awesome. It would be so much better if that episode aired around the time people were believing in that. Not only this, but I also loved the song in this episode and it has officially become my favorite song.
  • Hear Us Rock Part 2 - This episode is a perfect conclusion to the previous episode. The plot was really awesome and nerve wrecking. The orbs returning was also a wonderful surprise because they're my favorite one time characters. The evil behavior of Trina was so much worse in this episode than ever before. Trina and G'ORB teaming up against Corey and the lengths she went to, just to ruin Corey's gig. Who knew she would actually risk the lives of everyone on the planet earth, including earth itself was really worth it for her. I think the whole "Apocalypse" in this last episode was a reference to the possible cancellation of the show which is pretty clever. I don't know if Grojband is getting cancelled after this, but if it does, at least I will be perfectly okay knowing that this will be the series finale.
  • Space Jammin' - This was a very funny and cool episode. I really like the space orbs in this episode and their significance here. It was interesting, it was funny, and overall, those space orbs looked and sounded really cool. The creators did a good job at giving personalities to some floating space balls. The Newmans were also pretty funny in this episode. Both of the songs sounded awesome and Trina's freak out at the end was pretty crazy.
  • All You Need is Cake - What am amazing and beautiful episode. Never will I enjoy this episode nearly as much as I did the first time I saw it, but it was still something really amazing. Corey and Laney's fake relationship was awesome and it was really good fandom food for the Caney fandom that I express for these two. Kin and Kon's plot was also very interesting too and Mina and Barney had some funny quotes.
  • Curse of the Metrognome - Aside from the obvious Caney kiss, the song in this episode was awesome. I know it was to the tune of another song, but this song was still awesome and the message it delivered was amazing. I also liked the montage to all the previous episodes. It's not often we see direct and explicity continuity like that in Grojband.
  • Rock the House - The plot of this episode was awesome. The conflicts and probleam and solution situations that the characters went through was still awesome. The jokes were hilarious and so was watching Grojband and The Newmans get painfully hurt. I really love hoe developed Corey and Carrie's relationship got in this episode, and we even saw some interaction between the other Grojbandians and The Newmansians. Not to mention how awesome that song was.
  • No Strings Attached - This episode was terrifying, I know, but I loved it for just that reason. I liked all of the hidden fridge horror of this episode and all of the perfectly-in-plain-sight fridge horror too. Especially the song. For some reason, every time I hear Kon's lyric, I always feel like he's actually going to day "hell" when I know for a fact that he's going to say "heck". That was some really good voice acting there and it mislead me well.
  • Dreamreaver Part 2 - Really awesome episode. I loved the song and I loved Mirage Band and I loved pretty much everything about it. It was great continuity and it was pretty hilarious.
  • Kon-Fusion - The relationship with Grojband and The Newmans in this episode and it's development sure was something amazing. We've never really seen anything like this before and I'm so glad we're seeing it now. This episode also seemed kind of creepy. Carrie's solos in the song sounded kind of freaky. Like a ghost voice singing about how much she loves the body she was attached to and how she shared a soul with him.
  • Soulin' Down the Road - Another freaky episode that was also very awesome. Trina's diary mode was probably the most horrifying and memorable part of the episode and the song was so catchy and cool. And overall, it was a really funny reference to the Stephen King movie. Not to mention, Chipper also got a role in this episode that is more major than what she usually has and it was entertaining.
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