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    August 8, 2014 by Boyariffic

    Okay, I don't mean to sound like a stick in the mud right now, but should we really have gifs in the galleries for episodes? I'm thinking we should remove them. We barely have any gifs in the gif galleries and we already have pictures of the exact same thing. Gifs just seem a little silly. I'm just asking for other people's thought on this before I remove them.

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  • Boyariffic


    July 27, 2014 by Boyariffic

    This is a page where people can tell their Grojband horoscopes based on the months of the year and the characters that match up with them the most. Whichever birthmonth you have will be listed here. The horoscope that has your birthmonth in it is along with the Grojband character that matches you the most.

    • January (Aries) - You are Trina Riffin. You are adventurous, courageous, lively, and passionate. However, you are also arrogant, stubborn, impulsive, and confrontational. You have a a lot of power and will. Just make sure you use it for the right things. (And by that I mean don't use it to try and sabotage your younger brother or treat your best friend like a slave)
    • February (Taurus) - You are Kon Kujira. You are generous, dependable, patie…
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  • Boyariffic

    I saw this picture of a Grojband video game for the Nintendo 3DS on the internet. I know it's fake but what do you think it would be like if they actually made a real Grojband video game? Leave a comment below telling me what you guys think about this. A video game would probably cost a lot of money but I think that if they raise enough money, they might be able to make one. The creators of Grojband also said that if they get anough money, they'll make a movie. What do you guys think you'll like better? A video game or a movie? I should write my ideas on what I think a Grojband video game.

    Join Corey and his friends as they try to take up every gig around Peaceville in order for them to become world famous and reach their goal of internatio…

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  • Boyariffic

    These are just my fan-made ideas for season 3 ideas.

    • Grojband goes to Japan - Kin and Kon go on vacation to their hometown. The two of them are allowed to bring one friend along each so hey choose Corey and Laney so that they can have the whole band together. They plan on playing music in Japan and making their band famous in Japan. However, when they get there, they see that Kim and Konnie happen to have come to their hometown at the same time too and they brought along Carrie and Lenny, having had the same idea. They both get into a huge battle of the bands, but there's one problem is Grojband has no lyrics and Trina is all the way back in Peaceville. Will Grojband be able to write a new song before the battle of the bands, or will The Ne…
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  • Boyariffic

    Wikia Contributor

    April 30, 2014 by Boyariffic

    This is for anyone who's reading this. I'm sure the some of you are aware that there is somebody on this wiki who keeps spamming all the articles. This person does things like changing the word "Trivia" to "Trina" and constantly replacing things with talk about demonic things and spamming comment sections with a bunch of nonsensical words. I've tried asking this user multiple times to stop but he always continues to do it anyway. Every time I block this user, he always comes back using a different IP adress. I don't want to have to get someone from community central to use a range block, but, the only other option I can think of is to make it so that Wiki Contributors aren't allowed to edit on this wiki. I don't want to do that either beca…

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