aka Khamis Abdi

  • I live in Istanbul, Turkey
  • I was born on November 1
  • My occupation is You'll never know lol
  • I am Male

Are you a New Comer, welcome to this page, I'm a Huge Fanboy of Grojband, and I was From Istanbul, Turkey, I was Born on November 1st, 2006, I Like Grizzy and The Lemmings, Grojband, Taffy and Loud House

My Favorite Grojband Characters Edit



Kon and Kin



Nick Mallory

The Newmans (a Different Band to Grojband)

List of My Less-Favorite Characters Edit

Mayor Mellow


My Least Favorite Grojband Characters Edit





My Mostly Second Favorite Character (Trina Riffin) Edit

Growlin' Trina!
EVIL TRINA IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Trina Picture
Trina throws Trina away
And Trina is pissed
Mina helps Trina up
Uhh ... Trina?

My Favorite Shows Edit

  1. Spongebob Squarepants
  2. The Loud House
  3. Angry Birds Toons
  4. Angry Birds Stella (or Toons)
  5. Piggy Tales
  6. Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work
  7. Piggy Tales: Third Act
  8. Piggy Tales: 4th Street
  9. Angry Birds Blues
  10. Kid vs. Kat
  11. Being Ian
  12. Grojband
  13. Taffy (The Tv Series, not the food)
  14. Grizzy and the Lemmings
  15. Happy Tree Friends
  16. Battle for Dream Island Series
  17. Happos Family (my 2nd favorite Boomerang Show)
  18. Dude! That's My Ghost
  19. SuperNoobs
  20. Bunnicula
  21. New Looney Tunes (or Whatever Called, "Wabbit")
  22. Tom And Jerry Show
  23. Sidekick
  24. Baby Looney Tunes (that show was great)
  25. Oddbods
  26. Numb Chucks
  27. Mr Magoo (2019 Revival and the Classic one)
  28. Scooby Doo and Guess Who?
  29. Mighty Mike
  30. Oswaldo
  31. Teen Titans Go!
  32. Johnny Test
  33. Oscar's Oasis
  34. Ooohhh Asis
  35. Chuck's Choice
  36. Happy Tree Friends (i'm watching that show since 2016)
  37. Oggy and the Cockroaches

My Meh Shows Edit

  1. Donkey Kong Country
  2. Rabbids Invasion
  3. Sam & Cat
  4. Be Cool Scooby Doo
  5. Teletubbies (that show was Scared me when i was Little)

My Least Favorite Shows Edit

  1. King Shakir (in Turkish: Kral Şakir), (Fuck The Creator of King Shakir because he also Made some Crappy Shows Like Firildak Ailesi)
  2. Cloudy Chance of Meatballs TV Series
  3. Firildak Ailesi

My Favorite Movies Edit

  1. The Angry Birds Movie and The Sequel
  2. Lego Movie 2
  3. and many more

My Least Favorite Movies Edit

  1. King Shakir Movie (that was I Forgot It's Name)
  2. Any Kind of Bootleg or Knockoff Movie

My Favorite Games Edit

  1. Super Mario Series
  2. Angry Birds
  3. Sonic The Hedgehog Series
  4. Five Nights at Freddy's (It's a Dead Trend but still my Favorite Game)
  5. Rayman Series
  6. Donkey Kong
  7. Banjo-Kazooie

My Least Favorite Games Edit

  1. Awesome Possum (because It's a Ripoff of Sonic The Hedgehog)
  2. Any Bootleg Games from Play Store or from a Console
  3. Bubsy

A Complation of Images of Corey And Trina Edit

Surprised Corey Face
Alright Corey!
But Corey obliges
Obviously Corey wants the hat
Apperantly Corey likes this song
Super Corey can rock
Everyone but Corey dies forever
Trina making Corey unhappy


Idea Corey Yay
Mirage Corey Is EPIC!!!
Hot Corey Singing
Bendy Corey and laney
Space Corey and Trina
Puppet Corey attacks Mina
Carrie vs Corey
Captain Carney, Corey, and Laney
Laney tells Corey to breathe
Trina! Trina! Rhymes with Mina! Come on, Trina! You can do it!

Ooops! There is a Image of Mina, a Friend of Trina

EVIL TRINA IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trina throws Trina away
Glasses Trina Trina
And Trina is pissed
A Trina Picture
Growlin' Trina!
Mina helps Trina up
Uhh ... Trina?
Mina and Trina Goat Feeding
Evil Trina and HAPPY Corey
AND TRINA DARIVEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mina and Trina Apple Picking

Mina and Trina, how cute it is! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Bearded Trina picture

All of My pets Edit

DSC 0023

Lance, My Dog

DSC 0013

Sitt (or Sid) who is my Third Dog, sorry for the Blurry Image

DSC 0003

Buggy, My Second Dog

DSC 0027

Joey (My Yellow Tabby Cat Kitten)

DSC 0055

Freddie (He is Male but i gave him this name)

DSC 0030

Taffy (which he was based after a Raccoon of cat from a Tv Show called "Taffy"

DSC 0053

Helen (My Grey and White Tabby Cat)

DSC 0040


An Image Scraggs the Raccoon from Taffy Edit


Note: this Screenshot was Taken when the Re-airing of the episode called, "Cat Burglar" from Taffy, and also you can see the text saying "taffy" and It was the screenbug that was from Boomerang Turkey

My Own Grojband Season 3 idea Edit

here are of my fanmade season 3 episodes

Episode 1: Trina Turns Nice: after he bullies corey, he was stopped from being evil to nice.

Episode 2: an Angry Birdtastic Adventure (an Crossover episode with Angry Birds and Grojband): Pigs Was Trying to steal eggs from Red and his flock by Teaming up with Trina and Mina to get the eggs, and red was Need her help from the band, "grojband" to get the eggs back.

Episode 3: The Emo Time: The Band goes to being a Emo, Then Trina Realized that he was reacted over that corey and her Friends Became Emos, then Trina Becomes a Emo.

Episode 4: Minaless: Mina Goes to a Vacation to Hawaii, when Trina Got Unhappy or Happy to get Nick Mallory.

Episode 5: A Memetastic Adventures: Corey and Her Friends Check out on YouTube for some Rockstar Videos, then they Realized something on the Recommendations list, there is a Meme video featuring a Sonic meme, then they starting to make a Meme, then Trina Realized, he was Trying to Ruined It.

Episode 6: a Raccoon To a Disguise: When a Portal Opens in The Taffy's Universe, Bentley (The Doberman Dog) Taffy (Or Scraggs the Raccoon) Discovers the Portal, then They Entered to the Peaceville, Where They Meet the "Grojband", Until Trina Discovers that Taffy is a Raccoon, Then Later, "Mrs Muchmore and Forsythe enter the Portal, along with Mish and Mash (who are also Taffy's Raccoon Friends) by the Way, trina also trying to get Rid of Taffy, Bentley, Mish and Mash, when Mrs Muchmore come to the Garage to Stop Trina to Sweep Taffy and Bentley, They also Meet Nick Mallory, then in the End, They Back to their Own Universe.

Episode 7: Visit to Turkey: The Band goes to Istanbul to make music, by the way. trina was Also there.

Episode 8: Vampired!: Trina got turned into a Vampire by a Bat, the band must get him back to normal

Episode 9: HalloWeenie: The Peaceville "Elementary Junior High" had A Halloween party, and It's need a music until Trina Trying to Ruins It.

Episode 10: Literal to Rabbit: (Bunnicula Crossover): the band meets Bunnicula, Chester and Harold.

Episode 11: Unlucky or Lucky: It's St Patrick Day, the band is gonna make a song. but Trina had a Lucky shoe, and Mina Gets a Bad Luck

Episode 12: The Talent Show: Trina Goes to a Talent show, when he Realized, Nick Mallory was There. so Corey Needs to Stop trina

Episode 13: The Milk: the Band watches a Scary Movie. then they make a Song out of It, Kon also Thinks Milks are Scary

Episode 14: Meeting Luna Loud (This is Another Crossover Episode with Luna Loud from The Loud House): Luna Loud Joins with Grojband to make a songs, then Trina Realized the fourth "New Member in the band". he was trying to roast them

Episode 15: The New Fan: a Male Fan of Grojband by the Name Known as, "Joey" meets Grojband, and Trina Realized that the band now had a Second Fan

Episode 16: Sonichu to Met: When Sonichu's Creator, "Chris Chan" or "Christian Weston Chandler", and Sonichu come to Peaceville to meet grojband, Laney was Often Disgusted about Chris Chan, Trina was Discovers Sonichu and tells to a Hunter who was had a the name by the goes as "The Fan Character Hunter", to tell him about the Pikachu-Sonic Hybrid "Sonichu"

Episode 17: Christmased: It's December, and It's Christmas, the grojband was Gonna also get gifts for Christmas Until Trina Got a Pile of Coal, and he Goes to North Pole to get Santa, and Deliver Children to Coal.

Episode 18: OswaldoBand: Grojband meets Oswaldo, Leia and Tobias, but Trina founds out; she goes to their universe to ruin them.

My Favorite YouTubers Edit

  1. SuperMarioLogan
  2. SMG4 (or Fully Known as, "SuperMarioGlitchy4")
  3. SonicWhacker 55 (mostly i watch his videos as well)
  4. PewDiePie
  5. Any Sort of Plush Channels
  6. Feisty Films
  7. and more

My Least Favorite YouTubers Edit

  1. Enes Batur (cause he is just a Trashy Turkish YouTuber)
  2. Any sort of Trolls
  3. SammyTheClassicSonicFan (Mostly his videos are just funny sometimes)
  4. CoolSuperMarioBros (Cuz he is a SML Rip-off)
  5. and many more bad youtubers.
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