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  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is Scientist / voice artist / sci-fi geek / avid anime fan
  • I am Human... I hope
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This user is a fan of Laney Penn and her sarcastic wise cracking personality.
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This user is a fan of Corey Riffin and his cool, friendly attitude.
Corey and Laney Kiss This user is a fan of the relationship between Corey and Laney.
Kate and Allie This user is a fan of Kate and Allie and their undying love of Grojband.
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Hi there, I'm Styzzar and I'm an admin on this wiki. I am an undying fan of Grojband, and decided to show my loyalty to the show by helping to share all its greatness with the world through this wiki. I'm also a diehard fan of Total Drama and regularly edit on that wiki as well. I originally approached Grojband through the "other wiki", but of course that was before I found out the real Grojband wiki was here, and that was a cheap imitation.

My favorite character is Laney Penn. I find her to be amazing girl, with a vibrant personality, who never ceases to entertain, and she's able to make you feel how she feels. I also love Corey Riffin, who's a very funny, awesome guy, who's you cannot help rooting for. I also ship Corey and Laney, and it is one of my favorite cartoon relationships of all time.

Feel free to ask me anything you're unsure of, or any requests for something you're unable to do.

Friends (feel free to add yourself)Edit

  • Boyariffic - My fellow admin, and my oldest friend on this wiki. We built this wiki together, and have restored it to it's glory today.
  • Pippling - Another long time friend on this wiki, who is very helpful and fun.
  • Aura - A good friend who lives in my region -ish, she's very fun to talk to and love every conversation.
  • Oskiemaxi - Or "Oskie" as I like to call him. My fellow apprentice admin on Nowhere Boys Wiki, who I've had the honor of teaching.
  • Princess Cloudy - A fairly new, vibrant user who's very fun, and learning the ways of the wiki.

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