SonicMinions99 SonicMinions99 8 November 2015

Another version of "The Grojband Movie"

What you are about to read is something that I doubt will ever happen, but it would be cool if it ever did.

November 25th, 2016. On this day is when ICE AGE, RIO & THE PEANUTS MOVIE creators Blue Sky Studios team up with 20th Century Fox to bring Grojband to the big screen. Instead of going Black Friday shopping, I went to see this new film because I am such a huge Grojfan and I didn't think that this would EVER happen in my life. I went with my girlfriend because she also wanted to see the new Disney movie MOANA. Personally, I thought that movie was excellent, but at the same time, I'm scared that it might become the next FROZEN. Anyway, on to THE GROJBAND MOVIE.

First, as per usual, the film starts with the usual coming attractions. When …

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SonicMinions99 SonicMinions99 26 July 2015

The Grojband Movie

Hello there. My name is SonicMinions99. Just picture this in your head. Let's say that Universal Pictures hired Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest directors in movie history, to team up with Illumination Entertainment, the creators of Despicable Me to get in contact with Neptoon Studios to crate a film adaptation of the wicked cool cartoon that we're right here for. I mean, it probably won't ever happen. Tough, isn't it? That's why I created the story that you're about to read! If I were you, I'd watch the video before reading the story.

Our story begins at the broad ocean. The camera jogs to the left where sits a solitary little island where palm tress form the shape of a guitar above some other green plants while playing the last few b…

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