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Corey Riffin, Kin Kujira, Kon Kujira, Laney Penn


The Orb Experience

First Appearance

Space Jammin'

Latest Appearance

Hear Us Rock Part 2

Voice Actor

Dwayne Hill

Z'ORB is a character that appeared in the episode Space Jammin'. He is a green space orb who is a member of The Orb Experience. He is the orb counterpart of Kin Kujira, but also possesses some personality aspects of Kon Kujira. He is voiced by Dwayne Hill.


Z'ORB is a shiny, floating, green space orb with a white line inside of him that serves as his mouth. His line forms the shape of a smile of a frown dependent on his mood. His line squiggles when he talks or "flaxes."


Z'ORB is a happy and care free space orb who works really well with technology. He also seems to take a liking to baking pancakes and other recipes.


  • "Oh, you always have to play the big bad alien accepting challenges. Challenges we always lose."
  • "Yeah, we are totally glankshnargle!"
  • "It was gunna cost an arm and a leg. I couldn't pay."
  • "Oh there's my mixer. Now I can finally get started on those pancakes you wanted."
  • "I don't suppose I need to say I told you so."

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Although he is the orb counterpart of Kin, he has shown some similarities to Kon as well. As he is depicted as being obsessed with food such as pancakes and boysenberry pie, which is comparable to Kon's obsession with food.
  • Z'ORB's green coloration may have been referenced when Kin wore a green wig in Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow.


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